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Most Interesting Things to Come Out of E3 2015

Updated on July 1, 2015

Xbox One Backwards Compatibilty

One of the most surprising announcements was backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. How this wasn't leaked to Neo Gaf or Reddit is beyond me but it allowed Microsoft to break an actual surprise to there presser. It was also a surprise since both Microsoft and Sony appeared to be leaving backwards compatibility in the past in favor of remasters or streaming options (such as Playstation Now) both of which would require out of pocket expense on the part of the consumer. The Xbox One backwards compatibility only requires the consumer to have the game. Phil Spencer (Head of Xbox) stated that they plan to have at least 100 titles in the BC catalog by the fall. He also stated that the only requirment for a game to be BC was a thumbs up from the publisher. Gamers currently in the Xbox preview program (like myself) already have access to a small collection of BC games. Notable titles currently include Super Meat Boy and the first Mass Effect. I have to say the feature works great so far.

Phil Spencer Announces backwards compatibility.

Horizon Zero Dawn

I also have a Playstation 4 but I mostly use my Xbox One. Fortunately Sony announced a few games at their presser that made me glad I have a PS4. Guerrilla Games (They made the Killzone series) unveiled Horizon Zero Dawn. It appears to be a Post Apocalyptic game where nature has reclaimed the massive cities of the Earth and humanity has becoming tribal and/or nomadic. Also roaming the lush and reclaimed landscape are machines, mechanized and animalistic they are to be harvested from as well as feared. The demo at the presser showed the main character both harvest consumables from lesser machines as well as fight off a massive robotic beast with a number of archaic but affective weapons at her disposal. The game looks extremely promising.

Horizon Zero Dawn demo

Halo 5 Guardians is a Warzone online

Microsoft opened their show with a glimpse into the Halo 5 campaign mode. The actual story (beyond the Master Chief as a traitor) is still an unknown quantity and it appeared very scripted. The real money was in the unveiling of the new Warzone online mode. It's a 12 on 12 objective (capture bases and destroy the other teams energy core or be the first team to 1000 points) based multiplayer with neutral AI enemies thrown into the fray. The maps are promised to be the biggest seen and the trailer for it appeared frenetic. I'm very geeked about this. If 343 can release a game not plagued with the broken online issues of the Master Chief Collection they may just have injected some new into Halo online. Also is that some MOBA I taste.

Halo 5 Guardians...Warzone trailer

Fallout 4ever

I've been waiting for new Fallout news for a while. Elder Scrolls is nice but Fallout is the game I that is plan on losing hours of daylight to. Bethesda announced it and the news just kept coming; a crafting system, a amazing character creation system, and more. I might just let Todd Howard say the rest. Also the game comes out later this year.

Fallout much goodies

Another, yet more Elite Xbox controller.

Prior to E3 Microsoft had already announced a redesign of their standard controller that includes a 3.5 head phone jack. It's an improvement over their proprietary design that some have been asking for. What people didn't expect was the new Elite controller that is scheduled to come out this fall. It features a design that is customizable on the fly with steel parts and software that allows a ridiculous amount of remapping of the buttons. The $150 price tag is indeed hefty but by comparison undercuts the Scuf One competitive controller that more well known. Time will tell if this will be adopted on the competitive E-Sports scene but I am intrigued.

Xbox One Elite controller


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