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Monster Hunter World - Witcher Collaboration Guide

Updated on February 11, 2019
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400 hours+ to Monster Hunter World and more. I loved playing Monster Hunter World and try out new weapons and challenges!

How to access Witcher Collaboration Event?

If you are playing Monster Hunter World on the console right now, turn on your XBOX One/ PS4 and there will be a notification for downloading Monster Hunter World latest update (around 1.5 GB for PlayStation system) This update contains our beloved Witcher content in just one package.

After the download is completed, log in to Monster Hunter World and you will be greeted with the notification about the event. There will be a group of Feylines stand near the Trade Yard (with a blue exclamation mark icon on it)

These little kitties are from Third Fleet (Another base in MHW) and they come to inform you on a strange event.

The Collaboration Quest can be played in different languages!
The Collaboration Quest can be played in different languages!

Geralt of Rivia entered the battle!

Unlike previous events, where guest characters only appear under the form of cosmetic skins (in form of Full Layered armor set) With Wild Hunt, Capcom allows us to experience the New World as the renown witcher - Geralt of Rivia.

Geralt's Equipment & Armor Skills

As soon as you start the quest, you can check out his equipment stats:

Pretty decent stat.
Pretty decent stat.

This classic armor set provides you with maximum Attack Boosts and Weakness Exploit.

Don't get all excited so soon! All 5 points of Attack Boost in this armor set comes from the Attack Jewels that somehow the Witcher seem to get a hold off before venturing to the New World!

Geralt's Abilities in Monster Hunter World

Skillful in both sword fighting and powerful magical sign, Geralt did not come to the new World empty-handed. Right of the start, you will be introduced with the Igni rune, the iconic shoot-fire-out-of-your-finger ability. This is unlimited but will require a short cool down after use.

The default weapon is the Witcher's Silver Sword. You can quickly see this is a Sword and Shield in disguise by the little icon next to it. The shield is cleverly disguised as Witcher's Quen sign (When using guard) and Aard sign (Shield bash and Shield Slam combo) This starts off with 252 in attack power.

Objectives of the quests

As soon as you start the quest. Most of the HUD elements will be changed into the classic Wild Hunt UI (Font styles, Quest Details, and minor elements)

Personally, this show how CAPCOM really invested in these events, it's just not simply a skin or a fancy weapons, but completely a tribute to other classic series

Next off, you will have to check in with the Commission's member. The first one is the Smithy Apprentice, meeting him will allow Geralt to switch weapon. You can choose between 14 weapons of the Monster Hunter World, but keep in mind that only Witcher's Silver Sword has the cosmetic skin of Sword and Shield.

You can easily switch between Monster Hunter World 14 weapons.
You can easily switch between Monster Hunter World 14 weapons.

While playing as Geralt, your default weapon is the Silver Sword (for dealing with Monster) This shares the Sword & Shield moveset of the Monster Hunter World series.

Monster Hunter World: Witcher Main Quest

You can then follow the red marker on the map to meet Endemic Life Researcher -The first interactive NPC in this quest.

Endemic Life Researcher - Your second commision member to interact with.
Endemic Life Researcher - Your second commision member to interact with.

Again, most of the Wild hunt classic elements are shown here, from the multiple dialogue options to the way Geralt inspecting the carcass. After exhausting her dialogue option, you can then follow the trails to the next carcass, this also shows you how to use Igni sign.

After this, the Enpidemir Researcher will appear again and inform you more about the abnormalities in the ancient forest. You can then flesh out the story of this NPC further more if you wish. Otherwise, you can proceed to the next objective.

You will then need to meet the second Commission's member. This is marked by another red dot in the maps. For some quick guidance, open the map (by hitting the sensor pad on the PS4 controller) and set the waypoint toward the red mark (R3)

Witcher's sense allowing Geralt to highlight trails
Witcher's sense allowing Geralt to highlight trails

Upon arriving at the red mark and inspect the diary on the ground, you can then follow the trails using Witcher sense (automatically triggered) to the nearest caves and inspect remaining clues.

