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Minion rush tips and advice on this great game for the iphone or ipad. Despicable me

Updated on October 5, 2013

If, like me, you love minions from Despicable me, then you need to get this game. It is so addictive and great fun for all the family.

You basically, collect items, jump/slide and avoid obstacles and get to run around the minion world, from areas in the films, for as long as you can. An infinite run game featuring these adorable little yellow guys was always going to be great fun to play.

Have a look below to find 10 great tips for you to gain your best score yet:

1. The first trick is to collect as many bananas as you can.

As your minion runs around these great areas there are bananas all over the place. You should collect as many as you can because these are used for upgrades. Upgrades will really help you when it comes to getting a high score.

An example of a good upgrade is the Golden Banana. If you want to spend a few bananas on a Golden Banana then you'll double the bananas you collect next time. So this simple upgrade is well worth the bananas spent initially.

2. Keep your eyes ahead of your minion

When your minion is running your eyes should be glued to the road ahead of this little guy. That way you will have greater chance of spotting the bonuses or obsticles in the road. Once spotted you then have time to react, so the quicker you spot it the more time you have to react.

3.Do you dodge or roll?

This is very much linked to tip number 2 in that if you spot the obsticle earlier you have more time to react. But once you know you have to react do you dodge or do you roll?

Switching lanes is a simplest way to avoid an obstacle that is blocking that path.

You may need to roll though if an obstacle, like a flame thrower, is covering all three lanes.

4.4 stars from 5 ratings of How cool is Minion Rush?

4. Get other minions when you see them.

You will receive extra bonuses when you run squash another minion within the game. It is better to strike those other guys because it gives you a score multiplier. This is better than missing them and carrying on collecting a few more bananas.

5. On the bonus stages collect as many bananas as possible.

While fighting the boss battles or when flying the fluffy unicorn try to collect as many bananas as possible. This will mean they do last longer but it does help your final score.

If you meet Vector or Meena, and you are not too busy by dealing with the robots they send you way then, continue to collect the bananas. Avoid the robots and don't tap the target bots so you can achieve a really high score.

In the unicorn stage you can fall when you don't touch bananas. So collect the bananas at first and then fall back a little to be able to collect even more before reaching the top.

6. Dealing with Vector:

Avoid the large units that he drops onto the lanes. The shielded units though should be fired back at him. This is done by tapping on the explosive objects and they are sent hurtling back towards his ship.

NOTE: Make sure you are out of harms way before trying this though or you will get caught too.

7. Fluffy Unicorn icon - DO NOT MISS THEM

Grabbing the Fluffy Unicorn icon when it appears on screen is vital. This mini game can lead to a massive score of bananas.

You will need to unlock it from the store to be able to do this but once you have then roll on the massive scores you want.

It is easy to do, just tilt you screen so steer the unicorn and don't forget to drop down a few times to collect even more bananas in the process.

8. Secret Disco Room

During your run through Guru's lab, keep your eyes out for some bananas that veer off the track next to a pipe on your right.

This will lead you to the bonus game The Disco Room.

9. Gift code prizes.

Minion Rush is great for collecting prizes. You will need to know the right combination of prizes to add them to your game though:

5 Banana perks: Hula minion + Mustache minion + Firefighter minion.

5 Score Perks: Maid minion + Hula minion + baby minion.

Laughing Taunt: Gold minion + Baby minion + mustache minion.

Kung Fu Taunt: Fireman minion + golf minion + normal minion.

Free Referee Minion: Baby minion + fireman minion + hula minion

Which costume did you get first?

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10. Get to know the many outfits and bonuses you can get.

There are many different minions you can upgrade to on this game as well as bonuses. It is important that you get to know these so they can help you to achieve that personal best score:

  • Referee: Mega minion lasts 5 seconds longer - costs 2500 bananas.
  • Baby: Increases descipcable score multiplier by 1 level - costs 20000 bananas.
  • Mom: Banana splitter, freeze ray, banana vacuum and minion shielf last 5 seconds longer - costs 150000 bananas.
  • Worker: 10% increase to bananas collected - costs 550 bananas.
  • Firefighter: Increases despicable score multiplier by 3 levels - costs 1200 bananas.
  • Ninja: Increases despicable score multiplier by 6 levels - costs 2800 bananas.
  • Alarm: Mega minion and Gru's rocket lasts 15 seconds longer - costs 7000 bananas.
  • Dad: 1st revive is free in every race - costs 7000 bananas.
  • Singer: Descpicable actions reward double descpicable points - costs 550 bananas.
  • Maid: Increases the chance of finding freeze rays - costs 4500 bananas


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