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Monday Merch - Bioshock Infinite: Ultimate Songbird Edition

Updated on March 25, 2013
Ultimate Songbird Edition
Ultimate Songbird Edition | Source
Songbird Statue close-up
Songbird Statue close-up
Lithograph poster
Lithograph poster

Irrational Games is back at it again with BioShock Infinite (2013: Xbox 360, PS3, Steam). It has been a very anticipated game since its announcement and fans are just one day away from running to their retailer of choice to buy their copy. The BioShock series has been known for its beautiful graphics and designs, fitting music, and engaging characters with great talents bringing them alive.

Along with the preorder options, Infinite comes with its own special and limited editions, called "Premium" and "Ultimate Songbird" edition. The Songbird is the winged creature that held Elizabeth hostage in Columbia all of her life. However, she considers the Songbird to be her only friend because it took care of her by bringing her food and books.

The Ultimate Songbird includes the following items:

  • Three inch replica keychain of the "Murder of Crows" vigor bottle
  • 5x7 inch lithgraph of an in-game propaganda poster by Jorge Lacera (Irrational's storyboard/concept artist)
  • 25mm Handyman miniature from the board game BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia (will be released this summer)
  • Infinite art book, with concept art, commentary, and a hand-distressed cover
  • Digital bonuses: in-game gear, digital soundtrack, and platform-specific dlc (avatar cotumes for Xbox 360 and themes for PS3 and PC)
  • 9.5 inch Songbird statue designed by Jorge Lacera and Robb Waters

The Songbird statue will come in its own box so you won't accidentally open or destroy it as you excitedly take the packaging apart. The Premium Songbird edition comes with everything listed except the statue.

BioShock Infinite comes out worldwide tomorrow! If you're going to any midnight release parties, have fun!


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