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Modern Warfare Remastered: Autumn Warfare

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

The Modern Warfare Remastered community is holding out for the Halloween event having a Michael Myers or Jason (Friday the 13th) character.
The Modern Warfare Remastered community is holding out for the Halloween event having a Michael Myers or Jason (Friday the 13th) character.

Late 2016, Modern Warfare Remastered released alongside Infinite Warfare. It almost feels like a similar occurrence to what we are seeing in late 2017 with the launch of the iPhone 8 alongside the iPhone X.

Technology is a thing of beauty, confidence, and it demands loyalty from everyone who passes through. The iPhone 8 is set to be an extension of the original iPhone series, whereas the iPhone X is entirely fresh, and is set to take the iPhone series in a whole new direction.

Call of Duty seems to be taking a similar approach, as in here is Infinite Warfare, an extension on the original formula for Activision’s business model regarding the FPS franchise as a whole. In 2009, we saw the release of Call of Duty’s ground-breaking sequel to Call of Duty 4, and through this was born Call of Duty’s original business model formula. As, in two years’ time in 2011, we saw the next Modern Warfare sequel, Modern Warfare 3. And, almost like 3 was the lucky number, the successful formula behind the original Call of Duty series was broken.

Ever since Call of Duty’s 2011 release of Modern Warfare 3 we have seen sales figures for every Call of Duty title release since fall, and Activision had to change their original formula to work in a similar environment – one that has grown more hostile, ever since.

The decision by Activision to push the Call of Duty franchise into the futuristic setting was the first step in dooming the franchises original formula. Sledgehammer Games 2014 release of Advanced Warfare began the extension formula of adding in micro transactions alongside their supply drops. Open a common supply drop crate, gamble to win some added extras, and open a rare supply drop crate, and gamble to win some even greater added extras. This has caused the Call of Duty player base to split in two, with those accepting the formula extension, and those rejecting the franchise for the failed attempts to wield a new formula.

Many Call of Duty gamers will only see the supply drop system as a way to edge more into the game; regarding supply drop guns, camos, weapon kits, and additional characters and uniforms. Generally, not a bad move for the Call of Duty developers in showcasing even more things within their games.

The problem is not in the games development, but instead in the business model that under minds their games player-base. Adding the micro transactions is the ultimate downfall for the titles, Advanced Warfare and since. Resorting to the use of micro transactions, is taking advantage of the young and naive, giving a sour feeling to the games intent to provide extra entertainment without the additional costs.

DLC maps have still remained a large part in the Call of Duty franchises life-cycle, and the only exception to this is with Modern Warfare Remastered, a game that has tried its upmost to keep the attention of their player-base without changing too much for what would have been in the original Call of Duty 4 title.

Modern Warfare Remastered Has Entered into the Autumn Season, the Final Warfare Days Before the Launch of WW2

Many of the Modern Warfare Remastered player base that has stuck around through the thick and thin days of the games life-cycle are much anticipating the launch for the Halloween event.

Halloween, when thinking about Modern Warfare Remastered seasonal events, would lead the developers into the Autumn season, and the most prominently celebrated event for this time of the year is Halloween. Only, we have heard not a peep from Raven Software, the developers behind Modern Warfare Remastered.

But, if fans who have been long time players on MWR then they should know that when the seasonal events start there is no advanced warning. Scour the internet for information regarding up-and-coming events for the Call of Duty franchise and everything will be pointing in the direction of WW2, the soon to be launched Call of Duty title by Sledgehammer Games.

Then again, whenever there has been news regarding updates coming out for Call of Duty titles from the current cycle they have announced what is happening on the day.

Weekly Warfare is beginning to look tired in Modern Warfare Remastered
Weekly Warfare is beginning to look tired in Modern Warfare Remastered

Raven Software Has Abandoned Modern Warfare Remastered

Or, so they say.

There has been a recent post on the Reddit page for Modern Warfare Remastered that speaks the cold, hard truth for the way that the dedicated player base on MWR are feeling at the moment regarding its current state:

“First off, I want to say I don't understand why they hyped up Weekly Warfare when Mad Props came out like they were going to release some amazing new modes, and they've done nothing of the sort. We've just been given 'Snipers Only'. Where's the new game modes we were led to believe we were getting?

Raven Software or more specifically Amos Hodge, seemingly the community guy for Raven Software. We might as well as get told nothing. Almost all of Amos' Twitter feed is filled with "#WeekendWarfare" updates. Where is the conversations, I've seen a couple of replies but it's hardly anything to write home about? Here are some suggestions I thought could of made this cycle for Modern Warfare Remastered a lot better.

