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Monster Legends - In Depth Legendary Guide - Lord of the Atlantis

Updated on August 13, 2014

Lord of the Atlantis is a Water legendary that is obtainable by breeding together Drop Elemental & Razfeesh. It will take 2 days to breed and hatch

At level 1 Lord of the Atlantis will have the attacks:

Pointy Spear (Type: Physical, 25 damage, 96% accuracy, 13 stamina, one enemy)

Deals low Physical Damage

& Wet Slap (Type: Water, 30 damage, 96% accuracy, 15 stamina, one enemy)

Deals low Water Damage

Along with the Special Move:

Pressure Difference (Type: Water, 100 Damage, 120% accuracy, 0 stamina)

Deals Heavy Water Damage to all enemies, gives double damage to all friendly monsters

Lord of the Atlantis will also learn the following moves at level 7, 10, 15, 45, 50, 75, or 80

Pressured Liquid (Type: Water, 50 damage, 90% accuracy, 25 stamina, one enemy)

Deals low Water Damage

Refresh (Type: Special, 0 damage, 120% accuracy, 20 stamina)

Clears all negative effects on the target unit

Energetic Water (Type: Water, 50 damage, 100% accuracy, 20 stamina)

Increases power of target monster by 50 for 2 turns

Lord of the Atlantis will also learn the following moves at level 20, 25, 30, 55, 60, 85, and 90

Blessed Water (Type: Special, 0 damage, 100% accuracy, 30 stamina, no enemies)

Gives one friendly Monster double damage for their next attack

Cleaning (Type: Water, 0 damage, 100% accuracy, 25 stamina)

Clears all negative effects off the target unit

Wet Cascade (Type: Special, 60 damage, 90% accuracy, 30 stamina)

Deals moderate Special damage

Lord of the Atlantis will also learn the following moves at level 35, 40, 65, 70, 95, and 100

Mass Refresh (Type: Special, 0 damage, 100% accuracy, 40 stamina)

Clears all negative effects off all friendly monsters

Good Rain/Bad Rain (Type: Water, 60 damage, 90% accuracy, 50 stamina, one enemy)

Deal moderate water damage. May increase the Power of all friendly monsters for 2 turns.

Painful Stream (Type: Water, 75 damage, 95% accuracy, 40 stamina, one enemy)

Deals heavy Water Damage

Lord of the Atlantis will also have stats once you get him (obviously)

These stats start out as:

Gold per Minute: 12

Apples Necessary to level up: 20

Speed: 338

Life: 143

Stamina: 140

Power: 292

and as you level up, these stats will increase like this:

Gold per Minute will increase by 8 per level until Lord of the Atlantis reaches level 10, then it will increase by 4 per level

Apples necessary will double per level until Lord of Atlantis reaches level 9 then after this it will increase by 400 per level

Speed will increase by 31 per level

Life will increase by a larger amount every level you get, EG at lower levels it will only increase by 0-100, but at higher levels it will increase by 300+

Stamina will always be 140 regardless of level

Power will increase by 26 per level

Note: When levelling up Lord of the Atlantis, remember that you have to have an upgraded Water Temple to allow him to reach higher levels. The Water Temple and it's upgrades are:

Water 1: Max Monster Level: 15, Cost: 15000 Gold, Build Time: 1 hour, Level Requirement: 10

Water 2: Max Monster Level: 20, Cost: 225,000 Gold, Build Time: 4 hours, Level Requirement: 16

Water 3: Max Monster Level: 30, Cost: 1,000,000 Gold, Build Time: 8 hours, Level Requirement: 26

Water 4: Max Monster Level: 40, Cost: 1,500,000 Gold, Build Time: 12 hours, Level Requirement: 31

Water 5: Max Monster Level: 55, Cost: 2,500,000 Gold, Build Time: 18 hours, Level Requirement: 35

Water 6: Max Monster Level: 70, Cost: 3,000,000 Gold, Build Time: 1 day, Level Requirement: 39

Water 7: Max Monster Level: 85, Cost: 4,000,000 Gold, Build Time: 1 day 12 hours, Level Requirement: 42

Water 8: Max Monster Level: 100, Cost: 5,000,000 Gold, Build Time: 2 days, Level Requirement: 45


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    • profile image

      What the 8 months ago

      How come the game shows a full green bar for the LoA gold farming, yet based on the above which matches my personal experience it's actually pretty awful. Am I missing something?