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Mortal Combat VS DC Universe

Updated on February 21, 2010



Storyline- Quite obnoxious but I suppose that’s to be expected in a fighting game, there is a story here its just not the most brilliantly written one, heck its not even close, and there are some annoyances for those who are like myself, not big fans of superman. 12/20

Graphics -
Quite good, I never saw any graphical glitches or anything of the like, even in the cinematic the characters were well rendered. 10/10

Game play-
Fairly responsive and fairly well done, but once again I have to ask myself did they go to far? Some of the combos are so complex and require perfect timing, I would have to dedicate myself to the game to figure them out, and I just cant do that. 12/15

Enjoy ability-
I cant say I overly enjoyed this game, the mortal combat portion was over to quick and the DC portion lasted far to long, the most enjoyable thing about the game was the joker, he's still incredibly funny, even the combat system didn’t redeem the game it just wasn’t that fun. 14/20

Art direction-
The environments and costumes held true to the source material and were well made, and for those that care clothing destruction! 10/10

Sound &VA-
Incredibly well acted and written its hard to believe that such an obnoxious story can hold such great acting!  10/10

Like I said above, the Mortal combat portion didn’t last long enough and the DC universe portion lasted far to long, and when you weigh that out the games to long, and doesn’t have an ounce of replay ability save for big fans. 10/15

Total- 78/100

Bottom line- It’s a fairly well made game but with hardly a redeeming quality about it id say rent it unless you’re a huge fan (far bigger than myself) of Mortal combat or the DC universe. And only rent it if your really interested, I barely was and I cant say I enjoyed it all that much.

The 5-

1- Each character is unique in their fighting styles

2- The plots kinda jumpy

3- You really have to wonder if we'd all just attack people from another universe…

4- The interactions for some of the characters was quite lame

5- If you don’t like superman this game will piss you off like it did me


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