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Battle Camp!! Best Mobile Pokemon Game You Should Try

Updated on June 11, 2016

Battle Camp! is a mobile game from Pennypop. They claim it to be a love child of Warcraft and Pokemon, though i would say its more like a love child of Pokemon and candy crush.

It has a very strong social aspect. I think that's what makes it the best out there. There are tons of game out there like this but most of them seriously lacks on social interaction. Without proper team and connecting with proper community you literally cant advance or do anything noticeably good in this game.

So getting started first of all i am not too sure what category it falls into, Role Playing? Puzzle Board? Collectables? i don't know for sure, it has all of em.

As most RPG games you start on level 1 and very very weak and your team is made up with 5 monster, all the monsters are split into 5 elements Fire, Leaf, Water, Wind, Rock. Monster also have rarity which determines how strong and hard to achieve they are, starting from Common>Rare>Super>Ultra>Epic>Legendary. You will start off with common monsters and you grow stronger as you level up and get stronger monster. There are few areas with quests which you have to complete to unlock the next one. but same as other MMORPG this is not what the actual game is all about. Actual fun begins when you are strong enough to participate in Events. All events are global and all players compete there, after each event players receive rewards base on their ranks. to be honest this is actually a never ending loop, You participate event to get strong monster and you get strong monster to do better in event.

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Most of the event also requires a whole group or troop to participate and do good. there is also a troop reward after event for all troop members, now as said above this is where the social aspects come into play, they have a pretty large community on many social media, and that's the best way to recruit or join troops. and they also require heavy communication to properly organize teamwork.

There are raids as as well, to get many type of reward and recourse to make your monster evolve and get strong. they are also defendant on teamwork most of the time. Dungeons are same as raid, but its solo performance stage xD

Another best feature of this game is live PVP, which used to be the most attractive feature of this game. But currently its pretty much broken and unless developers do some serious fix, its not the best thing to try.

So by now you must have an idea that your team of monster is your main strength, thats what determines how good you will perform in each event, raid, battles. so a little bit more in depth to Teams. Each team is made of 5 monster, no less no more. There are over thousand monster to collect. Most commonly people prefer to use same element monster for all 5 slot, they tend to deliver best results. Each monster has abilities, one active ability which can be cast and one passive ability which buffs something passively. there are tons of ability and some of them are good for some specific purpose so choosing the right ability matters the most. Based on the combination of monsters active and passive ability they are split into 4 tiers. while tier 1 are the best monster and tier 4 is the worst and most of the time they are used to feed or evolve other monster as they are pretty useless in direct combat. now all monsters have zodiac as well. and matching zodiac grants some bonus. and one of the most important thing that new players don't focus on.

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All monsters can be traded except 2nd evolved monsters. This is one of the most time consuming and most used feature of the game, which again also requires very strong social connection to find the right monster for your team. in higher tier like Ultra-Epic-Legendary its nearly impossible to form a solid team matching element and zodiacs with proper ability without trading.

Now once you have all monster sorted, time to make them stronger, you can level them up to max to get the max stats out of them, you can evolve them into their stronger form, some monster can be evolved a 2nd time as well. evolving requires another same monster to feed and some other ingredients. Lastly you can level up the passives and equip some equipment like claw/bracer/trinket to make your team stronger. all monsters has 3 stats, attack, health, recovery, based on their total count the game produce a number called PR : Power Rating, this is basically an easy way to compare your strength with others.

So i hope this covers most of the important features of this game, if you want more in-depth information there are tons of guide out there on each feature. oh and i also forgot to mention you can customize your avatar as well, there are tons of accessories and costumes and dresses for your Avatar as well. and if you are a fan of Pokemon you should definitely try it. Trust me you wont regret it. well at-least until the Pokemon Go is released.

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Now to finish it, here are some pros and cons of this game.

Pros :

1. Portable, works on both android and iOS

2. Easy to learn, loads of guides and pretty user friendly interfaces.

3. Tons of cute or scary monsters and dress/costume to collect.

4. Sociable , you can meet a lot of amazing people from around the world.

Cons :

1. Its damn addicting, once you get addicted its hard to let go.

2. Requires heavy spending if you really wanna compete on high level, growing without spending real money is really hard and real challenge.

3. Consumes shit ton of time. yah trading and ranking in event takes a ton of time than it may look.

4. There is no end to this, its a continuous loop. with each update they will release new strong monster and you will keep playing. (not sure thats a fact, cause isnt most MMORPG is like that? is it supposed to be like that? dunno :P )

Cant remember anything else at the moment. Thanks for reading this long post, Hope to see you in battle camp. Feel free to let me know what you think, or if i missed something or if i made any mistake.


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