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Monster High Dolls Clawdeen wolf

Updated on September 9, 2012

Clawdeen Doll

Monster High Dolls take the place of Barbie

Years back, young girls would always be found combing and dressing their poised barbie dolls. Just after people started going crazy for vampires and ware wolfs, girls lost interest in the docile-looking barbie dolls. Catering to the need of the day was the toy company Mattel, which released Monster High Dolls, a collection of stylish teenage children of scary supernatural creatures.

Scary Tales Clawdeen Doll arrives for Halloween 2012

Scary Tales line of Monster High Doll has been released just in time for Halloween. With the there Monster High characters, Clawdeen, Frankie Stein and Draculaura dressed up as fairies or rather 'scaries', there are ready to attend the fright night Halloween party.

Monster High Doll Clawdeen Wolf- Product review

Monster High Dolls have the specialty of being bendable so that you can pose them in various stylish poses. The hands are detachable to make it easy for you to change clothes. A common complaint is that, in some products the hands fall apart. This is In many cases this doesn't happen and if at all it happens, you can easily fix it back. Glue the string to one leg, pass the string through the hip to the other leg socket and stick the other leg to the string. A child values more than the doll, the free accessories that come along with it. Clawdeen wolf doll comes with a free comb, Clawdeen's pet kitten and a Monster High Doll Cawdeen diary which contains code to unlock interesting stuffs in the website. The privelieges include updates about new dolls released and will also get a chance to play many games, view Monster High trailers before anybody else sees and so on.

Latest Accessory for Monster High Clawdeen


Monster High Clawdeen Accessories

When Barbie dolls were introduced, children were crazy about the accessories that came along, like the dressing table or the Barbie Bed or the Barbie Kitchen. Following the footsteps of Barbie, Mattel created bedroom and sport accessories for Monster High Dolls too. Among them, Monster High Clawdeen doll Bed Playset is a hit.

The set features a lavish double-decked bed where Clawdeen can comfortably lie down and howl all through the night. The bed looks more royal than stylish.


  • The bed can be easily assembled even by your 3 year old.
  • There are a lot of tiny accessories which come along.
  • Apart from Clawdeen, other Monster High Dolls also fit in.


Clawdeen's claws are sharp, so be careful while make the doll sleep on the leopard print blanket.

Where can I buy Monster High Doll Clawdeen

As far as Monster High dolls are concerned, Amazon is the cheapest and one of the reliable places to buy. Monster High Doll Clawdeen is in great demand of all the other dolls. When most of the offline and online stores may run out of stocks sometime or the other, you can always buy Monster High Doll Clawdeen in Amazon. Because of the demand, Amaon charges a higher price for Clawden alone. For other Monster High Dolls, Amazon price is really cheap. On a comparison, stores like ToysRUs, Mattel charge the highest while Amazon, Waltmart and so on charge the least. Ebay price varies with each doll and cannot be generalized. Generally, something which has a greater demand will cost very high on Ebay as bidders tend to increase the bid amount to more than it is worth for. This infers that Ebay is not the best place to buy Clawdeen.

Other Monster High Dolls

Monster High also includes many other pretty ghouls like Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Lagoona to name a few. It's really cool that this generation's children play with these ghostly creatures without fear. This will be very helpful in rearing them as brave youngsters.

Clawdeen Doll Clothes

There are enough dresses for Clawdeen doll. She is one of the bravest of Monster High. Rightly she wants to become an entrepreneur. There is a set of business costumes for Clawdeen which will transform her into a business professional. There is also Spirit Screams uniform for Clawdeen doll.


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