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Minnesota Musing: Winning or Being a Loser - It Is Okay to Lose Sometimes

Updated on January 7, 2018

It's Okay to Be Behind and It's Okay to Be Ahead

Notice That I'm Behind At This Moment.... But, That's Okay
Notice That I'm Behind At This Moment.... But, That's Okay
One Play Later, I'm Ahead... But, That Will Change Again in the Next Turn
One Play Later, I'm Ahead... But, That Will Change Again in the Next Turn

Games We Play - The Art of Losing or Winning

We play games to pass the time. We play games to have bragging rights. So, what happens if you do not have the best score. The highest score. The enviable first place?

We play games with competition in mind. We play games over and over, hoping to get a better score than ourselves, or our opponents. We don't always succeed, but even as we do not win, we gain personally.

I personally like the achievements section. Sometimes, there is a particular score that I have to achieve to receive an award. Right now, I'm working on getting a score of 285, five times. I have done it four times. Do you know how hard it is to get 285? You have to watch how things add up to five, since you need a five, two eighty-five, to get the score. Sometimes, you get to the last number to input, and you are a dice point off.

Oh, well. Note: sometimes, when I am trying to get a particular score, the other person gets a higher score, so they win. That's okay, too!

The Question: Want to Play Again?

At any age, we play games. The possibility of the outcome is one player will win, lose or they will match the score of the other player.

Any score is okay. Sometimes we keep track of our winnings, and losings. The whole point is friendly, or not so friendly competition. The personal joy or agony of winning or losing.

As we win, or lose, the question of "do you want to play this again?" comes up. Many times, the answer will depend on time constraints. If the two players are exhausted, the answer may be "next time!" The game will start oer at a later time.

Winner or Loser - Both are Okay

I win. Sometimes, you win. Many times, you will play and will lose, perhaps by a point or two, but once again, you did not win.

Not winning is okay. It's the participation, the willingness to challenge that is the key.

Games We Play Where It's Okay to Win or Lose

An example of types of games where someone wins, and someone loses, and both are okay with it, is Yahtzee. You can play it by yourself. You can challenge any number of players.

Bowling is another example. You play. You hope to knock all the pins down with your turn. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Either way, it is okay to knock them down, or miss. Try again the next time.

Team sports, in general, are set up with time limits, score expectations, a crowd to cheer each team. The crowd is there to pick a favorite team. Each team plays the game, and tries to score.

Feeling Good or Bad About Winning or Losing

It's a tricky situation. Sometimes you will play a game, and the person you are playing will lose. Sometimes you will play a game, and because the person lost, they do not want to play again.

It's disheartening to play a game and lose. It's heartbreaking to lose over and over. But, as we lose, we gain knowledge of how to win. Sometimes there is a technique that we need to learn to win. Sometimes, as we lose, the person we are playing against, acts happy. Sometimes we gain by watching them be happy.

This again, is a tricky situation, since if they feel like you are not trying to beat them, they will feel cheated of their chance to beat you. They will feel like you are letting them win, and will feel some contempt towards playing with you.

So, even as you win, or lose, you must make choices of whether you lose, or whether you win.

It's your call.

Do You LIke to Play Games that Challenge Yourself or Other Players?

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It's Not If You Win or Lose It's How You Play the Game

Personally, I don't care if I lose or win. It's the playing of the game that I enjoy. Yahtzee is one of the game that you can look at each score individually and determine how well you are doing.

Sometimes you get a better shake than the other person. Sometimes you don't. But, if you don't win, it's okay to lose. You just hit new game and continue. Hopefully, that person will want to play another game with you.

Yes. It's okay to be a loser, and it's okay to win. Good Luck!


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