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Mirror's Edge Minecraft Map Download

Updated on June 28, 2011

There's a new trend in Minecraft play, and that's creating other games in Minecraft. This Mirror's Edge map comes with a custom texture pack so it looks something like the original Mirror's Edge game.What's really special about it is that it actually encourages you to play as if you were playing Mirror's Edge. There are jumps that you need to make to progress through the level, and red blocks indicate the path you need to take in order to be successful.

Much like Mirror's Edge, you spend an inordinate amount of time failing at what should theoretically be simple tasks. Unlike Mirror's Edge, you aren't being pursued by agents who would rather end your life than take you down to the station.

Your first challenge...
Your first challenge...
Your first failure...
Your first failure...

Just a quick tip for anyone prone to having performance issues in Minecraft, lag can be a game killer, so wait until the spikes settle before trying to take a flying leap anywhere. This may not be an issue for you, but if you have mods and things installed, then lag is so often an issue.

A significant difference between Mirror's Edge, the game and Mirror's Edge the Minecraft map is that if you get incredibly sick of failing at simple tasks it is possible to just cheat your way through the map by adding blocks here and there. Obviously this isn't what a noble Minecrafter would do, but are you noble? We'll see once you've accidentally tossed yourself off the side of a building one too many times. (What's even more fun is when you've cheated your way through the world and you still manage to bungle the simple act of walking from one block to another.)

The texture pack associated with the Mirror's Edge map (and available for download at the same place you download the Mirror's Edge map) is pretty much essential for enjoying the map. It's called the Smoothstone Texture pack and it's a nifty little 16x creation that simplifies and more importantly, modernizes many of the textures.

I highly recommend this map as a download for anyone who loves Mirror's Edge or for anyone who is looking for an interesting map to download and wants new challenges out of Minecraft. The number one complaint of veteran Minecrafters is that once you've mined deep enough to find diamond, most of the challenge is gone from the game. That's supposed to be changed in 1.8, otherwise known as the Adventure update, but in the meantime, maps like this do wonders for shaking one out of one's catatonic Minecraft state and reigniting the joy of jumping around on blocks. Boing.

Download Mirror's Edge Minecraft World Map!


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