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Modern Warfare Three Details Released, Pictures and Leaks

Updated on May 13, 2011

Without doubt the biggest and most anticipated game of 2011, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3is to be released on Nov. 8, 2011 according to gaming blog Kotaku.

According to Wikipedia “It will be the eighth instalment in the Call of Duty series. Due to a legal dispute between the game's publisher Activision and the former co-executives of Infinity Ward - this caused several lay-offs and departures within the company”

The game will feature several cities where game play will take place, which includes London and Paris. The storyline will include previous games in the series and important figures in society are to be featured in the Game. The game play involves two superpower nations U.S.A and Russian and several missions will take places in these areas.

News Video on Modern Warfare 3


There will be a big improvement on Visual and Audio effects. It is also speculated Ghost will return as the lead character in the game or at least a prequel.

The game may also feature the use of vehicles such as cars and tanks and flying battle planes and warheads such as the AC-130 Gunship.

Sledgehammer games is assisting in the developing of the game and hope for a bug-free launch when the game is first available to the public.

Single player will continue with characters from the previous instalment as well as seeing through some cliff hangers and the fate of some memorable characters. Some new multiplayer game modes will be released including ‘Survival’, drastic changes are going to be made with more playable maps, unlockables and storylines.

The details of the game however can change as it is not an official release of details of the game. Call of duty is one of the biggest selling franchises in the gaming world with over 3 Billion dollars in retail sales and counting.


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