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Modern Extensions for "Poor Bloody Infantry" WW2 Wargame Rules

Updated on March 19, 2015

What is PBI Wargaming?

PBI is a simple (all dice or the common D6 and no measuring is required), quick play (around two hours to complete a game) wargame for company level actions in World War II. These rules are published by Peter Pig/Rules for the Common Man (RFCM) and a copy of the original is required to use these modern, post-war, rules extensions. PBI uses a 4 foot (120 cm) board marked with an 8 x 8 grid, this allows all movement, range and objectives to be described in terms of squares, no more take measures or measuring sticks to get in the way and clutter the gaming table. This grid system makes it very clear what scenery type the figures are in, rules lawyers and masters of gamesmanship are not at home with this simple and yet entertaining system. The three types of square. Closed (buildings and woods), Partial (hedges, walls and fences) and open (no significant cover) allow a clean game with little ambiguity; this is a fun game to play, win or lose.

Many of the rules are innovative, I particularly like the pre-game reconnaissance phase which determines who is the attacker and who the defender. These innovations however can be dispensed with without any disruption to the game at all, realistic, uneven sides work well although the game is designed to be used with a points system to give equal, “fair” games.

The aim of PBI is to create company level engagements which players can win by use of better tactics. The game is focussed on the player being a company commander and so those are the tasks given to the player.

These rules additions will allow post war scenarios to be played with the rules, no army lists are as yet available and so a little research will be required to be able to play with post-war armies. The extensions are designed to give the feel of modern/post-war combat on the tabletop whilst using the effective and proven “poor bloody infantry” as a foundation to build on. The original rule set is required to use these amendments.

A Modern PBI Game

Foreign Legion Troops in a Closed Square.
Foreign Legion Troops in a Closed Square. | Source

New Stand Types

To reflect the changes in equipment and tactics since the end of the Second World War, new types of stand are added to those available in the original rules. Some of these “new stands” are merely renamed versions of those used in the original rules (Assault Rifle, GPMG [Light Role]) whilst others reflect concepts that weren't even dreamt of in the 1940s (SAW, ATGW).

Assault Rifle – As Per the German MP44 in the standard rules.

Range – 4 Points cost – 5-7-9

Battle Rifle – The automatic rifle that became the standard infantry weapon of western armies in the 1950’s & 60’s (FN FAL, M14, G3 etc) is treated like the normal rifle for range etc, but receives an extra die once per turn when shooting. This die may not be used for opportunity shooting or returning fire.

Range – 6 Points cost – 5-7-9

GPMG (Light Role) – As per the German MG42 in the standard rules.

Range – 8 Points cost – 10-13-18

SAW The use of large numbers of “Squad Automatic Weapons” in infantry units to replace traditional LMG and light role GPMG types in the late 20th Century brings out the need for a new stand type. This stand is like the “Assault Rifle” in that it gains an extra die when shooting, but this is applicable to all shooting rather than just once per round to reflect the extra firepower available to the stand.

Range – 4 Points cost – 7-9-12

ATGW – Modern man pack guided missiles, these units are treated as per “Towed Guns” in the standard rules for shooting and points, but move as if they were a Mortar or HMG.

Range – See Table Below Points cost – Calculate as per Towed Guns in standard Rules

That Modern Flavour

Disposable LAW

The use of disposable Anti-tank weapons has now become prolific; to follow this trend any platoon with such weapons must have all of its infantry (not weapons) sections so equipped at the cost of 1 x Gun Effect value of the weapon. This is a one use weapon and may be used at any point during the game. Once a stand has fired its LAW then mark it with a coin or other suitable marker and it is unable to use the weapon again.

Vehicle & Gun Fire control systems

A feature of the modern tank and indeed lighter modern armoured vehicles is the use of electronic systems to assist in the aiming process and so increase the probability of a kill, to reflect this use the following rules.

Simple Fire Control (Mk-1 eyeball & scope)

To Hit: No Change, To Save: No Change, Gun Effect Value: No Change, Availability: All Troop Qualities

Advanced Fire Control (simple electronics)

To Hit: +1, To Save: No Change, Gun Effect Value: x1.2, Availability: All Troop Qualities, not compulsory for Conscript/Raw

Computerised Fire Control (advanced electronics)

To Hit : +1, To Save: -1, Gun Effect Valu: x1.5, Availability: Not allowed for Conscript/Raw

Note: Modern well equipped western troops are very expensive and will usually be outnumbered by local forces.

A 3 car troop of British Challengers will cost 264 points, well over half of the total force.

A 4 car Scimitar/Sabre Recce troop will cost 132 points, still not cheep, but less dominating and far more likely to be present in reality as well as on the table.

Conscript/raw troops do not use computerised fire control at all as the training in its use takes longer than they have available for training. Conscript/Raw troops may use advanced fire control if they wish, only paying for it if they have it available.

A vehicle may have Advanced Fire control or Computerised fire control and the crew not use it!

The above described situation occurred in the Soviet forces in Germany in the early 1980s (Commanding General GSFG was not a happy bunny about this) and with several client states receiving modern tanks.

All ATGW (including man pack ATGW stands) require Advanced Fire control or better, the points calculations are not ready as yet so please use the appropriate fire control for the weapon system.


Helicopters are also a key feature of the modern battlefield.

Helicopters should be priced as follows:

Light Helicopter (1 group) [Scout] – 15 Points

Small Helicopter (2 groups) [AH-1 Lynx] – 25 Points

Medium Helicopter (3 groups) [UH-1 Iroquois] – 30 Points

Large Helicopter (4 Groups) [Mi-8 Hip] – 40 Points

Huge Helicopter (10 Groups) [Chinook] – 55 Points

To arm helicopters use the “turreted gun” costs in the main rules.

