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Mob of the Dead GRIEF Mode Strategy and Tips to WIN Games ( MOTD BO2 )

Updated on June 12, 2013


In this guide I will teach you guys how to win games on the grief mode for Mob of the Dead on Alcatraz. I will tell you the best guns, where to go, and what strategies to follow in order to have the most success.

What is grief mode.

Grief mode refers to the team style of zombies in which there are two teams competing against each other to survive longer. Whichever team can survive the longest after the other team dies, wins. If all the members on one team dies, then the other team must finish out the round to win, if all players die, then the round will restart. This will have some play in the strategy I give you later, but there are set strategies and tips that will make playing grief mode very easy for you.

Things that make grief mode different than regular zombies is that, you can hurt the enemy players by shooting or knifing them, which will stun them for a short period of time.There is no juggernog in this game mode, BUT there are most of the other perks. And lastly, powerups only affect your team, not all the players in the game. Overall this is a cool game mode so lets me talk about the overall strategy, and how to play this on Mob of the Dead.

Weapons to have on Mob Of The Dead

When you are going to play mob of the dead there are a few weapons that are essential to survival mode, and there are a few weapons that are crucial to grief mode..

The DEATH Machine - This will play along with the strategy I will talk about later on, but the death machine for my strategy is a crucial weapon, ESPECIALLY pack a punched. You can survive an entire round in my spot by yourself at round 15 with the pack a punched death machine, so this is definitely something you should hang onto.

Blundergat - While this weapon is crucial in survival mode, I would say that on grief mode, it is helpful to have this weapon, but is not crucial. Remember that you cannot make this the acid gat, so you will have to survive with just the blundergat, regular or upgraded. So personally I do not think that this weapon is as essential as it is in survival mode, although it makes a great secondary to the death machine.

Ray Gun - The ray gun is the BEST primary weapon to use to run around with. It is effective upgraded or regular, and it will be effective throughout the game. While I think it is necessary to have another weapon as a primary for my spot to win, this makes a great weapon to run around with, and use in the meantime. I do not suggest this as a primary for my spot, because with no juggernog, this weapon is likely to put you down if not used correctly.

LSAT - If you cannot manage to get the death machine out of the box, this will have to work. You can use this weapon with sleight of hand, and it will give you the same benefits as the death machine. In my spot it is good to have a gun with a lot of ammo, because after everyone is dead you will have a LOT of zombies coming your way.

ALL THE REST - This pretty much just leaves the assault rifles, and SMG's left. These are great for early rounds to build up money, but at later rounds you are going to want the guns that I have listed above. Those are the guns that will literally win you the game, as opposed to just assist your team. By having the guns I have listed above that will essentially make you unstoppable in my spot.

Perks to use

When you are going to look at the perks to use, you really do not need any. I can personally say that I usually don't buy perks as long as I have the right weapons, once pack a punched you will be unstoppable, not to mention that at higher rounds, chances are you are going to die anyway, and without juggernog there is no reason to buy other perks. So with that being said, unless you buy speed cola with the LSAT, the rest of the perks are not necessary for my strategy. Not to say that if you have money to waste, you should go buy the perks you enjoy, but for my strategy the perks are not going to be a game changer for you.

My Strategy to winning

Okay so my strategy is simple. In the beginning of the game you are going to build up money. Buy the MP5 off the wall at the earliest point, and then focus on headshots. Obviously try to find a spot on the map where there are no other players where you can camp, and wait until the zombies come at you. Build up your money until you can hit the box.

Do not open doors. There are going to be 7 other people in the game. Make sure you save your money and try to force the other team to waste their money on opening up the doors. It is better to waste an additional 500 dollars and buy more MP5 ammo, than having to spend 2000 to open a door, then compete for 950 with the mystery box at early rounds. So wait until the enemy opens the door.

Once the door is open, then you can start using the box, and attempt to get one of the weapons I talked about above.

After round 7 ish you should start having weapons that will be effective for you at higher rounds. Do not waste money on the box once you have good weapons. The only exception to this is if a fire sale comes up, and you want to purposely open the box to prevent other from using the box, but otherwise do not use the box once you have effective weapons.

Now you have 2 options.. One you can spend 2 thousand and head up to where the electric cherry is, or wait until someone opens the door. Either way, once the other team, and your team starts dying, you are going to want to head upstairs. Once upstairs go behind electric cherry as if you are heading to the roof, and then turn around. Go as far bas as possible behind electric cherry until you get stopped by a wall.. Then turn around and aim towards the electric cherry.

This is going to be your camping spot. This is the MOST effective camping spot on grief mode on Mob of the Dead. This will allow you to spend the game at this location, and the zombies can ONLY come at you from straight ahead. As time goes on some will come from about 5 feet in front of you from the rails below, and some will come from the long hallway. If you can get your whole team into this location, that would be key, but if not, get yourself there anyway.

If the enemy tries to come to this location, knife the until they fall off the ledge. You essentially only want your team at this location simply because you can camp here, and never die, or at least survive until the enemy is dead.

As I said above the most effective weapon is the death machine upgraded. This is because with a 550 round clip, you never have to reload, and if done right, and preserving ammo correctly will survive round 15 on one clip. You will be able to survive forever up here if done right.

Overall this is the best strategy to use this spot, and you will see more and more people going to this area because of its effectiveness, just be careful of the ray gun, because you can kill yourself with this weapon if not done carefully.

Grief Mode win by me!


Overall Grief mode is a fun change to survival mode on zombies. It allows you to use strategy and team work to beat the other team, and will give you a challenge over time. If you have another strategy for this map, then please comment below, and if you enjoyed this guide and want to read more hit up my profile, or check out some of my videos on Youtube by clicking on my channel HERE!


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yah, that is true in regards to the ray gun.. But if you cannot get the ray gun i do not suggest PHD because it will not be as effective in the long term.

    • profile image

      bobby 4 years ago

      if you buy the PHD Floppy? perk in the library (costs 2000) the explosive damage from your own grenades, claymores, and bursts from the raygun will not harm you making the Death Machine/Raygun combo even better.