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Moon Sand Toys

Updated on September 6, 2012

Moon Sand is created from the makers of Moon dough. This sand's claim to fame is that it never dries out and the colors never stain. Moon Sand is a great way for your young one to use their imagination, however there is going to be a mess! This product is recommended for four and up, but no matter what the manufacturer says there is going to be a mess. As parents we know four year olds are going to explore and test limit. If you buy this product, which is a fun product, take precautions you would with any normal toy. Parents who have reviewed this product state their kids loved it, but they had to be creative in preparing the play area.

Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom

The Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom contains one large sandbox and four colors of sand. Green Blue Yellow and red. The sand box is a large inflatable mat. The kit also includes a drawbridge, a dragon and a princess. The Moon Sand Treasure Kingdom received an average of three and half stars out of five from 32 parent reviews. Parents right off state that this product is messy, however the age of their children is very young. I would reccomend you accomadate for the mess!  That being said the parents also commented on how well the product seems to stimulate their child's imaginations. One parent states her daughter will sit and create things for an hour and half at a time. One parent became creative with containing the mess and put down an old sheet before their daughter went to play. This worked out well for them.

The Moon Sand Starter set contains five pound of moon sand. The Moon sand is white to replicate the beach. It also contain a sandbox that is 17x17x3. The set comes with four molds of animals. Blue tools are also shown with the picture but are not in the description. The Moon Sand Starter Kit received an average of four and half stars out of two customer reviews. One customer states how much her kids loved using the Moon Sand Kit in the winter. She states she simply has the kids play with it on the kitchen floor and sweeps up the mess afterwards. She states the Moon Sand does not stick to the broom and sweeps up easily. Another mother highly recommends this product. She states she and her children love to play in it. She also plays with it on the Kitchen floor.  Another attractive component of this particular toy is that the Moon Sand  is all white.  You will see in other parent comments how the sand once mixed with another color does not come undone.  Playing with all white sand will alleviate this problem.

Moon Sand Royal Castle

 The Moon sand Royal Castle comes with 10 ounces of red white and blue sand, two character molds, three castle molds and one scooper.  This product also comes with a tray with walls to help keep things as tidy as possible.  The Moon Sand Royal castle  has an average of three and a half stars out of five from ten customer reviews.  Parents state they really like this toy particularly since it has the the tray.  This parent has in the past used a big sheet cake pan to play in with other Moon Sand sets.  This same customer recommends you store the Moon Dough in resealable containers such as Pla-doh containers.  The Moon Sand comes in little plastic pouches that are NOT resealable.  what a great tip!  Another parent comments how big a hit  the Moon Sand is at birthday parties.  Yet another parent state Moon sand is more fun than she though and she catches herself making things right along side her children. 

Moon Sand Demolition Kit

 The Moon Sand Demolition kit has one building destruction vehicle.  It is a a construction vehicle that makes the molds for you buildings from the shovel and the other end has a wrecking ball. The kit comes with a sandbox and  one color Moon Sand.  One customer review gives the Moon Sand Demolition Kit four out of five stars.  She states her nephew loves this toy.  It is very reasonably priced!

Moon Sand Cement City with Case

 The Moon Sand Cement City  has a dump truck to help you move the bricks around.  Use the sand to mold bricks for your city.  There is also a construction worker as well as a trowel.  There are two types of brick mold to choose from when building your city.  One  parent review states that this product was great fun both he and his son.  He states it is messy, but as mentioned before you should prepare for it.  He also liked the carrying case.  This parent go creative and used cookie cutters with his Moon Sand!

Moon Sand Pirate Adventure Island

 Moon Sand Pirate Adventure Island has it's own carrying case and pirate molds.  Also included in the kit are parrot molds, tree molds and a treasure chest.  The Moon Sand Pirate Adventure Island received an average of four stars out of five.  One parent commented on how well they liked the carrying case.  They stated it was the best one yet made by Spin Master.

Moon Sand Princess Castle

 The Princess Castle Moon Sand kit includes glitter sand!  This toy has two colors of sand.  Twenty ounces of purple glitter sand and twenty ounces of white sand are included.  There are six molds one scoop and on play mat as well.  The Princess Castle Moon Sand kit  was rated four out of five stars by five parent reviews. One parent stresses that you must prepare for it before yo play or it will take all the fun out of it.  Parents also comment on how much they love to play with the Moon Sand right along with their children.

 As with any sand you are going to need refills.  If you have younger children might I suggest just one color?  As stated previously the Moon Sand does not separate once it is put together.  There are many colors to choose from!


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    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Hi Faybe, Yep you guessed it! Thanks for the comment and the link!

      Tammy thanks for your input.. It is a very popular toy!

    • TamCor profile image

      Tammy Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

      My five year old grandson has one of these kits, and now his little brother plays with it,'s one of their favorite things to do! :)

      I didn't realize that there were so many different kits, though--thanks for the great info on them!


    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 7 years ago from Florida

      Too cool! I got Moon Sand for my son a few years ago. The only thing is he said you have to knead it a lot for it to stick together right, (which I reminded him is what the instructions said)but you have some beautiful artwork here from it! Great hub. I am guessing you are linking me to this so I will link you to my sand hubs.