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Modern Warfare 3 Kill Assist Change Rumor

Updated on July 9, 2014

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been surrounded by the rumor bug for quite some time now. One of the more interesting ones that has been floating around since early on in development is the Pro version of a Perk that will allow two assists to be counted as one kill towards a players kill-streak (or point-streak as some are now calling them.) The guys over at have this to say about the matter:

  • "Point Guard – Frustrated that you’re always racking up tons of assists but are never quite able to finish your opponent off and get your hands on those cool kill-streaks? The aptly named “Point Guard” is here to help. With Point Guard, you’ll get credit for a kill towards your kill-streak bonuses every time you get two assists. It won’t show up on the scoreboard as a kill, but it will count towards your acquisition of kill-streaks. So if you get 6 assists without dying, you get a UAV. Or if you get 2 assists and 2 kills you’ll get the same."

This stems from the fact that players really don't get much from an assist in the current way that it is implemented. Sure you get a few points added to your overall score, but it is significantly lower than what you would receive for a kill, and rightfully so as you did not finish the person off. With that being said, this perk could potentially be very valuable to someone who uses silenced weapons often, and may not always have the opportunity to finish off an opponent. I think the key here is going to be which perk it is attached to, and how it stacks up to the others in its respective slot.

Thinking this idea over a bit got my creative juices flowing and had me wondering, what else could they do to the assist feature in game. What I came up with is not something game breaking, or even that important. But it could potentially clear up the scoreboard screen and make your kill/death ratio more accurate. Why not count assists in the same way that say the NFL counts tackles and sacks. On a decimal system where one kill is 1 and an assist is .5. Have you ever been in the situation where you open up on an enemy just to have your teammate come out of nowhere and steal your kill? This way you would still get credit for that kill on your K.D.R. (kill to death ratio) while it could remove the assist column from the game all together. Sure it may make figuring out you ratio on the fly a little harder, but who really needs to know it in the middle of a game anyway? The in-game ratio calculator wouldn't be affected because let's face it, if it can calculate 20 / 3 it can just as easily calculate 20.5 / 3.

Would this be a change that interests you as a player?

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