Helicopters with any fixed armament larger than machineguns require “Advanced Fire Control” as a minimum.

To add door gunners then add the value of 1 HMG group and reduce the capacity by 1 stand.

A helicopter always counts as moving when firing unless it is on the ground.

Helicopters may be armoured to a maximum of AF-7 at double the normal vehicle cost.

Treat helicopter mounted rocket launchers as Medium Mortars with no minimum range (1 mortar per pair of launchers). These are single shot weapons and may only be used once per game, up to 5AP.

Point Values for rockets is Medium Mortars x 2.

A typical Vietnam Huey

2 groups, door gunners:- 45 Points

A Soviet Hind of the Afghanistan War

2 groups, AF-6, Turret HMG, 4 Rockets (No ATGW carried):- 113 Points

Armour Effect Table

Armour Effect
Ferret, UR-416, RAM V-1, BTR-152, BTR-40,
LAV-25, AML, EBR, TPZ-1, RBY-1, BRDM, ASU-57
LVTP-7, CVR(T), CVR(W), Saxon, VAB, ERC, Luchs, BTR-60, BMD, ZSU-57-2, ZSU-23-4
M113 Series, FV432, AMX-13(75), AMX-VCI, Gepard, BTR-50, BTR-70, BTR-80, MTLB, BMP-1, PT-76, ASU-85
M-551, Warrior, AMX-13(105), AMX-10P, AMX-10RC, Marder, Zelda, BMP-2, BMP-3
M26 Pershing, M2/M3, Warrior (Improved), Jpz Kanone, Jaguar, Super Sherman M51, SU-100, T-54, AMX-30
M-47, M-48A1-5, Early Centurion, Leopard 1, AMX-30B2, T-55, T-62
Later Centurion, M-60A1, Leopard 1 (Improved), Achzarit, Centurion APC, TI-67, T-10, T55AM, T80
Early Chieftain,
M-1, Later Chieftain, Leopard 2,
Merkava 2, Challenger, Leclerc, T-90
M-1A1/M-1A2, Merkava 3, Merkava 4, Challenger 2, Leopard 2A5-A6,

Gun Effect Table (ATG)

Gun Effect
Anti Tank Gun
20mm Cannon (ALL), 30mm (Ru)
25mm CG (US), 57mm (Ru), 76mm (Ru)
30mm Rarden (UK), 75mm (Fr), 73mm (Ru), 85mm (Ru),
105mm (Fr), 100mm (Ru)
90mm (US), 152mm GL (US), 20 Pounder (UK), 122mm (Ru) ,
105mm L7/M68 (UK/US), 105mm [AMX 30B2] (Fr), 115mm (Ru)
120mm L11 (UK), 125mm (Ru),
120mm (Ge/US), 120mm L30 (UK), 120mm (Fr)

Gun Effect Table (LAW, MAW & RCL)

Gun Effect
RPG-2 (Ru)*, 20mm Pvg m/42 (Swe)*, M55 [57mm rcl] (US)**
M60 (Cz/Jug), M20 [75mm rcl] (US)
Type-79 (Ch)*, Type 56 (Ch)**, M80 Zolja (Jug)*, B10 (Ru)**, RPG-18 (Ru)*, 3.5” Bazooka (US)**, M72 (US)*
Blindicide (Be)**, Type-69 (Ch)**, RPG-75 (Cz)*, M79 (Jug)**, RPG-22 (Ru)*, RPG-7 (Ru)*, PV1110 (Swe)
LRAC (Fr)**, Pzf-44 (Ge)**, Armburst (Ge)**, C90 (Sp)**, Folgore (It), RPG-16 (Ru), SPG9 (Ru), B11 (Ru), Carl Gustav M2 (Swe/UK)**, PV1110 [m/77] (Swe), MOBAT (UK), WOMBAT (UK), M40 (US), M67 (US)**
SMAW/B300 (US/Is) **
LAW-80 (UK)**
Apilas (Fr)**, Pzf-3 (Ge)**
Weapons marked * have a range of 4 squares & Minimum of 2,
Weapons marked ** have a range of 6 squares & Minimum of 2,
Weapons without a mark have no maximum range & Minimum of 2 squares,

Gun Effect Table (Missiles)

Gun Effect
AT1 Snapper (Ru),
Mathago (Arg), HJ-73 (Ch), Kun Wu (Taiwan), SS10 (Fr), KAM-3 (Jap), Picket (Is), AT-2 Swatter (Ru), AT-3 Sagger (Ru), AT-7 Saxhorn (Ru), AT-10 Stabber (Ru), AT-12 Shekana (Ru), Bill (Swe), Vigilant (UK),
Entac (Fr), Cobra (Ge), Mamba (Ge), Bantam (Swe),
HJ-8 (Ch), Milan (Fr), SS11 (Fr), Harpon (Fr), KAM-9 (Jap), AT-4 Spigot (Ru), AT-5 Spandrel (Ru), AT-8 Songster (Ru), AT-11 Sniper (Ru), Draken (Ru), TOW (US), M47 Dragon (US),
Malkara (Aus/UK), Milan 2 (Fr), HOT (Fr), ERYX (Fr), Toger (Is), AT-6 Spiral (Ru), ADATS [AT] (Swi), Swingfire (UK), TOW-2 (US), M47 Dragon 2/3(US), Shillelagh (US),
HOT 2 (Fr), Chvu-Mat (Jap)
Hellfire (US)


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