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Monkey Party Games - Fun Birthday Game Ideas

Updated on June 29, 2012

Time to go bananas! Browse through fun ideas for monkey party games. Hope you will enjoy these and will find them useful and fun!

Pass the banana!

Game suitable for all ages. Monkeys are very skilled when it comes to using their feet and tail.

Have the guests pass the banana amongst each other (this can be a team game) without using hands. They can use all other body parts (biting the banana is off limits too) to help themselves pass the banana.

Pin the banana on the monkey game

Another game perfect for all ages. It plays as any pin the tail on the donkey game.

Printout and image of a monkey (or draw it) and smaller images of bananas.

Guests need to be blindfolded and try their best to pin the banana to the monkey's arm (or wherever you choose).

Monkey Pinata

Kids will love this (yeah and adults). Pinatas are perfect party activity!

Get or make a monkey shaped one and you are a winner.

Banana Search Party Game

You can play this as a treasure hunt game or as plain search and find game.

  • Treasure hunt - have a map or post it notes with clues that will lead the kids to the treasure (bunch of bananas!)
  • Banana search - print out lots of banana images and hide them around. Have the kids scatter and search for them

Monkey Around

This party game is a variation of Simon Says. Select one guest to be the group leader and the others need to mimic what he does. Let the monkeying around begin; everything goes, funny monkey poses, jumping, scratching, monkey screaming...

Feed the monkey

Print out or draw a huge monkey face and cut out a hole where the mouth is. Have the kids step behind a line and try throw objects (yellow water balloons, balls, foam balls...) into monkey's mouth.

Find those monkeys!

Banana search is fun but finding monkeys is even more fun! You can play this game two ways;

  • paper monkeys - print out a monkeys with hook tail as they are best to use - perfect example is the image on the right which you can use for free (just right click on the image and click save image as)
  • high tech monkey hide and seek game - kids will go crazy about this one! You hide the monkey and with the help of the magic wand the kids are searching for it! You can also get additional wands for more fun!

Get Hide and Seek Monkey

Monkey Coloring Pages! Perfect activity for the little ones

If you will be entertaining small kids then there is nothing better than coloring pages! You can get tons of free printable coloring pages by browsing the internet.

Banana Eating Contest

A game played in pairs. Everyone is blindfolded and has one banana (except the judge) and when a judge gives the signal every person will try to feed his or her partner with a banana. The pair that eats their bananas first wins.

Suggested by: houseofjcjee


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    • profile image

      paul and pauline 

      2 years ago

      go bananas go!!!!Yeah

    • FunHouse profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks houseofjcjee, will be sure to add this fun game to the list! :)

    • houseofjcjee profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      Banana-eating contest is one of the most common party game that many people enjoys to play. The game is played in pairs. Players are blindfolded while holding a banana. When the game master signals "Go!", each player will feed his partner the banana he is holding. The first pair to eat up the banana wins the game.


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