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Toy Shops for Miniature Toys

Updated on January 13, 2016

Let the Creative Juices Start Flowing

I got acquainted with the world of miniatures in the year 2014 when I started working for an American Company here in the Philippines – RR Donnelley. I vividly remember that it was Christmas and there was an ongoing contest amongst the staff and departments within the company. The contest was for the best Christmas Room Decoration and whoever wins gets a cash prize. Our Manager, who is an Attorney, saw to it that our room décor would make a sure win. She brilliantly executed a plan of creating a mini snow village by using “K-luxe” mini houses and mini people. That was the very first time I took notice of all the small toy village houses with small people. That’s how the hobby of collecting miniature toys started in my life.

“Miniature” toys vary in size and shape provided that they are small and could fit inside the palm of your hands. From dolls to cars, houses, military soldiers and vehicles, food made of polymer clay, there’s a whole range of types and kinds of mini toys. It looks exactly like the regular sized people and things that we see around us except that they shrunk in the smallest sizes possible.

Miniature Artisans at Work!

Miniature Penguins
Miniature Penguins
Click thumbnail to view full-size

Miniature Vintage Japanese Furniture for Dollhouses

Where to Find Miniature Toys

A. “National Museum of Toys and Miniatures”, a place for your indulgence as to miniature toys and dioramas was established in the year 1982 and was called as the “Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum” in the past and displayed the collections of Mary Harris Francis and Barbara Marshallis. The same is found on the campus of the University of Missouri Kansas City in a 38-room Italianate mansion at 52nd and Oak.

The space was expanded in 1985 and 2004 and the museum grew to 33,000 square feet within 30 years of existence to accommodate more of the toys and the growing people who regularly come to see the collections. In addition to the expansion, the toy collections grew into 72,000 objects. Due to continued patronage from the collectors, toy lovers and curious bystanders, improvements soon followed in the year 2012 where the museum had its public capital campaign project to support the further constructions of the building and exhibits.

Its primordial mission is to educate, inspire, and delight adults and children through the museum’s collection and preservation of the number of toys and miniatures. In 2015 of August 1, the museum once again opened as the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures with the world’s greatest fine-scale miniature collection, having the nation’s largest antique toy collections on exhibit for public viewing and display.

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures’ commitment has attracted a number of individuals who are now employees providing a qualified workforce of well trained staff committed to catering to the needs and curiosity of people who visit the site. The employees and staff comprising the team that runs the museum are the force which contributes their specific skills and talents to the museum’s mission.

As stated in the beginning of this article, the Museum combined the toy collections of Mary Harris Francis with the delicate miniature collections of Barbara Hall Marshall. These women were not only famous collectors but also lifelong friends.Now the museum stands as the largest collection of miniature toys in the Midwest, with the world's biggest collection of marbles, as well as the most broad and wide collection of fine-scale contemporary miniatures in the universe.

Spice up your life with the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures!

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Kids at play with a dollhouseAn exquisite and mini dollhouse in display
Kids at play with a dollhouse
Kids at play with a dollhouse | Source
An exquisite and mini dollhouse in display
An exquisite and mini dollhouse in display | Source

RE-MENT collectables #17 - Shopping at a department store

B. RE-MENT Co., Ltd. (株式会社リーメント Kabushikigaisha-Riiment), is a famous and world-wide company and manufacturer for miniature toys in Chiyoda Tokyo Japan. The meaning of “re-ment” is “reform the entertainment” pointing to the goals of the company to improve and innovate the cultural and historical methods of creating and producing toys made available to the marketplace.

Founded in May 1998, Re-Ment creates and sells various highly qualified and detailed miniature food, furniture and animal figures, including but not limited to mobile phone charms, doll fashions and magnets.

By reason of its growing production and buyers, Re-Ment miniatures was featured in several television advertisements by the Kellogg Company for their Pop-Tarts pastry product. In the month of June 2002, the first ever “Puchi” sample series Japanese meals was publicized while in June 2004, the miniature pink refrigerator was released, one of the first furniture re-ment produced by the company.

Soon afterwards in 2006, the first international place of business or office was opened in Virginia Beach USA then in 2008, the company began a one of a kind business partnership with Disney on as to miniature toys featuring Mickey Mouse and characters from Toy Story, Winnie-the-Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and other stories. The growth of the company continued to rise that in July 2009, Re-ment’s debut with Sanrio was started on a line of Hello Kitty miniatures. And the most recent affiliation was the contract with San-X on a line of Rilakkuma miniatures.

The Japanese word “Puchi” means "mini", "little" or "petite" in English. These Puchi sample series looks like the sample food seen in the display cases of restaurants and canteens all over Japan. Adult collectors are fond of the 1:6 scale toys that serve as accessories in dioramas and dollhouses or used with action figures and fashion dolls such as Blythe or Barbie.

Inside the Puchi Sample Series is a candy with the miniature toys sealed in plastics. The series are in boxes with numbers 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 or 12 which an individual buyer buyes and collects. The different series of boxes have different designs inside. Then in 2008, Re-Ment started releasing their products in plastic packages or pouches rather than in boxes.

