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Modern Warfare 3: Multiplayer Maps: Dome

Updated on March 22, 2012

Map Layout

Level: Dome

One of the smaller maps in the plethora of Modern Warfare 3 maps, Dome offers excitement and success to various player types, including the "Slash and dash" players, and snipers. There are many pathways throughout the level, one of the main ones being the path bordering the abadoned office building. There are relatively large open spaces in the level, mainly the lot with the humvees by the office buidling, and outside of both doors of the dome.

Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch is a relatively simple game mode for all maps, and it is not too difficult to master in Dome. If you are planning on sniping, then the best (and possibly the only) spot for sniping is the catwalk that encircles the dome, which can be accessed by ladders outside of either entrance to the dome. Most action seems to revolve around this dome building, with one team (at least some of their players) inside the dome and the other team attacking it. Now of course there will always be players who refuse to just sit in the building, so there will be players who will continuously run throughout the level, which, in my opinion, is better and more fun. Now, if you are trying to reach the other side (From the office building to the dome or vice versa) there is one way that is usually quite safe and sneaky, which is the pathway on the far left of the level, if you are facing the dome. To get there without being spotted, go through the office building and go through the back hallways to get to the loading room with the truck, then follow the path on the left side of the truck. This will deliver you to the other side, with a good vantage point of looking into the dome building for enemies.

Domination: Domination is a more complicated game mode, especially on Dome. In Domination, the main objective is to secure three flags, or bases, that will give you points as time goes on, usually every second or two. The three bases are placed in the office building, in the destroyed bunker, and just outside of the dome. Usually each team will secure and hold one of these bases for the majority of the game, usually the one by the dome and the one in the office building. This leaves the one in the destroyed bunker as the one to fight over. If you are attacking this base, there are many strategies you can implement. If your team is controlling the flag within the office building, you can go down the stairs and flashbang the flag area, hopefully blinding the defenders and giving you a chance to kill them. Or you can flashbang and run through the giant opening on the side of the bunker. If your team is controlling the flag by the dome, then the only real option you have is going through the entrance to the bunker by the dome, as the other entrances are by the office building and will most likely be guarded. The best tactic is to flashbang then attack, but if your team has a riotshield player, send him in first to draw fire, and then have other players follow him slowly to pick the defenders off. If you are defending this base, then you should set up claymores on the stairs or the entrance by the dome, as they are the most popular. Setting c4 up on the flag is a great way to defend any base, since you can tell when the base is being attacked and you can then detonate it. The bunker floor is dark and covered with debris, so it is easy to lay down and hide in the dark shadows, waiting for an unlucky attacker to show up.

Infected: Now, Infected is a game mode that is offered in the community playlist, and is a less common game, but you will still get fast game lobbies and have a fun time.The main idea of Infected is that one player is infected with a virus of some sort and only has a tactical knife, a throwing knife, and a tactical insertion. The other players will have a predetermined gun based on the level, and one option for Dome is the Barret .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. Now this may be intimidating to the player who isn't the best "no-scoper" or "quick-scoper", however there is a solution to this. The catwalk that encircles the dome. Here there are only two entrances, which can be easily guarded by a player laying down facing the ladder, one player at each ladder. The infected players will start to climb up, and before they can do anything, will get shot and killed. The rest of the players have the privelege of being on the rest of the catwalk and sniping the infected players as they run at you, trying to throw knifes or silly things like that. As an infected player, the best strategy is to throw knifes to take down some of the snipers, however you must be quick because they are actively searching and prepared to shoot. If there are only a few snipers left, just flood the ladders while a couple of guys run around and try to distract them and pose a threat with the throwing knife; the snipers will be quickly overrun and killed.

That is the summary of level Dome in three different game modes, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Infected. Thanks!! Check out the link below for my guide on Survival mode in MW3!!

Modern Warfare 3 Survival Guide:


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