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Monday Funday - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Updated on February 25, 2013
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Box Art
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Box Art | Source
Brawl character roster and bosses Master Hand and Crazy Hand
Brawl character roster and bosses Master Hand and Crazy Hand | Source

The ever famous Super Smash Bros. series features some of the most famous characters from Nintendo and puts them together in a free-for-all battle, making it one of the greatest fighting games in the industry. The third game, Brawl (2008, Wii), shows what makes this series great and throws in extra features to make this one of the best titles on the Nintendo Wii. The game has thirty five characters to choose from, but a total of thirty nine can be selected via additional input from the player. Many of these characters return from the first Smash Bros. and Melee. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Sonic from Sonic The Hedgehog are playable characters, being the first third-party characters to be featured in a Super Smash Bros. game. Trophies return as a collectible item in the game, with the addition of stickers. Songs can be collected during matches to add more songs to play in stages. Masterpieces, demos of classic Nintendo games in which playable characters make their debuts, including Star Fox 64, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Ice Climber, Donkey Kong, and Earthbound and Fire Emblemin the Japanese version.

The usual Classic mode returns, along with All-Star mode from Melee, but Brawl's main feature is the adventure mode known as "The Subspace Emissary." The Subspace Army, led by the Ancient Minister, capture the lands and send them to the dark subspace. The characters must work together to save the world, and each other. The story starts off with a limited amount of characters, but more characters join as the story progresses, all of them uniting in the end to take down the final boss and true villain, Taboo. The player can use the stickers they collect from playing to power up the characters.

One other feature that is unique to Brawl is the Stage Builder. The player can create stages to use in the game and send them to their Wii friends. There are three sizes to choose from and endless possibilities. The stages' functionality can be tested during building, but can only be done as Mario, and can be edited and changed after testing and after finishing it. The stages can have their own song chosen from the Sound Test, which can also be changed later if needed.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a fun game to play alone or with a group, and there are many features to keep its fans playing even years after its release, even though the Wii U is out in stores.


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