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Monster High Headless Headmistress Doll & First Monster High Horse!

Updated on May 15, 2013

Headless Headmistress and her horse

I am excited about the Headmistress but I am excited about the horse even more! As a kid I loved my Barbie dolls but I loved the horses way more! Well I only had one horse but still. I was hoping they will be releasing a horse to go with Monster High dolls and it seems the day has finally come. I love Nightmare and I can only hope they will be releasing more horses in the future (bone horse perhaps?).

But enough about the horse, lets talk about the ghoul without the head. This doll was first presented back in 2011 at comic con where people could vote which of the three (Headmistress, Scarah Screams and Wydowna) would be exclusive doll at comic con in 2012. Scarah won, but the other two dolls still made their debut, Wydowna as Comic con exclusive doll in 2013 and Headmistress as a regular doll (June 2013).

I for one am really happy they decided to release all three as they all look awesome.

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Would you love to see more Monster High horses?

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The Head of Monster High, even if she's Headless Headmistress

Since the start of the webisodes and the first time I saw the Headmistress riding her horse Nightmare I was hoping they will be making her doll one day. The students are fun but she is awesome.

We see her wearing the same dress from episode to episode and the doll naturally has that dress. The make up is pretty much as seen in the animated movies and webisodes too (as it should be).

Nightmare looks as the Headless horseman's horse should, slightly spooky. I really like the way they did the mane and tail, the colors work great and I love the Monster High detail on the saddle. The facial expression is pretty awesome too. It should send chills to the bones.

Now I know normally the Mistress wouldn't allow the students to ride her horse but when this one gets in my hands all the ghouls will be riding it (just don't tell that to the Headmistress).

See the prototype


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