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More Puzzles and Brain Games to Play at Home, When Traveling, or During Parties

Updated on November 19, 2013

Would you believe the photo on the right is of an apple?

Actually it looked like the one listed on eBay, that is before I took it apart and tried to solve it. Obviously, there are many many pieces and now I'm not sure they are all in the bag, but I will try again to reassemble it.

More of my favorites

The Squzzle box contains three separate puzzles. One advantage of these puzzles is that there are three for the price and also that the puzzle cards are smaller and take up less room. Each puzzle has nine cards which must form a square when solved, with all the animal parts (or other) assembled in an anatomically correct manner.

The Scrambled Squares are solved in the same way as the Squzzles but the pieces are larger. The Scrambled Squares come in a huge variety of topics -- to mention a few: vintage airplanes, ice Cream, all kinds of birds and other animals, hot air balloons, dolls, flowers, golfing, fishing, mountain climbing, and on and on. These make nice gifts for people who have hobbies like the ones pictured.

Both the Squzzles and the Scrambled Squares are wonderful to send to military troops abroad. The games can also be shared by other service people, they are compact as well as easy to mail, and are fairly inexpensive!

The process of solving the Triazzle is much the same as above, whereby the picture must be accurate on all sides when put together. These pieces are placed inside the holder, resulting in a less compact item. These puzzles come in a variety of themes. The one pictured is of guitars and would make a nice gift for a collector or player of these musical instruments.

Squzzle by MindWare
Squzzle by MindWare | Source
Scrambled Squares by b.Dazzle, Inc.
Scrambled Squares by b.Dazzle, Inc. | Source
Triazzle by Dan Gilbert
Triazzle by Dan Gilbert | Source
Magnif Brain Puzzler
Magnif Brain Puzzler
Unknown maker Assembled (see photo below)
Unknown maker Assembled (see photo below)
Out of its plastic box
Out of its plastic box

Other puzzles

  • My daughter gave me the Magnif Brain Puzzler a few years ago. I have not been able to solve it. She also tried solving it but could not and thought perhaps a piece was missing (or not). If any of my readers have worked out this particular puzzle, please let me know so that I will try again. I see that the box has a difficulty of 10, with 1 the easiest and 10 the most difficult.
  • The Hexed puzzle was recently purchased at a junk store ... the price is still on the box. I haven't tried to solve it as yet.
  • The next two pictures are of the same puzzle. It is not marked and, when put together, the pieces fit into a hard plastic box. The bottom photo shows the pieces disassembled. Looks easy??? At times, I can put it together and, at others, I have to wait for someone to put it in its box.

Triple Cross by PuzzleMaster
Triple Cross by PuzzleMaster
Galaxy puzzle
Galaxy puzzle
Alien Hive by New Galaxy
Alien Hive by New Galaxy

Triple Cross, Galaxy, Alien Hive

  • I have not attempted to solve any of these but they look intriguing and very challenging. Difficulty seems to be 8 out of 1-10.
  • The Triple Cross gas six larger pieces while the other two have several pieces.


  • The previous Hub I wrote about New Year's and how to keep from sipping and dipping chips so often described puzzles that were for one person to use. The puzzles on this Hub are are also. There are standbys, such as cribbage, Master Mind, dominoes, jigsaws, Sudokus, that can be completed by one or more people. Just keep in mind that the games with small pieces can be an issue with small children or pets in the area or the pieces can be lost.
  • One might think that I have spent quite a lot on these items but probably little than $50.00. They can be found at garage sales, junk shops, thrift stores, and eBay at very reasonable prices.
  • A suggestion about using the one-person games and puzzles is to assign one to each person participating and then, when a buzzer dings, pass the item to the next person. Just remember that, when the hands are occupied, they don't pick up that glass or bottle or snack nearly so often.

Wishing you a Happy and Safe Year!!


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