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Monster High High School Playset

Updated on August 22, 2012

Ever since Monster High webisodes became popular, I was in all praise for the concept especially because it helped kids learn that school is a place where fun things happen. When they see their favorite characters do adventurous stuff at school, driving them to school is no longer going to be tough. That said, Mattel's recent release of Monster High High school playset is a welcome among Monster High fans. After all, doll schools or houses are a honor for the doll line, for it corresponds to their immense popularity.

Amazing snaps of Monster High School

Careful detailing

The school is two-storied and houses some of the freaky places featured in the webisodes. We can now decide which doll should be in the mad science classroom, casketball court and creepateria. With the help of the stickers that come along, the creepataria could be instantly tranformed into a bubbly dance floor. What surprised me was that Mattel has given importance to even to the lockers in the famous Locker Hallway. There are 6 lockers that really open.

Monster High High School Playset looks stunning in the night light effect in this video.

The set includes...

  1. 2 Student desks with 2 notebooks
  2. 1 binder and 1 beaker with lid
  3. 1 Creepateria table with 2 bowls of food
  4. 1 Casketball hoop with 4 Trophies
  5. 1 Bleacher
  6. 1 Disco skull
  7. 1 sticker/label sheet that can be used to transform creepataria into a dance floor.

The main school assembly can be neatly folded into a box for storage. But make sure you help your kid in the process.

Mad Science Classroom

The Mad Science Class Room houses a desk and black board.

Casketball Court

The court is a place where the ghouls can play their favorite casketball or just hang on the bleachers.


The Creepateria is the place where these ghouls eat their stomach's full. This is also the place large enough to conduct school events. The stairs lead to the Hallway where the trophy case can be transformed into a DJ booth to play some fangtastic tunes for the ghouls to dance.

Upcoming Monster High Dolls

The next in line is the Ghouls Rule series of dolls. Draculaura in a dramatic costume is available for pre-order now.

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    • profile image

      alanna 5 years ago

      nice job ghouls and guys u hve done very good on this website u are blossoming i can believe in u guys doing way better ive been watching