The trails will continue to lead to another diary and shortly guided you toward the area where multiple Pukei-Pukeis is trapped and already dead. On the right is our beloved Botanist who luckily to be alive.

The Botanist - Your go to guy when you need to raise mushroom, honey and plant.
The Botanist - Your go to guy when you need to raise mushroom, honey and plant.

Putting another Igni on this guy will do the job. Again, there are couples of dialogue options to pick from, the yellow ones are the one that proceeds the story while the remaining are for knowing more about the character.

You can then follow the red mark one more time and venture deeper into the forest, where a totem is held up. This also triggers the first fight in this quest where the Witcher needs to fend off multiple Jagras.

Some quick tips to dispatch these annoying lizards:

  • Try to lure them into a group and quickly cast Igni to dispatch them in one go.
  • If you are still using the Witcher Silver Sword, utilize the shield slam combo (Charged Slash >> Circle for PS4 or B for Xbox One) This combo has a small area effect damage.
  • While Jagras are small monsters, their charging attack is capable of knocking you.

After getting rid of these monsters, you will encounter the culprit of the abnormalities in the forest.

Leshen - Powerful monster that capable of controlling plant and animals in their terriority.
Leshen - Powerful monster that capable of controlling plant and animals in their terriority.

Fighting the Leshen

With the introducing of Behemoth in the last FF XV collaboration event, it seems Capcom does not fear on bringing compeletly different spieces to their New World.

Leshen - an iconic monster in Witcher series with the power to control plant and animals in the woods is brought to this event as the main boss. While seasoned hunters may find this fight easy. Here is a quick glimpse of his moveset:

  • Tree root attacks - when he put his hand on the ground, a line of plant root will run toward Geralt, this can be blocked or dodge sideways.
  • Tree root area attacks - Stronger version of the above attacks, this generate tree root around the Leshen, this can easily send you flying, make sure you keep your distance when he put both his claw to the ground.
  • Bird Swarms - Most of the time, Leshen will cover his body with a swarm of birds, dealing damage to whoever comes near.
  • Bird Swarm attack - Occasionally, he will command the birds to fly forward in a big crow. This attack can knock Geralt on the ground.
  • Melee Attacks - Leshen will using the claw to attack anyone who comes near, capable of causing Bleed.
  • Summoning Jagras - Occasionally, Leshen will summon a group of Jagras to assist him on the fight.

Below are some quick tips if you are having trouble with this monster:

  • In the first area, There is a big boulder that can be shot to fall down on the Leshen dealing 500+ Damage and quickly move the fight to the next area. There is also some Red Pit lying around for your disposal.
  • Avoid his melee attacks! As it will give you Bleed - which is super annoying considering the time you need to move around in this fight. These are mostly random swing and can easily be dodged.
  • All of his tree attacks can be telepathed when he uses his claw, don't be greedy with your attacks.
  • Using Igni as soon as it is available! This will stun the Leshen for a short time and disable his bird swarm.
  • Try to separate the Jagras and the Leshen to minimize the damage. You don't want to get trapped in their path!
  • If you are using Witcher's Silver Sword, try mounting him using the Downward Slash combo - Charged Slash >> Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) This will allow Geralt to mount up this ugly beast and result in KO-ing him, open for subsequence combo.
  • While he is stunned (either by burned or KO) you can use the Shield Slam (SnS) combo on him for a quick burst of damage.

During the fight, he will continue to teleport to different areas depending on the damage you dealt, which typically finish when he move to the open area of Ancient Forest.

This normally will be the final area to finish off with this gruesome monster!
This normally will be the final area to finish off with this gruesome monster!

Monster Hunter World Witcher Sidequests

If you go straight forward and slay the Leshen in one go (which typically lasting around 25+ minutes) you will then complete the event, a cutscene will be triggered and briefly mentioned your main character. However, you will quickly receive the notice that there are still more to investigate in the quest.

What are the mysteries you ask? Just as in classic Wild Hunt, Geralt can also initiate side quests with NPCs along the way. In Ancient Forest, two sidequests still remain to be discovered!

