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Monster Hunter Tri Character Maker Review

Updated on March 27, 2015

Making Your Own Warrior

There is always been the want in all of us to create our own characters and heroes, but rarely does any of us have the skill to do it. A few video games allow the option to make your own and eliminate the problem with the lack of skill, they work extremely well for they also double in giving your character a 3-D quality's Monster Hunter Tri is one of the video games to do just that, and on this hub we are going to have a look at the character maker in that game determine just how good it is and if it meets all our needs.

The Game

It is a really good game.
It is a really good game.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri is a game released exclusively on on Nintendo Wii 2009 Japan and 2010 in the U.S.. It is mainly single player but has limited offline multiplayer function and massive online multiplayer function, or at least it did before Nintendo servers for the Wii version were shut down May 1 2013. People call it a RPG game which is not accurate, it is more of an action game. It is the first game in it's line to allow players to battle monsters underwater. There are times in which it may be slow but there can be just as many times which the game may seem fast paced, there are options only available to you online so if you don't like the internet then you may be disappointed but the game can still be lots of fun. But now I am boring you, this is supposed to be about the character maker that this game offers, so lets cut to the chase and have a look at it.

The Features

It is pretty straight forward.
It is pretty straight forward.

The features for your character in this game are pretty few. there are maybe 12 different options for faces, 12 for facial features and 12 different haircuts. 3 different underwear options are available and you may choose between boy or girl and you may change your hair and underwear color. Everything is set so you can't adjust your warriors nose or jawline and in the case of girls you can't adjust her breast size, however once you slap on all the armor you can't see much of your character anyway so maybe it doesn't matter a whole lot, but if any of you are like me then it will bother you anyway. Also I almost forgot, you can choose up too 12 different voices for your hunter however they all sound pretty close to the same with no real difference..

The Armors

There are lots of different armors in this game.
There are lots of different armors in this game.

Maybe they shouldn't be here but I feel that the armor becomes a part of your character maker since your hunter is going to wear whatever armor you choose for him.her throughout most of the entire game. The Armors are almost limitless and you can mix and match them in anyway you want. They are separated into 5 peaces head, chest, arms, waist and legs. One thing about the armor that I both love and hate is that the game is realistic about the armor and what that means is that when you are not covering up properly then you take on more damage, which means everything you went through earlier to get your hunter the way you want him or her to look will eventually be moot. That may not be a big deal to some of you but when I make someone with really cool looking features or a sexy girl then I have to cover everything up it kind of annoys me.

The Rating

3 stars for Character Maker in Monster Hunter Tri

And The Verdict

I like the game, it is awesome and hard to put down if you love hunting monsters and forging armor, but the character maker seems kinda limited and because the armor is so realistic what limited features you have gets covered up in the end most likely leading to everyone having mostly the same looking armor. With all of that I am afraid I have to give this a fairly average rating for being limited but realistic I mean you wouldn't hunt a thirty foot monster in only a pair of pants or a bikini right?

The Re-Release

Same game but more options
Same game but more options

Yes this game was re-release on the Nintendo Wii U around 2012. However the gain this version has over the old one is mainly in new armor more monsters and a new land to explore, nothing new has been done with the character creator at all. It would not have been that hard to have added something to the new version but they didn't, meaning everything I said about the old one good and bad, stands for the new one has well. Of course I personally have yet to play the new version so I could be wrong, if I am please tell me so that I may make correct anything.

Not Big enough? Try it on the Wii U

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Final Thoughts

This may not be my best piece of work but I feel this was probably more organized then some of my past ones. I hope everyone enjoyed this hub and feel free to leave any comments if you feel the need to say something to the contrary for or against everything I had written above.


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