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Monster High Werecat Twins Sisters Doll

Updated on May 13, 2012

Werecats are gaining majority!

With only months after the release of Toralei, the daughter of the Werecat, two other dolls from the Werecat family have been released. They are Meowlody and Purrsephone. Fights and arguements are very common among sisters, especially twins. If you have such daughters, then these extremely friendly Werecat twins set an excellent example for a sisterly love.

Newest Monster High Dolls

The Werecat Twin's looks

All Werecats of Monster High have the orange color in their outfits. They wear purrfect skirts with skiny vests and jingly bracelets.

The sisters seem to be mirroring each other in their looks. The one with black hair is Purrsephone and the one with white hair is Meowlody. Another contrasting thing is their vest. Meowlody's vests have white zebra prints on a black background, while Purssephone's vest is exactly the opposite.

Except this, everything including their thoughts, words and deeds are perfectly in sync, something that is a rarity among twin sisters.

What do you get with the set?

The dolls are recent and a rare find. That makes them a valuable addition to any Monster High fan. Monster High Werecat Twin Sisters Doll Gift set includes:-

  • Meowlody doll
  • Purrsephone doll
  • A diary for both of them - the way you find who writes what is from their different colored ink!

Which new Monster High Doll do you like the most?

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