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Monster High Dolls by Mattel

Updated on November 23, 2011

Have you ever wondered what the offspring of your favorite horror characters would look like? ( sure you have!)  Well wonder no more. The Horror characters all are very fashionable hip teenagers that attend Monster High!

These are not your normal barbie dolls! You probably arrived at this site because you received a Christmas list with an item you are not familiar with.  Well do not fret.  All will be explained here along with some video.

.Frankiestien,Draculara,Clawdeen Wolf and Lagoona Blue are some of the few characters that attend Monster High. Monster High was created by Mattel in 2010. I believe a book was written on the characters after the dolls were produced! Check out the website for actual webisodes of your favorites. Monster High is here to stay as the Monsters debuted on Nickelodeon on Halloween of 2010. Meet each member of the Monster High Clique.

 Meet Ghoulia Yelps.  She is a Zombie who can only communicate by moaning like a zombie.  Her parents were part of Micheal Jackson's Thriller video.  She dresses very studiously and is in fact the smartest girl in the class. She has a pet owl, named Sir Hoots a lot.

The doll is fully pose able and includes a purse, a stand and a diary. She stands 9 inches tall and is recommended for ages 6 band up.

Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen Wolf Doll

 Meet Clawdeen, one of the central characters of Monster High.  As you can imagine she mis a werewolf.  Her behaviors become erratic at the full moon and she is constantly plucking or shaving extra hair!  This Clawdeen doll is very fashionably dressed.  She is ready to hit the dance floor with her friends. This 9 inch doll comes with her own coffin, dance invitations and some of her favorite Ghoul photos.

Dawn of the Dance Frankie Stein Doll

 Meet Frankie Stein.  She is the "new Ghoul" in school.  Frankie is stitched together much like Frenkenstien.  She has been accepted on the cheer leading squad and is quite good at it ( except when her hands and feet fly off). She has a puppy named Wazit.

This Frankie Stien doll is 9 inches tall.  She is very fashionably dressed and ready to dance! ( umm watch out flying body parts!)  she comes with accessories such as an Icoffin and dance invitations.

 Meet Draculara. She is not your typical vampire.  She is a vegetarian.  She can't even say the word blood!  She does have a creative side and loves creative writing.  Her pet is a bat named Count Fabulous.  This fabulously dressed  doll comes with her pet, brush, and doll stand.  13 customer reviews gave this doll four out of five stars.  Parents like how durable this doll is.

Lagoona Blue Doll and Neptuna Pet Piranha

 Meet Lagoona.  She has gills and fins on her body.  Lagoona is the captain of the swim team.  She highly disapproves of dissecting frogs but she does eat sushi.  This might make her pet piranha Neptuna a little nervous.

 This doll has diary, pet brush and doll stand. Lagoona received four out of five stars from twelve customer reviews.

Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon Giftset

 Meet Cleo DeNile and Deuce Gorgon.  Cleo is the daughter of the Mummy and Deuce's mom is Medusa.  This fashionable couple makes the scene at Monster High.  Cleo is an Egyptian Princess and demands to be treated like royalty.  Deuce has green snakes for hair but casually refers to his hair do  as his "Snakehawk". Deuce like his mom can turn others to stone with one cold stare.  However his powers are not as powerful as his mother so turning to stone only lasts 24 hours.  Deuce wears sunglasses as he could fall victim to his own spell!

This doll set averaged three stars out of five from eight customer reviews.Customers state they are great dolls but do not recommend them very very young children. 

Meet Holt Hyde. As you can guess he is the son of Mr Hyde ( of Jekyll and Hyde). Holt is the school DJ that suffers from a lapse of memory and has some temper problems.. He has blue skin and fire hair. Holt is more of a background character in the series.  His pet chameleon comes with this doll.

Here is a newer character for this year, Specta Vondergiest. As the name implies, she is the ghost with the most! People really love how she is made. She has see through limbs just like any ghost! Parents state she is a really cool doll and hard to find too. She is fully pose able and is dressed in a hip lavender/ lilac and pink ensemble. Spectra comes with her pet ferret and brush.

This doll is really "cool". And she should be as she is the daughter of the Yeti! Abbey is sporting some furry boots and a cute dress against her light blue skin. She has white and blue hair to boot! She comes with her pet wooly mammoth " Shiver" , a diary, a brush and a doll stand!

If you know you want to collect them all then start with a Monster High Set! This Dawn of the Dance Monster High action set contains three separate dolls. In this package are Clawdeen Wolf,Draculara and Frankie Stein. Customers are raving about this product. They state the dolls are very nice while another customer states this is an "outstanding" toy.

This is another version of the Frankie Stein doll that seems to be quite popular this year. She has had 72 customer reviews and has four out of five stars.If you like this doll act fast because there are not many more in stock. This version has her pet, a brush, diary and her doll stand


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    • profile image

      kitana 6 years ago

      i love monster high i have draculaura and cleo de nile :)

    • daydreamer13 profile image

      daydreamer13 6 years ago

      I love monster high! Great hub!