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Miniature Doll House Furniture and Accessories

Updated on June 1, 2018

Furniture and Accessories

I'm no stranger to miniature furniture. My mother was an avid craft maker and kept me occupied as a child, making things that were different.

My favorite was a kit that had an old general store. It was a shallow shoe box type shape and there was a man and a woman that were made of old clothespins. There was a window and a shelf. There were shelves with things on them. All of the items were made from things that weren't normally thought of in the way that they were.

Like short dowels were covered with paper and they became a 'tin can' on the shelf. A covered piece of candy, could become a miniaturized bag of chips, Larger dowels were turned into drums, like 55 gallon drums, in miniature scale. Twine was rolled up in loops for rope. Grass clipped on the end, for miniature brooms. All very creative.

Another kit she had me complete was called a Mouse House. It was a shadow box with grass front and the

Nowadays, we call it re purposed. This new concept is not new, just recognized. The art is exciting and one of a kind.

Cornstarch Clay Birds Vs. Porcelain Clay Objects

My mother has been gone for 30 years, but I still remember her making cornstarch clay birds and painting them. There was another friend who made straw ornaments and between the two of them, produced many things that were unique and interesting.

Much of the clay was rolled in the middle 1970's and it's 2018 and it hasn't deteriorated or turned to some strange mush. It's still solid. Still okay after all these years.

No, it wasn't truly miniature, nor was it related to doll house anything, but now, years later, my focus and attention is directed at things that are very, very small and the time and talents of people who create them.

I'm impressed by the fish cleaning display that I found. The details are so impressive. The fish pieces look real, There are fillets, lemon slices, tomatoes, asparagus (??) and a salt and pepper set plus a pitcher of something. Milk? Or, perhaps melted butter? It claims to be porcelain, and you know me, I'm curious how to make items of porcelain. Smile.

As I Google the information, I find that mom's cornstarch recipe is very similar, except I find that the cold porcelain recipe contains glue.


Queen Anne or Victoria Style Chairs

.I'm interested in the older, high back chairs that look like they had some time put into carving them. I love the exquisite woods, the combination of angles, and the fabric that was used.

But now, I'm interested in making miniaturized furniture, but not from actual wood, but from another type of wood that I've developed a mill for.


I had pondered bagging pieces for you to make your own, and I don't know if anyone is interested in making their own.

Until that moment, where someone actually expresses interest, I will just continue making my own, and I will probably open an Etsy shop at some point.

Until then.


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