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Monday Funday - Super Street Fighter IV

Updated on April 1, 2013

Super Street Fighter IV (2010: Playstation 3 & Xbox 360) is an expansion to Capcom’s Street Fighter IV (2009). Capcom had made so many updates that would be too large to have on the online console stores, that they made a standalone title, with all of the content with all of the content from the first title, and the downloadable content that was planned to be released, all for a lowered retail price.

The Super and Ultra Combos are fast but well animated. They hit the opponents' reactions spot-on
The Super and Ultra Combos are fast but well animated. They hit the opponents' reactions spot-on
Network Battle menu, listing all available modes for SSF4 online play
Network Battle menu, listing all available modes for SSF4 online play


The game plays exactly the same as the first Street Fighter IV, having two 3D characters fight in a 3D background on a 2D plane (side to side). The separate meters for the Super and Ultra attacks return, as well as the Focus Attacks. The goal, like every fighting game, is to exhaust your opponent’s health meter before they take you out. SSF4 allows online play like the first title, and you can rack up player and battle points in order to increase your rank and unlock profile titles.

The game’s story mode, arcade, returns as well and the goal remains the same: complete ten stages and the bonus stages (if they are on) and defeat the final boss, versus, allowing local and computerized battles, training, allowing players to practice combos and Super and Ultra Attack combinations so they can master every character or find a favorite and trials, a set mode of challenges to master dealing with moves, combos, or even controls. Online Ranked Mode has the additions of Team Battle, Endless Battle, and Tournament (a replacement for SV4’s Championship mode), which allows players to compete in a single elimination bracket to declare a winner. A new Replay Mode is added as well to watch replays of fights all around the world.

Character select screen (feat. Dudley and Ibuki)
Character select screen (feat. Dudley and Ibuki)
Fan favorite Sakura makes returns once again
Fan favorite Sakura makes returns once again
Juri Han, the Shadaloo agent, makes her debut to the series
Juri Han, the Shadaloo agent, makes her debut to the series
"Final Fight" main guy Cody gets a piece of the action.
"Final Fight" main guy Cody gets a piece of the action.
Twins Yun and Yang join the fight via DLC
Twins Yun and Yang join the fight via DLC


The 25 original characters from the first title return in Super Street Fighter IV, 10 new characters, and four downloadable characters. Some are returning characters from previous titles, and some make their debut to the series.

Returning fighters:

  • Ryu (Street Fighter: 1987)
  • Ken Masters (Street Fighter: 1987)
  • Chun-Li (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • M. Bison (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Sagat (Street Fighter: 1987)
  • Cammy White (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Blanka (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter Alpha: 1995)
  • Sakura Kasu gano (Street Fighter Alpha: 1995)
  • Rose (Street Fighter Alpha: 1995)
  • Seth (Street Fighter IV: 2009)
  • Balrog (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Vega (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Guile (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Abel (Street Fighter IV: 2009)
  • El Fuerte (Street Fighter IV: 2009)
  • Crimson Viper (Street Fighter IV: 2009)
  • Rufus (Street Fighter IV: 2009)
  • Gen (Street Fighter: 1987)
  • E. Honda (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Zangief (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Fei Long (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Dhalsim (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Akuma (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Gouken (Street Fighter IV: 2009)

New characters:

  • Cody (Final Fight: 1989)
  • Ibuki (Street Fighter III: 1997)
  • Guy (Final Fight: 1989)
  • Juri (First Appearance)
  • Makoto (Street Fighter III: 1997)
  • Hakan (First Appearance)
  • T. Hawk (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Dee Jay (Street Fighter II: 1991)
  • Dudley (Street Fighter III: 1997)
  • Adon (Street Fighter: 1987)

DLC characters:

  • Oni (First Appearance)
  • Dark Ryu (Street Fighter Alpha: 1995)
  • Yun (Street Fighter III: 1997)
  • Yang (Street Fighter III: 1997)

Did you say tournament?!

Yes, in fact, I did! Two clubs at my college are working together to plan a video game tournament this summer, and this is one of the games that might be involved. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone with this post to not only promote the tournament, but complete my daily post as well. I actually played the game today to help decide whether or not it should be in the tournament, which it very well could be, but all it did was remind me that I am absolutely terrible at Street Fighter. (Tekken and Soul Calibur are my preferred fighting games.)

To wrap up, Super Street Fighter IV is a great addition to the series. Not only do you get a larger roster, but you also get everything from the first Street Fighter IV at a lower price! What could be better than that?


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    • joedolphin88 profile image


      5 years ago from north miami FL

      street fighter 4 I still miss ssf2

    • Souther29 profile image


      6 years ago from London, UK

      I've spent more hours than I would like to say fighting against others online with SSF4. It's the epitomy of an 'easy to learn, very hard to master' game and a great feeling as you learn more and more tricks to master the characters. Such a great community of players as well.


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