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Modern Warfare 3: Best Shotgun Class For New Players.

Updated on June 3, 2012

It is evident, that not many Modern Warfare 3 players use the shotguns in the game, due to the fact that over a long distance they are effectively useless. Whilst a lot of players do use the Striker for close-quarters "spray shooting", the other shotguns are much underused, especially, when if used properly they can do a lot of damage!

The biggest problem which occurs when people try to use the Modern Warfare 3 shotguns is that they are using classes and set-ups which are designed for the assault rifles or sub-machine guns. When using a shotgun like the Spas-12 or KSG-12, you need to be using a setup, which will be perfect for utilising the mobility of the weapons, and the distance they can reach with firing.

Modern Warfare 3 Shotgun Character on the Map "Fallen".

All credit for this image goes to Spetsnats via.
All credit for this image goes to Spetsnats via. | Source

Your Modern Warfare 3 Shotgun of Choice...

The shotgun which you choose for your class is one of the most crucial aspects, as your class requirements will change based on the one you choose. For example, if you chose to use the striker as your shotgun of choice, it would be recommended that you put on Sleight of Hand Pro, or Extreme Conditioning Pro.

This is due to the fact that the striker has a great number of rounds, as well as a very fast fire rate. However, if you were to choose to use the Spas-12 or KSG-12, your class setup would change as these are 'pump action' shotguns, which require a small amount of time to ready themselves, before you can fire again. Also, with the Spas-12 and KSG-12 you are going to want to aim down your sights as you shoot, as this improves your bullet spread, which is crucial when using a shotgun. Therefore, instead of using a perk like "Assassin pro" you would want to use "Quick Draw" instead.

Your Secondary Weapon of Choice...

Another important aspect of any Modern Warfare 3 class is your secondary weapon. For your secondary weapon, you are not going to want to use something heavy, as that will ruin the great mobility of your shotgun, instead you should aim to use one of the pistols or machine pistols. These will not only provide great fire power and range when your shotgun ammunition runs out, but also they won't affect the speed at which your character moves.

From my own experience, I have found that using the MP9 as your secondary weapon is highly effective, and in some cases much greater than the notorious FMG-9 akimbo machine pistols. However, other expert players have reported that even the USP.45 akimbo pistols, are great for use with shotguns, yet their main fault is their lack of ammunition.

You will most likely only get around 2-3 kills with the akimbo USP.45s, before your ammunition is completely depleted.

All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward the creators of Modern Warfare 3.
All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward the creators of Modern Warfare 3. | Source

Your Equipment of Choice...

Whilst the equipment you use isn't as important as some of the other aspects of your class, it can still be valuable to you, if you are using something which can pick you up one or two kills. My preferred explosive equipment is either the Semtex or the Frag grenades, as they almost always get you one kill, and they can help you identify where the enemy is on the map.

However, I have had some luck and results when using the claymores and Bouncing Betties. Yet, these are used more for when you are holding down a section of the map, rather than when you are trying to use a shotgun.

Therefore, it would be wiser for you to use something which you can throw at the enemy, as this will go accordingly with the overall speed of your class!

Your Perks and Proficiencies.

By far, your chosen perks for your Modern Warfare 3 classes are one of the most crucial parts to your overall success with your shotgun. Although, what is commonly overlooked with any class is the chosen proficiencies used with your shotgun, and this comes down to the fact that the only decent or 'applicable' proficiency we see for a shotgun would be the "damage" proficiency.

But what you might not know, is that if you are using a shotgun like the Spas-12 or KSG-12 you may want to try out the "Focus" proficiency, as this will improve the accuracy of your bullets when you're are being hit or fired at.

Why is this more important than having the damage proficiency? Well, when using a 'pump action' shotgun, you are going to want to be able to take your enemies down in as few shots as possible, and if your weapon swings upwards just as you are about to fire, you might not get that one shot kill. Therefore, if when you are being hit by the enemy your shotgun fire is still perfectly on target, your chances of getting that one shot kill are increased significantly.

As for your perks, these are what I would suggest for you to use with the Spas-12 or KSG-12:

  • Extreme Conditioning Pro - Run for longer distances + Climb obstacles faster.
  • Quick Draw Pro - Aim down your sights quicker + quicker equipment usage.
  • Steady Aim Pro - Better hip-fire accuracy + Weapon is ready faster after sprinting.

Now, if you have decided to go for an easier approach with the striker shotgun, here is the recommended perks:

  • Sleight of Hand Pro - Faster reloading + Swap weapons quicker.
  • Hardline Pro - One less kill towards your killstreak + One less kill towards your death-streak.
  • Steady aim Pro - Better Hip-fire accuracy + Weapon is ready faster after sprinting.

Whilst these are just my own recommendations based on my own experience, the majority of the experts who use the Modern Warfare 3 shotguns also use these class setups, which proves that they are powerful and definitely worth trying.

All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward the creators of Modern Warfare 3.
All credit for this image goes to Activision and Infinity Ward the creators of Modern Warfare 3. | Source

Your Kill-streaks and Death-streaks.

Your killstreaks and deathstreaks can easily aid or hinder your performance with the shotguns, as if they are used well they can get you a ton of kills within a short amount of time, but if they are used poorly, you might not find yourself being able to get to even the Attack Helicopter.

For when using a shotgun like the Spas-12, from what I've tried, going for killstreaks like the Osprey gunner or Pavelow might not be your best pick. However, if you are wise you will go for the 5,7 and 9 setup, which will be a lot easier to achieve. (Predator missile, Attack helicopter and Reaper.) Although, that is in no way to state that you cannot get the higher killstreaks with the shotguns, but you are going to find it quite challenging to say the least.

In terms of your death-streaks, your choice is completely up to you, as hopefully you shouldn't be dying too often. But, if you aren't very good at using the MW3 shotguns currently, using "Dead man's hand" could be beneficial.

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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 5 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Actually, it does. You just need to make sure that you are using the pro version of the perk. Here is a little guide that shows you all of the features related to the Hardline pro perk...

    • profile image

      Joel 5 years ago

      Hardline Pro does not give you one less death for your deathstreak (that's what it did in MW2). In MW3 it makes every 2 assists count as a kill for your killstreak.