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Montblanc Boheme Rollerball, Fountain, Ballpoint Pen, Pencil Review: Doue, Noir, Bleu, Rouge

Updated on January 10, 2015

Montblanc Boheme

Montblanc Boheme collection stands between the traditional Meisterstuck and the ultra-modern, occasionally futuristic Starwalker. On the one hand, it enters casual territory, providing a welcome respite from the luxury of gold plated, diamond paved pieces both Meisterstuck and Boheme have to offer. Finally, lacquer – the most common material used by Sheaffer, Waterman, and other fountain pen brands – appears in several models, giving rest to the ubiquitous gold and platinum.

On the other hand, this collection also explores fashion and jewelry niches, setting the barrels and caps with gems, giving the pens a distinct colorful appearance by covering them with small amethyst, topaz, and citrine stones. Even more adventurous models incorporate sharkskin, and stainless steel – these creations approach the Limited Edition collections in originality and inventiveness of design.

The difference between Meisterstuck and Boheme can be best perceived by comparing the diamond pave offerings: while the former encrusts the stones in opaque, continuous fashion, the latter opts for a linear undulating ornament, and larger, more expressive stones.

Montblanc Boheme Pens
Montblanc Boheme Pens

Boheme pays more attention to beauty and aesthetic; Meisterstuck puts tradition and classic design first.

Writing Systems/Nibs

Boheme includes fountain pens, rollerballs, ball point pens, and mechanical pencils – the four cornerstones of writing instrument industry. Fountain pens feature a retractable nib: an important functional capability that will suit a wide range of professions, particularly those involved with traveling (but not only).

Single or two-tone, the nibs are made of 14K or 18K gold, and present a familiar set of features: “4180” and “Montblanc” engravings, and the logo – a rounded six-pointed star, again symbolizing the eponymous mountain. The ring at the base of the section also carries an engraving.


Doue pens emphasize the rounded body and the shorter cap (when compared to Meisterstuck) by covering them with unusual, highly textural patterns: Doue Ligne exhibits a column-like fluted barrel, Doue Gold Plated displays symmetrically organized miniature circles, and one of the standard, resin based fountain pens sports a complex grid of small parallel and perpendicular lines, reminiscent of Mondrian geometrical paintings.

Noir, Blue, Rouge, and Marron variations carry on the clip a distinct gem accent – a synthetically grown, ruby, onyx, or sapphire colored stone. Other Boheme lines also wear this particular element, which becomes a common characteristic in this Montblanc collection.


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