Re-ments Miniature Toys for your Delight!

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C.Toughiegurl’s Toys, Arts and Crafts, an online mini toy shop which opened in the year of May 2014 in Taytay Rizal, Philippines. As of the moment it has no physical store yet but is engaged in selling the most affordable miniature toys such as dolls, doll accessories, “miniature books”, miniature food boxes, miniature food and mini accessories for dolls only within the Philippines.

The buyer orders online and pays cash in full via Cebuana, Mlhuiller, LBC, Landbank of the Philippines, Palawan and Banco De Oro then afterwards, the seller delivers the packages or parcels through JRS, a nationwide courier, the following day. The package will then arrive in two to three days’ time at the doorsteps of the buyer-client. Delivery abroad is not yet a part of the store’s program so it caters only to the natives and locals within the Philippine area.

"Toughiegurl's Toys, Arts and Crafts"

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Mini Books for all kinds of dollsMini Kitchenwares for dolls
Mini Books for all kinds of dolls
Mini Books for all kinds of dolls | Source
Mini Kitchenwares for dolls
Mini Kitchenwares for dolls | Source

D. Manhattan Dollhouse has been selling dollhouses and miniatures since the year 1976. Their utmost goal is to help clients choose an excellent dollhouse and the accessories that accompany the house for a special girl in your life or for your children and kids through their skills in doll making.

Until July 15th, Manhattan Dollhouse is located within FAO Schwarz as a dedicated service dollhouse & miniature store. They also have an online shop open as they look for a new physical place of business.

The following are the items found in their store:

  • Dollhouse Kits
  • Finished Dollhouses
  • Dollhouse Lighting
  • Dollhouse Windows
  • Dollhouse Doors
  • Dollhouse Floors
  • Dollhouse Wallpaper
  • Dollhouse Furniture

Moreso, “Manhattan Dollhouse” is a certified Bespaq Dealer and by being such, they receive monthly inventory of their latest items with limited editions and just incase there is something that you don’t see online or in their store, the staff of the toyshop will be the ones to order it in your behalf plus free shipping on all Bespaq goods.

History recalls that in the early fifties, they began selling toys at Upper Manhattan known as the Manhattan Discount Toy and Doll Hospital. A lady named Genny Gruenwald, skilled and has the reputation for doll repairs and doll collections, found out her passion in miniature and became determined to make innovations and improvements thereby creating the store as a Miniature Shop. The store continues the same customer service and their craftsman can be reached via phone or e-mail.

Excitingly, most of their dollhouses are made by “Real Good Toys”, “Greenleaf Dollhouse”, The “House that Jack Built”, “Take it to the Max”, “Alessio and Rocky Mountain”. They also have the talent to build replicas of your home, office or any special room. The prices at hand are for online orders only.

Their office is located at:

Manhattan Dollhouse-office
1530 Palisade Ave. Suite 8A
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024

Manhattan Dollhouse offers a huge selection of dollhouses with different price ranges and styles, they are knowledgeable of their dollhouses and can assist in choosing the right one that you desire or would love to buy. They stand behind all their products with 7 days a week customer service to give you the grandest shopping experience and support. The Kits and Finished Dollhouse are shipped within a 2 day period, and Overnight Deliveries are available as well. The dollhouses can be built in accordance to the buyer’s own specifications and if you are looking for an amazing gift or a special momentum, the Manhattan dollhouses has the capability to even build your home or office in miniature. They are also a proud member of the Dollhouse Miniatures Merchants Association (DMMA).

Exquisite Dollhouses

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E. Chautauqua Miniatures and Dollhouse Gallery is known to be a full service Dollhouse and Miniature Shop located in:

Western New York

5031 W. Lake Rd. Mayville, NY 14757
Just one mile North of Chautauqua Institution

You will be surprised and amazed once you enter their door because you’ll be seeing every kind and type of dollhouse kits, exquisite hand crafted artisan miniatures, dollhouse furniture and accessories in one inch scale. They also carry a large variety of half-inch, quarter inch and 1/144th inch scale treasures!

The following are found within the shop’s cool features:

  • New Battery Operated LED Lights
  • Clare Bell Brass and Lighting - Made in the USA
  • CirKit Electrical Supplies
  • New Creations Paint and Miniature Print Wallpaper
  • Itsy Bitsy and Broadnax Miniature Print Wallpapers - Made in the USA
  • Majestic Mansions Dollhouses - Made in the USA
  • Houseworks
  • Town Square Miniatures
  • Handley House Miniatures
  • Reutter Porcelain
  • Bespaq Fine Miniatures

Noted are also the Handcraft Artisans namely; S & H Artisans, Taller Targioni of Spain, The Dolls Cobbler, NiGlo Lights and D Design Lighting (their own two Buffalo artists), Jim Pounder Bronze, Glasscraft of England, these are just a few of the outstanding artisans represented in their store.

Japanese Cooking Toy "Re-Ment"


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