There are still more to discover!
There are still more to discover!

Pukei -Pukei in peril

Before you rescue the Botanist, you will notice those poor Pukei-pukeis stuck in the tree root. Approaching these will trigger the classic pop up text-box RPG Style stating that they are dead.

However, there is a small catch, right after you rescued the Botanist, if you go to the left of the giant stump and go straight, there will be another Pukei-Pukei that still alive! You can then use Igni to rescue him, this will trigger the side quest and a quick cutscene showing this poor lizard-like monster fly away before seeing its savior.

At the end of the fight of the main quest (When Leshen is enraged and move toward the central open area of the Ancient Forest), this Pukei-Pukei will appear again, helping you vanquish the evil.

When monster return the favor!
When monster return the favor!

You will need to keep him safe though! If he is slain during this battle, the quest will be considered failed. Geralt starts the quest with 3 Life Powder, but there are another three EZ Life Powders at the camp. This should be enough to help you finish the fight with little Pukei-Pukei being alive.

By finishing this quest and keep him alive, you will then unlock additional cutscene at the end of the quest, where this green monster will give you a special gift, but Geralt insist to give it to your main hunter.

I would say it is the best reward since the first event of Monster Hunter World - you got yourself an Attack Jewel - which is one of the rarest drops in this game.

I personally get one Attack Jewel during my 300+ hours with Monster Hunter World, and that jewel is from the quest that everyone gets in the beginning. This collaboration event marked the second one for me. What about you?

An attack jewel for saving a Pukei-Pukei? Best reward evar!
An attack jewel for saving a Pukei-Pukei? Best reward evar!

The Chief's issue

Before starting this sidequest, you MUST acquire all five palico gadgets - your rewards when completing the Grimalkyne tribe quest line in the main game. Some may also debate that you need the Meowlotov Cocktail, however, this is typically got by completing on the Tribe quests. These quests will require you to fully inspect all the doodles in all maps.

Only after completed these quests, you can then proceed with the Witcher collaboration sidequest, as it is required for the Lynian Researcher to fully understand the strange doodles in the area. Otherwise, this side quest will alway be failed.

During exploring the Ancient Forest as the Witcher, you will occasionally encounter strange doodles along the way (Area 6 or 7)

Upon inspecting one of these runes, you will trigger the "Chief's issue" side quest. This will then mark the position of the Lynian Researcher with an exclamation mark on the map (in area 6)

Next off, you will need to head to Rathalos's nest (You can teleport to Ancient Forest Camp) to fight all the Gajalaka here.

After defeating these Gajalaka, you need to return to the Lynian Researcher, he will then point you toward our cute Handler (located in Area 1 - Southwest Camp) for the last piece of the puzzle - Gajalaka Chief.

By defeating him in Area 13 - you will then complete the Chief's Issue side quest.

Monster Hunter World Witcher Event Rewards

Hope the above helped you get enough information to jump in this unique collaboration quest. To sum up, you will get the following rewards upon completing all the content in Monster Hunter World Wild Hunt Collaboration quest:

  • Geral's Armor Set (Full Armor set that changing your character appearances to Geralt of Rivia)
  • Witcher's Silver Sword - A powerful Sword and Shield that come with white sharpness and 252 Attack.
  • Attack Jewel - By completing "Pukei-Pukei in peril" Sidequest.
  • Gajalaka Shell Shock - By Completing "The Chief's issue" Side Quest
  • New Guild Card Background and Titles - By completing the main quest and side quests.
  • Creature Captures (Critical Bounties ) - This is to capture Nekker and unlocking Palico's layered armor and weapons (For those who have some unique taste on pet...)


Capcom already started off strong in 2019 with the on-going Appreciation Fest, but this Collaboration quest with Wild Hunt marks another high note for the studio. And not just Geralt got the spotlight, our white hair princess Ciri will have her appearance on February 15 with the quest Contract: Woodland Spirit, bringing along her powerful Zireal to the hunt!

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