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Monkey Plush Stuffed Animals Toys Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Charming Monkeys (and Apes)

Monkey plush toys are among the most popular of all stuffed animals. The reason is quite obvious: monkeys resemble humans in many ways, and children recognize and marvel at this fact without all the science. Both species belong to the primate order, and some highly developed apes (humanoids), such as the chimpanzees, are said to carry 99% of the genetic information we humans have. Like us, they have hands and feet, and human-like faces with large, intelligent eyes, and ears and noses. But above all, these animals have rich personalities. Not as diverse as ours – but close.

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Famous Too

Most plush monkey toys simplify the animal's appearance while retaining the basic characteristics: the four limbs, the tail and the roundish face. Unlike most stuffed animals, plush monkeys often smile – as it is not uncommon to these primates to display emotions in nature. This quality will make the children regard their toy not only as a stuffed pet, but also as a companion, someone who can have far away jungle thoughts in its fluffy head. Familiar fictional animation and film characters, such as the monkey from Kung Fu Panda, or Curious George will give the kids role models for their plush friends.

Monkey Business

There are two basic kinds of plush monkeys: those sitting in a fixed position, or more loose toys, with their limbs dangling. I recommend the latter, because it will allow the kid to manipulate the toy, and pretend it can walk, move, perform various operations and activities. It's more “alive” that way, and can be more fun. The side effect of this play will be a imagination development. Most stuffed monkeys are colored with two colors, brown and beige, – homey, safe hues that project comfort and stability. As all modern plush toys, monkeys are machine washable and can last for a long time when treated with respect.


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    • Elijah S profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah S 

      10 years ago from Europe

      Methinks that'll do, C.S. Alexis. Your pet's pet doesn't have to be something from the store. :)

    • C.S.Alexis profile image


      10 years ago from NW Indiana

      My dog Foster Child, would love to rip their little heads off. He is crazy for stuffed toys. We stopped buying them for him and now tie a couple of socks together, he tears them up too! C.S. Alexis


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