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Modern Warfare Remastered is Alone - Standalone - in October 2017

Updated on October 5, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Modern Warfare Remastered - Available Now in Standalone Form - Let's Discuss MWR... down below
Modern Warfare Remastered - Available Now in Standalone Form - Let's Discuss MWR... down below

MWR is no longer handcuffed to Infinite Warfare, so now is the time to play and purchase Modern Warfare Remastered. Call of Duty finally sees the franchise return to its routes, something that brings the traditional die-hard Call of Duty fans back from 2008 when World at War still used the same mechanics as the iconic Call of Duty 4 (released in 2007), and to truly bring the fans back to the core roots, in winter of 2016 we received Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - the remaster for Call of Duty 4.

The Call of Duty community was enthralled in the tension created by having a game return from the past in shiny new packaging, and the news that we were going to receive another world war 2 title, the true root return for the franchise, and the best part about it is that Sledgehammer Games were at the helm of this ship, for a title that is no less - WW2.

The title for 2017, WW2, has really brought Call of Duty friends back together, as there is the promise of an epic campaign that brings the realism of the world war 2 time era to life in 4K resolution. Sledgehammer Games have now released so many trailers for the single player campaign that for the first time in years we may actually get a larger audience of gamers who will actually play the campaign before the online multiplayer mode. It has some obscenely good actors who have got themselves all wired up for the roles as the leading characters in the WW2 campaign. The campaign promises players getting hands on experience of storming the Normandy beach, an iconic event that took place during world war 2 that truly started the America’s efforts in entering into the dangers of the European war that saw the Nazi forces causes havoc. This is one of the few times in modern history when the European regions have been turned into battle grounds for all out war between the defending nations and a force oppressing the nations will to be independently run.

World war 2 changed the European regions forever, and the Nazi reign of terror spread to all corners of Europe, and even Britain took a battering from air raids that most famously brought shattering devastation to England’s capital city of London. Not sure about the campaign, but there has been confirmation from Sledgehammer Games that there is to be a multiplayer map based in a London location. Since I live and breathe in England (not London, but Nottingham) this has got me excited already for playing through the games campaign in hopes that the British forces will be shown at some point - as it is always interesting to see how your own country’s forces were occupied during the great war of world war 2.

This is just a taste for the excitement that is to come from Call of Duty: WW2 after it goes LIVE on its launch day on November 3rd, 2017. And, this gives even more of a reason to purchase Modern Warfare Remastered, as this games single player campaign stands as being one of the most devastating that fans of the franchise have ever seen. It stayed true to the modern day war events, and has to have been one of the most gritty campaigns to ever be brought to consoles by Activision Call of Duty franchise.

The multiplayer BETA has already come and passed for the Sledgehammer Games WW2, and it has a similar game engines by the looks of things as MWR’s multiplayer mode.

Reeling in the concentration, how is the Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer fairing in October, 2017?

Yep, it’s October of 2017, and things are on the up and up since Raven Software are still yet to launch their autumn seasonal event. Most will be referring to this event as the Halloween event, and both sets of people would be correct - autumn, Halloween - it all leads to the same conclusion. Halloween is a crucial holiday that is celebrated throughout the west, and it would only make sense for the Call of Duty franchise to have one last blow-out before the launch of SHG’s WW2.

If you have been holding off on buying MWR because of the neigh-sayers telling you that the game is dying/dead, then my advice is to take the leap and purchase the game because there is no way that the game will not be supported throughout the greater part of 2018. Activision will want to spend the necessary money to support MWR’s online servers so that they can leave the option open for a MWR2, and this would be difficult to market to a wider audience if the wider audience who played the first remaster had to put up with faulty servers in the crucial year that followed into the second year of its life-cycle.

Modern Warfare Remastered is still selling at 34.99 £/$, and this is a superior price for reeling in new buyers, and the better part of these consumers will be making the most of the online mode. If at Christmas, a million people open a present that reveals a copy of MWR for either the PS4 or the Xbox One S, it would strike up a lot of anger and confusion amongst strong supporters of the Call of Duty franchise is the servers are all dead, hacked, or simply have no player base (given the million sales, doubt this could be possible).

What the neigh-sayers are saying is that the MWR game is dead because it has lost half of its original purchases and consumers, and this has been for a number of reasons - either these players completed the campaign (never really liking the games multiplayer mode), are bored of the game, have taken a break from the game (being burnt out), have found online interests elsewhere (maybe Destiny 2), are only playing the game for the special event occasions, or have simply forgotten about the game. These people are not the committed gamers of the current, and if they were then they have clearly had it rough in games recently whilst playing competitively. There points are taken, but the game overall is performing strongly still, online.

