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Minion Rush Tips - Despicable Me Minion Game Guide

Updated on September 9, 2013
Minion Rush
Minion Rush | Source

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Minion Rush Introduction

If you have not played any infinite running games before, this game will be the first for you. It is one of those games where you just keep going until you get hit by an obstacle. It is like an infinite running race to see who can keep their concentration and score the most points by avoiding obstacles and gathering items(bananas in this game).

Minion Rush Tips

Without further due, let's get to the tips to help you get better at this game.

Tip 1 - Always Look Ahead of You!

This is just basic knowledge, but often times I catch myself distracted by the sound the minion makes and also the surroundings, and then I get caught by an obstacle in my way. Always concentrate of what is in front of you.

Tip 2 - Always buy Power-ups with Bananas

Every time you collect enough bananas, make sure you get the power-ups that are available to you. I will give you a list of power-ups that you can get with bananas:

Banana Vacuum - Let the Bananas come to you! The Banana Vacuum attracts Bananas for 10 seconds

Notes: This is useful to help you get the extra bananas in tight spots that could end your running spree.

Banana Spiltter - While active, each Banana counts as two! The Banana Splitter doubles your Bananas for 10 seconds.

Note: Double the amount of bananas gives you more points!

Minion Shield - While active it protects you from 1 hit! Minion Shield lasts for 10 seconds.

Note: Not the most useful power-up, but it can save your life!

Gru's Rocket - Cover longer distances faster! Gru’s Rocket boosts your distance for 6 seconds.

Note: This is great if you want to take a break from jumping or dodging stuff like a ninja.

Mega Minion - Live large and dramatically increase your Despicable Score Multiplier! Get mega-despicable for 12 seconds

Note: This is plain awesomeness.

Freeze Ray - Freeze and smash obstacles apart.

Note: This is great and gives you a breather by breaking every obstacle for some time. It works best in tight spots.

Fluffy Unicorn - Ride the Fluffy Unicorn and collect Bananas. Each upgrade adds more and more Bananas to collect!

Note: Once you get them, you get to ride on the unicorn and collect more bananas in a mini game. The trick is to get as many bananas as you can so you won't fall out of the sky. Requires some practice.

Minion Rush Boss Tips
Minion Rush Boss Tips | Source

Tip 3 - Get Other Minions When You Can

Often times, when you squash all those minions during your running course can net you extra multipliers that will boost your score. They are well worth it and sometimes you just have to give up a few bananas.

Tip 4 - Prolong Boss Battles

When you fight against Meena or Vector, try to dodge their toys while not blasting them when they drop their bombs. This way, your score increases while you run and avoid their attacks, giving you extra points. This does take practice, which brings me to the next tip.

Tip 5 - Detonate Bombs on Bosses

To kill Victor or Meena, make sure you detonate those bombs when they drop it. Just be careful when they drop the bombs as sometimes you will get sidetracked and get caught by one of his robots.

Tip 6 - Dodge or Change Direction in Mid-air

In case you didn't know, you can either dodge or change your direction when jumping. You just have to tap to your left or right while in mid air if you want to change directions. Tap down also allows you to stop your jump if you are in mid air.

Tip 7 - Get Gift Code Prizes

Here are the combinations for the gift code prizes thanks to

5 Score Perks ->Maid Minion + Hulu Minion + Baby Minion

Free Referee Minion -> Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Hulu Minion

Kung Fu Taunt -> Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion

5 Banana Perks -> Hula Minion + Mustache Minion + Firefighter Minion

Laughing Taunt -> The Golf Minion + Baby Minion + Mustache Minion

These will help you in your running journey.

Minion Rush Tips Conclusion

There you have it guys! I hoped this guide helped you improve your Minion Rush skills! Just keep playing and you will get the hang of it. Don't forget to focus!

© 2013 Seet


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