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Monk In Diablo 3 : Lore, Names And Gameplay

Updated on August 8, 2012

The Monks live in the Monastery of Ivgorod in the Foothills. The Monks are chosen to study ancient knowledge in the Monastery when they are very very young. They believe in thousand and one god that are dwelling everywhere - at the embers of a fireplace, waters of a river, the gusts of wind. The holy and pure monks dedicate their lives to connect with these gods by practicing martial arts and meditating to purify their bodies and souls. Each Monk has a special tattoo on their back that is dedicated to the gods and represent the chronicles of the important stages of the Monks life. This back tattoo gets supplement with additional sacred symbols up until their dying day. The runes and symbols that are depicted on their bodies are representing holy structure which is the basis of the light magic every Monk can invoke if they need its aid.

 The Monk in Diablo 3
The Monk in Diablo 3

When the famous historian and al-Hazir ventured into the inn of Ivgorod, he met a monk who showed a good example on how proficient the monks are. The monk looked more like an old beggar - he was wearing almost only an orange cloth wrapped around his body leaving half of his chest visible. There was a necklace made of wooden beads around his neck and his head was completely shaven. As they sat down at the table for an interview, they both got ambushed by a group of hostile men. The Monk remained calm and while still seated he grabbed the wrist of the first man's lunging slash and tossed him over his shoulder, throwing him on the table. And al-Hazir was couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the monk defeating multiple men without the aid of any weapons. Not only he was fighting them well, there was a strange joy within the monk when he was fighting. Among the sounds of bones crunching and bodies smashing, one could hear the Monk laughing... Then he chanted magical song and the skin of the enemies turned into dust revealing red-skinned evil demons which he then killed with a single blow. For a monk fighting is truly his way of worshiping the gods.

If you feel that fighting with bare hands, using ones body as the medium for gods will and calling upon their help to heal yourself and allies is the best way how to fight, the Monk might be the best class for you.

 Diablo 3 Monk Character Creation
Diablo 3 Monk Character Creation

Monk Names

The Monk class was inspired by 13th century Eastern Europe and Russian orthodox monasteries so the most lore fitting would be giving your character a Slavonic name such as Ivan, Georgy, Arkadiy, Dmitry for male monks and Irina, Lyuba, Vera, Nadezhda for femal monks etc.

Optionally a very popular way to role play a monk is playing that as a character with Asian cultural influences and choosing an Asian name for your monk such as Tao, Dalai Lama, Urlang Shen, Chang-gun etc.

 The Monk in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art
The Monk in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art


The Monk in Diablo 3 is a class that is fighting in melee range and is equally good at dealing single target and multiple target damage. Monks can use Fist weapons and Daibos (special staves) but they are not bound to them and can use also weapons that are not class specific. This class has the fastest movement speed of all Diablo 3 classes. On top of that Monks can teleport or knockback to decrease or increase the distance between himself and the enemy.

Monks in Diablo 3 is a unique mix between Paladin, Assassin and Barbarian classes in Diablo 2. However, they are not related to the monks in Diablo Hellfire expansion and is a completlely new class that use divine auras and are adept at doing large amount of damage while healing self and allies.

The best stats for the Monk in Diablo 3 is Dexterity and weapon damage.

When monks are fighting, they consume a resource named Spirit. Monks can get Spirit by using specific skills or completing special combinations of attacks. The combination system makes the rotation of Monk abilities more complex. On top of that Monks are also using various buffs that can give benefit to whole party. They can heal allies as well as protect them or debuff enemies to take more damage.

Spiritual Healing Power

Monks use Spirit generating skills to fill their Spirit bar and use the gathered Spirit for extra powerful attacks that not only do a lot of damage but can also heal allies, knock back enemies, disorient them or teleport the Monk to any location.

Combo Attacks

Monks can use melee attacks to generate Spirit and use finishers that consume it. The combo system adds more depth in the gameplay because the player has to be aware of the resource all the time. After three hits of any Spirit generating ability the Monk can use a powerful finishing move.

Protective Mantras

Mantras are like buffs that are casted by Monk. The defensive mantras can heal him and his allies as well as give lasting benefit to the whole party. The offensive mantras are special debuffs that weaken the enemy for a period of time.

Speed And Mobility

Monks are the fastest of all classes in Diablo 3. They can move quickly between and around friends and enemies and can easily evade a huge amount of attacks by teleporting around in the battle zone.


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