Given that Raven Software are ones to surprise their gaming fandoms, when they finally reach a point in time when they want surprises to be a complete surprise, fans fall over when they are told that they must play the barebones of the game. Raven Software may want to leave Modern Warfare Remastered in November this year and pretend as though it never existed, but this will not be the case because Activision are still in a good relationship with Raven and will want the developer to at the very least, keep the MWR games servers running smoothly. Modern Warfare Remastered has been clustered with added extras for the multiplayer since its initial release, and all that has currently happened is a dry spot where the developer have not added much extra. We feel this is going to change in an instant when the Halloween event drops either this Friday, or next Tuesday.

The second day for judgement, from the active multiplayer player base on MWR

Today - Thursday 5th October, 2017

That’s right, today is a Thursday, and to be precise - the Thursday following the Tuesday that disappointed the MWR community in a definitive way that has left a scar behind, having not launched the Halloween event. On the Tuesday that just passed, MWR was under severe scrutiny over at the official Reddit page for Modern Warfare Remastered - the first leak for the unreleased Halloween event on IW, MWR, and Black Ops 3, with many avid gaming fans declaring that this was the day when the Halloween event simply had to drop (yes, had!…to drop), and when it didn’t everyone scattered into the unknown with extreme disappointment.

What Activision lacks the realisation of, is that the Call of Duty community is not shallow like other franchise fan bases, but rather extremely deep in heart and feeling, and when the COD franchise leads fans down a certain path and does not deliver, the entire feeling for the franchise shatters into what is shallow fragmented pieces of disappointment and shame. Shame, in believing that Call of Duty could be something more in October, the pilgrimage for the FPS community to rise up and become something more than just a basic-bare-bones multiplayer game that does things like all of the rest.

After Tuesday passing without any sign of a Halloween event release passing - the community formed together in emptiness, and backs away into cold silence, with only the few still posting on Reddit (the official MWR page) to keep faith and manage the passing audience in knowing that there is still hope. This is what is so great about being a part of the Call of Duty community, as those who are die-hard fans will all gather at the sacred spot - and in 2016, this has been on the MWR title.

Is there still hope for a Halloween event on MWR and Infinite Warfare? Yes, and the reason for including Infinite Warfare in this question is down to a leak having been found on the internet showing images that are supposedly leaked from Infinity Ward studio for calling card and camo designs.

As for MWR, the player base that cares enough to find information like this on the web will be sheltering behind this leak (specific to IW), as if Infinite Warfare is getting a Halloween event then it is highly likely that MWR will as well.

Now, it is Thursday! (sorry for shouting), and it is a little known fact that Activision has in the past launched big updates to their Call of Duty titles on a Thursday, as fans of quite frankly desperate for a Halloween event launching on MWR, and the Tuesday has already passed this week.

An average gamer on the online mode for Modern Warfare Remastered: On MWR, the online mode is falling fast with game modes like Headquarters, Hard-point, and others not having any players on these modes whatsoever. This remains to be a problem even at peak hours on the weekend, and even when there are it remains a difficult set of game modes to matchmake within.

The committed gamer on the online mode for Modern Warfare Remastered: In MWR’s online mode, the reason why certain game modes are difficult to matchmake is because these game modes are flawed, and therefore have been difficult to find a match for ever since the game released back in winter of 2016. These game modes that are difficult to matchmake for simply do not offer enough XP for a player to make it worthwhile hanging around them for long, and when all of your friends want to play Domination and Search and Destroy, you join them to play on these modes.

To put the point out there are bluntly as possible, Modern Warfare Remastered is set to have proper server support heading into 2018, and there will always be a player base on the popular and logical game modes to play. Due to this, even if you are zero prestige and have only just purchased the MWR game for the PS4 or Xbox One S, you are assured a steady player base for the next year - which is plentiful amounts of time to get yourself to 20th prestige if you do so want to.

Best part about owning a copy of MWR for the next-generation console in 2018: Even though it is 2018, WW2 officially launched a couple of months ago, and there is still a steady support and stream of players entering onto the MWR online space. If you are into WW2, then chances are at times you’ll want to hop on and off MWR, and this is something that Activision will be hoping for, as the more support they get for Modern Warfare Remastered, the more support the next developer will receive when making a Modern Warfare Remastered 2. Activision clearly desires their selection of more popular games from the roots days to be remastered, and Modern Warfare (COD 4) 1 was only the beginning. Fans of the old-mechanics days of Call of Duty 4 and World at War can expect more remasters from those days, and Modern Warfare 2 and World at War would make the best sense given the update in mechanics, graphics, and engine power would work wonders on the remastering of these once brilliant FPS titles.

Infinite Warfare costs $25 standalone, and Modern Warfare Remastered costs $39.99... Still interested... then we hope to see you online

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