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Montblanc Limited Editions Pens Review: Writers Edition, Patron of Art, Donation, Special Theme

Updated on January 10, 2015

Montblanc Limited Edition

Besides several annual issuings, Montblanc limited edition fountain, rollerball, and ball-point pens focus on famous people: religious, historical, and political figures, as well as writers, musicians, and actresses. In other words, the unique individual becomes the center of this department, and the goal of each writing instrument becomes, in turn, to convey the essence of this personality – as it is perceived by fans, admirers, and critics.

Montblanc employ several aesthetic and design related methods and techniques to that effect. In some cases, a simple sign serves as a revealing reference – for instance, a clip in the shape of a large treble clef in Leonard Bernstein an J.S. Bach models. In others – Ernst Hemingway and Agatha Christie fountain pens present good examples – stylistic traits resurrecting an era when the writers flourished, accompanied by the author's engraved signature do the job.

Montblanc Patron of Art Elizabeth I Fountain Pen
Montblanc Patron of Art Elizabeth I Fountain Pen

Overall, Limited Editions constitute Montblanc's most artistic, unorthodox, and creative segment, consistently demonstrating fascinating, and often no less than astonishing, groundbreaking pen designs.

Writers Edition

Writers Edition includes twenty existing collections, starting with such classics as Voltaire and Cervantes, and ending with modern Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf. Designs are relatively conservative – gold nibs, lacquer and precious resin of different colors being the staple components – and always feature a replica of the author's original signature. The clip will often carry a distinctive symbol alluding to a particular writer.

Patron of Art

A much more adventurous line, Patron of Arts includes leaders from ancient Rome to modern times; the barrels, plated with precious metals, exhibit complex, surprising textures. In separate creations (Octavian, Semiramis, for instance) the body displays truly wild or exceptionally intricate reliefs and ornaments. Copernicus and J.P. Morgan pens reflect the contribution of science and business people respectively.


A relatively small and conservative collection, Donation includes pens dedicated to musicians, conductors, performers and composers. Such eternal names as J.S. Bach and Toscanini appear besides modern classics Bernstein and Solti. Interesting comparisons can be drawn between these and Meisterstuck Mozart and Chopin dedicated items.

Special Theme

Contain mostly annual editions, demonstrating pagan and other scenes painted on porcelain – another addition to the long list of exotic materials Montblanc utilize to decorate their pens. Qing dynasty version features a carved jade cap, while Skeleton collection décor appears to completely change our notion of what an nib-based writing instrument can express.


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