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Modern Warfare 3 Tips: How To Have Fun Playing MW3.

Updated on July 11, 2013

Remember You Play Video Games For Fun!

For those of us who have played Modern Warfare 3 for a good lengthy time now, we have all reached that stage where we have really just considered how much fun we're really having playing this game.

Considering the amount of flaws and annoying features that this game has, it comes as a surprise to many as to why they still play Modern Warfare 3, and don't move on to something more challenging and appealing like Battlefield 3.

Although time and time again, Call of Duty fans are sucked back into playing Modern Warfare 3, due to the fact deep inside they want a little taste of that MW3 glory, and to be able to impress their friends with their amazing Kill/Death ratio.

Yet, most players who attempt to achieve that "glory", usually end up becoming increasingly mad at the game and the players, for not being able to do well when in fact their anger prevents them from doing just that!

A Screenshot of Some Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay.

The ACR 6.8 from Modern warfare 3
The ACR 6.8 from Modern warfare 3 | Source

Be Chilled and Stay Relaxed!

What most players who try to go after such achievements like the M.O.A.B don’t know is that when they become ever more stressed and frustrated with this game, their likelihood of success lowers dramatically!

Not only that, but they then start to change their classes and load-outs, when in fact this is only going to make matters worse, as then other players will start bringing out their FMG9s and other over-powered weapons.

This is why my own personal advice to players who are trying to go for M.O.A.Bs and other difficult achievements, is to take a step back from the game for a while and relax. Relaxing won't only lower your frustration levels with the game, but it will also mean that you are in more control of what you do and how you do it! Hence, why most people get M.O.A.Bs when they aren't focussing, and are just having fun playing a GAME.

Play with Your Real-Life Friends!

A great way to stay relaxed and have fun whilst playing Modern Warfare 3 is to play with people that you know in a team.

There is nothing better than having a banterous conversation with your mates whilst owning some scrubs on Call of Duty. Plus, due to the fact that you will be communicating over the microphone, you can give your team mates some friendly guidance and advice as to where the enemies are.

This in effect will make your team a much stronger force to compete with, and it will help your overall performance in-game. This is the most common reason why so many YouTube users who post Modern Warfare 3 do so well, they have a good set of friends and fans who play with them and communicate!

However, if you don’t have a good list of friends or fans to play Modern Warfare 3 with, you can easily just hook up your microphone anyway and make some friends whilst playing!

Amongst the countless under-aged users and trolls who play Modern Warfare 3 there are some great people like yourself, who would be great friends to play with in a team or lobby. All you have to do is help out other people who are playing and start up a conversation.

An Example of a Great MW3 Rushing Class!


Use Your Favourite Classes!

No matter what score you get, you won't have as much fun getting a M.O.A.B when you're using a class which you despise, instead of getting a M.O.A.B using a class which you love! Not only will you find that you are doing better more consistently, but also that you are having fun simultaneously.

That's why the creators of Modern Warfare 3 give so much choice in terms of class set-ups and load-outs.

Although, most people are using classes which don't comply with their play style which can often leave them stumped as to why they aren't doing well, and it is due to the fact they are using an LMG whilst trying to rush! Instead, it would be better if they were to use a sub-machine gun which they are comfortable using, and a decent secondary weapon like the MP9.

Here is a good example of the perk set-up when creating a rushing class:

  • Sleight of Hand Pro - Quicker reloading time and swapping time.
  • Quickdraw Pro - Quicker aiming down sights and grenade usage.
  • Steady Aim Pro - Better hipfire accuracy and wapon is ready faster after sprinting.

In terms of which sub-machine gun you should use, my personal preference lies with the MP7 with Rapid fire and Extended Magazines, or the PP90m1 with Rapid Fire and Extended Magazines. This is because the rapid fire enables you to kill enemies up-to twice as quick and the extended magazines means that you can refrain from reloading for a longer amount of time!

Listen To Your Favourite Tunes Whilst Playing!

One of my own favourite things to do when playing any video game is to listen to some of my favourite music whilst playing. This usually helps me to relax and just have fun, instead of focussing or trying too hard to do well on Modern Warfare 3.

Therefore, if you have an iPod or docking station of any kind, you should hook it up in the room you're in, and then put on some music which you can really get down to. You will notice that the fun aspect of Modern Warfare 3 will shine out immediately, and those things which usually get you down whilst playing won't affect you anymore.

Another great tip is to have a glass of your favourite drink to sip on as you play, as this will signficantly improve your relaxation and how much fun you are having playing the game.

A Great video On Having Fun in Modern Warfare 3 By Sandy Ravage.

Thank you for reading this article! If you haven't already purchased Modern Warfare 3, you can do so below for Amazon's great price of just $34 for the PS3 version, $40 for the Xbox 360 version and $50 for the PC version! Also, for those of you who want an extra challenge, purchase the hardened version for only $100.

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