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Monster Finder First DSi Only Game

Updated on April 30, 2010

Montster Finder is the first Exclusive DSi Game!

Monster Finder may not look like much, but it will be the first DSi Exclusive game!
Monster Finder may not look like much, but it will be the first DSi Exclusive game!

Introduction to Monster Finder, the First DSi Only Game!

Monster Finder is not really anything exceptionally new or original, what it has done to capture many peoples attention is become the first DSi only game.Unfortunately, the gameplay itself does look like it may leave a lot to be desired. While not much information has been released just yet, we do now some basics, which I will go over shortly,.

Despite the sparse knowledge, and speculatively poor reviews, Monster Finder will be the first DSi game to excile itself from the other DS consoles, this in itself could be a bad move with so many DS lite consoles still in circulation.  Never theless, the DSi exclusive game Monster Finder does require the extra functionality in the DSi to work.

DSi Exclusive Game Monster Finder Details

Not much is know about the DSi Only Game Monster Finder just yet. We have seen some experimental art from it's developers, but that could mean anything.

What we do know is that Monster Finder works by users collecting monsters by taking pictures of real life objects, meaning a soccer ball could be one monster, while a kettle could be another. Let me be slightly blunt here, this kind of game style in the first DSi exclusive game does NOT appeal to me at all, and I would not see this game appearing in my best DSi games list anytime soon.

We still do not know yet if this DSi Only Game will include Pokemon style grinding and exploration or whether it will be a simple collect and battle game, there is also the question of which real life objects would be needed to capture the rarest of the monsters, maybe the purchase of a special Nintendo bar code? or maybe you will need to take a trip to the Sistine Chapel?

Both of these are unlikely, but are possible, and indeed having to travel the real life world to collect monsters from various locations would actually add a level of prestige, as well as incompletability, to an otherwise bland game.

Despite this rather mediocre current review of the DSi Only Game Monster Finder, it is still under development, so I cannot really compare it to general DS games. It may turn out to be rather good, in which case I will rewrite this review which is mostly based on speculation from the few released facts!

Remember though, that DSi is the future, especially with the new DSi XL on the way. Pretty soon we may see a whole new range of DSi only games appearing to make use of the DSi functionality!

When will the DSi Only Games be Released?

The first DSi Exclusive games are set to be released in the fall of 2010, this si still quite some way in to the future, and lets face it, with video game publishers, Fall, means Christmas!

While I am looking forward to the future DSi Only Games, I think we will see a lot betterfare than Monster Finder, which even has a name that borders on sueably unoriginal.

Nevertheless, I am sure it will do pretty will considering it is the first DSi only game!


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    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Yeah I agree that it does not make sense to make DSi Only games when it is so easy to make compatible games for all teh DS consoles.

      There are a few more DSi Only games on the horizon though, and I think we can expect these to be down to the DSi XL Console!

    • profile image

      consolegamer 8 years ago from UK

      The problem is Nintendo have hardly sold any DSi consoles compared to the DS / DS Lite. Releasing a DSi only game would be commercial suicide for a 3rd party developer. Who's funding this game, Nintendo themselves?