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Mobile Legends: Eudora Strategy and Build Guide

Updated on June 9, 2017
Eudora, Copyright Moonton
Eudora, Copyright Moonton

Eudora is my first and favorite mage class hero in Mobile Legends. Yup, I know I am biased when I said that, but let this build guide tell you the reasons.


Cheap (you can buy her at a very affordable price)

Easy to use

Outstanding Damage

Outstanding Magic Power scaling on skills

Great Area of Effect skills



Naturally helpless when all skills are in cooldown


Superconductor – Eurodra’s passive skill gives bonus effects to her active skills.

Forked Lightning – Your bread and butter skill. Use Forked Lightning to clear lanes, harass, and secure kills. Max this skill first.

Electric Arrow – The skill for stunning. Use it for engaging, stopping, and chasing enemies.

Thunderstruck – Devastating! That is how I define Eudora’s ultimate skill. Most enemies are either dead or dying when stuck by this skill. Don’t forget that superconductor effect provides more damage to Thunderstruck. Max this skill whenever it is available.


Magic Assassin Emblem – Do I still need to explain why Magic Assassin Emblem. This is the most suitable emblem for mage type heroes. You use magic in order to assassinate enemies. Simple as that.


Flicker – The ability to quickly teleport on a short distance has many uses.

Arrival – This let’s you rapidly respond where your team needs you.

Purify – Gives you fighting chance against enemies with crowd control capabilities.


Burst Build

This is the build that I usually use. The burst build maximizes the damage capability of Eudora. Most enemies especially the squishy ones are dead with one burst combo of her skills. This builds magic power can go steps ahead from your enemies than even tanks are scared of your damage.

Blood Wings – The strategy of this build is to have the most damage as early as possible. Blood Wings is the most qualified item for it.

Arcane Boots – Your enemies will try to protect themselves from your tremendous damage with magic resistance. You can cheaply counter some of it is by wearing this boots.

Fleeting Time – Since you already have tremendous damage. The next thing you need is cooldown reduction so that your skills will be available as soon as possible. This item also provides mana regen for some sustainability.

Calamity Scythe – Adds extra burst to your already powerful burst damage via basic attack.

Holy Crystal – You add a lot of magic power. How about increasing it more by percentage this time. This makes sure that your damage are steps ahead from your enemy defenses.

Devil TearsMagic Penetration from your Magic Assassin Emblem and Arcane Boots won’t be enough if your opponents stack up a lot of magic resistance. It’s time to get better magic penetration by buying Devil Tears.

During endgame and you completed all items, swap your boots for Immortality.

Sustain Build

Why call this sustain build? First, it has more health and mana. Second, it is better in replenishing both health and mana. Finally, it can continuously deal magic damage via Feather of Heaven.

Clock of Destiny This item is like investment. It grows overtime. The earlier you can get it, the better magic power, health, and mana that you can have later.

Enchanted Talisman – The main item for sustaining your mana.

Arcane Boots

Concentrated Energy – How about we add spell vamp to convert some of your destructive magic damage to health.

Feather of Heaven – This skill adds magic damage on your basic attack base on portion of your Magic Power.

Blood Wings

Again, during endgame and you completed all items, swap your boots for Immortality.

How to Play?

Playing Eudora is all about casting the right order of skills. Below are the list of combo’s for different situations:

Eudora’s basic kill combo is Electric Arrow -> Forked Lightning -> Thunderstruck.

Some prefer Electric Arrow -> Thunderstruck then if the enemy is still alive, use Forked Lightning. This is effective if your enemies are really squishy.

During clashes where you need to immediately nuke group of enemies, do Forked Lightning -> Thunderstruck then use Electric Arrow to enemies who are about to escape death.

If you need longer stun, do Forked Lightning -> Electric Arrow then Thunderstruck when necessary.


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