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Moonwalk Bounce House Rentals Can Make A Party Super Fun!

Updated on January 18, 2015
Moonwalk Bounce Houses Come In All Kinds Of Themes And Colors
Moonwalk Bounce Houses Come In All Kinds Of Themes And Colors | Source

The other day I watched as they daycare across the street used a moonwalk rental to entertain their kids for the day. It was obviously someone's birthday. The whole thing was set up quickly, took up little space in the parking lot, and made kids giggle so loudly I could hear them loud and clear.

Then, I saw another house rent one for a birthday party. They set it up in the front yard because they had no room in the back yard, and I wanted to get in and play!

Now, I've been writing about them consistently for a client, and if I had a kid, a moonwalk bounce house would be the first thing at a party I threw.

Turn Your Party Into A Carnival!

A moonwalk inflatable will give any party a carnival feel. So if you want to be the cool mom, employer, may want to consider getting one.

A moonwalk inflatable is just as it sounds: it gives kids the feeling that they are walking on the moon as they bounce from spot to spot. But, besides the physical aspect of the moonwalk, there is a visual aspect that inspires kids to play, imagine, and have fun for hours at a time.

An Example Of A Moonwalk

What Theme Would Suit Your Party?

Moonwalks are made in all kinds of themes. Depending on the kids you will be having at the party and the theme of the party itself, you can get a moonwalk that is perfect for any occasion.

I've seen moonwalks with the most popular characters, such as Disney Princesses, Dora The Explorer, Spiderman, and even a group of superheroes.

Spiderman Moonwalk Bounce House
Spiderman Moonwalk Bounce House | Source

Examples Of How A Moonwalk Bounce House Can Make Any Party Fun

If you are having a party with young kids, then something like a Strawberry Mushroom Bouncer may be the very thing you are looking for. It has two red strawberry mushrooms on either side, and the rest of it looks like a plant with green leaves and little strawberries hanging in front of the door. As kids enter they will feel as though they are entering a real strawberry mushroom plant and pretend to be miniature as they bounce around together. They may pretend to be Smurfs going into their house or a ladybug landing on the plant and having fun. It is surprising at the amount of scenarios kids can come up with!

If the theme of your party is summer and sun, then you can get an Aloha Bounce House. It comes complete with four tropical trees on each side and is colored with bright yellow, green, and red, to really give off a tropical feeling. Any kid who has been to Hawaii will know exactly where they are when they enter, but even if they haven't, they will be able to use their imagination and pretend like they are playing in the forest of Hawaii.

These are just a few of the inflatables that I've seen, but you can see how moonwalk bounce houses would really help spike the kid's imagination and encourage them to really live out fantasies with their friends - and get exercise while doing it!

Looks Like Fun!
Looks Like Fun! | Source

What Size Would Suit Your Party?

You will find that there are also a variety of moonwalk sizes for you to choose from. The size you want depends on how many kids you will be having and how energetic they are.

For instance, if you are having a smaller party with a few kids, then you probably don't need a huge moonwalk. A 14'x14' Bounce House may be all you need to entertain up to six kids safely and still appeal to their imagination.

In addition, if you are having a bigger party with a lot of kids, but you are planning to have a lot of other carnival games for kids to play with, then you may not need a larger moonwalk as kids can divide their time among many different places.

However, if you are going to have a lot of kids at your party, and the moonwalk bounce house will be the highlight of the party for them, then make sure you get something that can handle a lot of kids or offers additional activities. For instance,you can rent inflatable obstacle courses and games. Obstacle courses often come with a slide at the end, which is an awesome reward for going up, over, and through an obstacle course.

If you are having a party for young kids at a daycare or at your home, then you will not need a large moonwalk. You can get a Toddler Bounce House that is small enough to fit in a garage but still has fun blue and red colors to keep kids engaged with the inflatable. As I said, the one across the street at the daycare barely took up a few parking spots.

Whatever moonwalk you choose, know that the kids at your party will love it. They will enjoy the fun themes and the pleasure of bouncing around and being silly.

Dora Moonwalk Bounce House
Dora Moonwalk Bounce House | Source

Safety Concerns?

  • Make sure they are set up properly by a professional or according to instructions
  • Peg down the bounce house to keep it from tipping over or flying away.
  • Make sure you follow the limit of kids allowed and don't go over. Concussions and injuries could occur otherwise.
  • Follow all safety instructions that comes with the moonwalk.
  • No adults are allowed in when kids are in. Think about the weight of one adult on one kid and how much damage it could do.
  • Kids should not bring anything into the moonwalk bounce house with them including sharp objects or food that could make the house slippery.

You Can Buy A Moonwalk Bounce House Too!

While it is easy enough to rent a moonwalk bounce house, you can also buy one if you have a lot of kids over often and think it would be worth your while. I have seen a huge selection of bounce houses for every kid and every age (even adults will sneak a few turns in there!)


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