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Modern Warfare 2 MODS

Updated on June 18, 2013


In this hub I will be looking at Modern Warfare 2 Mods. These fun, player created custom game modes add something new to the game, so if your bored of the same old game types you're in the right place.

You don't want to mess with your original game files so check out my guide on how to get a private server game client for alterIWnet, I only recommend playing modded games this way. They even support Mods.

Things You Need.

  • An installed version of alterIWnet. (see above link)
  • Internet connection.
  • Mods. (If you intend to host modded game servers)

If you just want to join other peoples modded games all you need to do is select the mod pit game type from your game client.


Zombie mods are always fun, there are many different ones. Some are player vs player versions and the game starts with one or more randomly picked alpha zombies with the objective of turning everyone else into a zombie also. Other version include bots, these games have a set number of levels and the players have to survive the oncoming waves of AI zombies. With ammo drops in between waves and player created bunkers its always fun.


From the title I will assume you have an idea what this is. Sniper fans will love this mod, pure sniping is the game. Everyone has the same class setup with the same weapons, killstreak rewards are normally disabled to make things interesting but as with any player made mods they all vary in rules depending on what version you are playing, just like scope use, some versions only allow 2 seconds of scope per use and others have no limit. I am not very good at sniping so I found someone else's video to demonstrate.

Roll The Dice.

The roll the dice mod mixes things up by randomly selecting you a number every time you respawn, the numbers go from 1 to 100 and every number has a unique class setup, everything from akimbo thumper's to any other combination of weapons and perks you can think of, I once had unlimited predator missiles :)

Gun Game.

When playing the gun game mod players get weapon upgrades per kill (sometimes its 3 kills). Depending on what version you are playing, there are many different variations of this mod each one with its own levels of upgrades, some are free for all game modes and some team deathmatch.

Aliens Vs Predators.

In this mod one side are aliens who have knife attack and throwing knives only but with thermal vision can spot enemy players with ease. Predators for some reason don't have thermal vision like in the movie but they do have weapons and ammo but the maps are very dark. Again depending on what version you have and who the mod creator was, these game mods always change.


This fun mod is awesome, when you are a terminator you have all the weapons of the AC130, the ability to super jump, cloak and teleport however you move really slow and are unable to sprint. The humans get unlimited bazooka ammo, flashbang or stun granades and a primary weapon with lots of ammo, just to even the odds.

How Do I host Modded Games?

All the mods listed here are available to anyone for free. You must have the necessary mod files in your MW2 directory to host. Example:

program files/activision/modern warfare 2/mods.

To start a mod, once you are the host, go to the console and type this:

fs_game mods/AlienVSPredator; map_restart

you can change "AlienVSpredator" for any mod name to start the desired mod.

You can find all these mods and more


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    • TwoDee profile image

      TwoDee 6 years ago from UK

      Sorry no. :(

    • profile image

      warlock 6 years ago

      can i use these mods for lan play??

    • TwoDee profile image

      TwoDee 6 years ago from UK

      Sadly not. This hub was supposed to be used with another guide I wrote on here that got removed. /sadface

    • profile image

      Simikao 6 years ago

      That doesn't work with Steam, does it?

    • TwoDee profile image

      TwoDee 6 years ago from UK

      Game mods are a breath of fresh air. They bring life back to ageing games.

      Enjoy :)

    • Zakmoonbeam profile image

      Michael Murchie 6 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Love it, time to experiment!