  • Asked the Community on Reddit or Twitter about what we wanted to see for Weekend Warfare.
  • Told us about what Supply Drop Collections were coming as Supply Drops in this game are actually not the worst thing. Telling us about what might be coming (a weapon sneak peak and a couple camo previews in a little trailer) 3 - 7 Days prior to them dropping would of added a lot of trust between the Developers and the Community.
  • Letting the Community vote on certain things in Poll in-game. In my opinion I always though a single mode for every Weekend Warfare was rather silly and it can get boring. I know for a fact they can do In-Game polls as they've done it in asking for feedback ("Did you enjoy your time playing the previous match of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered?" or something along those lines). So why couldn't they of done a poll about Weekend Warfare?

TLDR: Raven could of done better communicating with the community and I such a making big Reddit posts.” by Lewisirwin221 (Reddit user)

What this tells us is that the Call of Duty community is truly divided, as many fans of the franchise retreat back to older franchise titles on the old-generation consoles, playing titles such as Ghosts, Black Ops 2 and Advanced Warfare.

The Modern Warfare Remastered community that still remain active on the internet can be found on the official Reddit page (for Modern Warfare Remastered). And, the YouTube channel, NerosCinema, with a subscriber following of more than 500 thousand stands as one of the most committed video streaming channels to the MWR game title. Everywhere else, it is as though MWR has died, and every week on Friday there is a slight revival as fans cluster to know if MWR has finally added “Infected” to their Weekly Warfare playlist. Maybe, if the Easter event happens, we will see the Infected game mode arrive on MWR.

Lewis, the writer behind the fairly lengthy Reddit post, reminded me a heck of a lot of how I have been feeling recently regarding Modern Warfare Remastered. Every week on Friday (10AM, Pacific time), they update the game with a new Weekly Warfare game mode, replacing the previous one. But, they have been updating with the same game modes that were seen no less than a few weeks ago.

What needs to be said, is that the Weekly Warfare mode is a lack lustre experience now that they have kept the game mode active from Friday through till Friday. This was a much more exciting game playlist when it was Weekend Warfare, lasting from Friday till the following Monday. Now, we have Weekly Warfare, and fans are tired of the repeated game modes.

Friday the 13th meets Modern Warfare Remastered
Friday the 13th meets Modern Warfare Remastered

Halloween Event is Coming to Modern Warfare Remastered

Perhaps Modern Warfare Remastered’s developer, Raven Software, has been hard at work making the Halloween event which has been much anticipated amongst the MWR community, but then again, perhaps Activision has been utilising the MWR developers in the help of bringing WW2 to the table in good order for its launch in November.

It is essentially a case of apples and oranges, as the MWR player-base has seen more than ten million pass through the games leaderboards. How many players from this passing through who have actually stuck around with any form of commitment is another question entirely. It could be expected that on the PS4 and Xbox One they both respectively have 100 thousand players on the games multiplayer at any one time during prime time hours and the weekend. Other hours could probably be averaged at 60 thousand per next generation console at any one time.

Even so, the buzz is still on for a Halloween, Autumn seasonal event tie-in, and the map that has been asked for mostly by fans of the MWR game is Overgrown. This is because of a mod that was made for Call of Duty 4 back in 2007 that transformed the Overgrown day time map into a night time Halloween themed map. A corn field instead of a farming field, and other neat added extras to make the map feel more authentic.

Personally, I am holding out hopes that they will completely avoid the Overgrown map, as it is way too big to be a 24/7 map to play on. There are far fewer gunfights per minute of gameplay on the Overgrown map as there is on the majority of the other maps in the game, and for this reason alone I feel another map would be more appropriate.

Sure, the Call of Duty 4 had a mod for the Overgrown map being transformed into a fully fledged Halloween themed map, but it simply does not have the consistency within gun fights and the times that it takes to get into gun fights to make it viable enough for a seasonal event map.

What map will be used for the Halloween event, should the Autumn seasonal event come to pass? Well, the map Vacant is consistent for gun fights and has not been used previously for other seasonal events. Shipment is another good choice, a tad on the side of chaotic for gun fights, and if this went into 24/7 action on action, this would probably be the seasonal map that would bring players back onto the game in the millions. Not viable, too many spawn killing cheaters, and explosives reek to much havoc across the map.

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