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Top 5 Most Overrated Games

Updated on August 15, 2015

There are games that generate so much expectation prior to its release, which then take us by surprise with their quality or poor gameplay. Titles that just naming will generate controversy among its many fans willing to defend them, and the thousands of players away from prejudice or fanboy criteria will have their reasons to argue against.

Video games are a piece of art and as such, are due to the subjectivity of their audience. However, these are 5 great games that for us, are extremely overrated. I'm not saying this games are not good, just overvalued in terms of quality.

Top 5 Most Overrated Games

5. Minecraft

Without doubt one of the most popular games from recent years. And if we go to the numbers, it is difficult to argue against ...

However, "as a game" it is not no big deal, and it based much of it's fame in the hundreds of "let's play minecraft" videos in youtube and of course in the multiple building possibilities that offers. Basically, the same thing that happens with The Sims, I actually like Minecraft and I can even enjoy this game for a couple of hours, but some of my friends could play 6-8 hours non stop.

Most Overrated Games; Minecraft
Most Overrated Games; Minecraft

4. Angry Birds

A popular mobile game that is far from the taste of hardcore gamers. If we talk about repetitive gameplay, Angry Birds will probably appear in the conversation, just a simple and repetitive mechanic that they try to disguise with themed levels.

Actually, it's nothing that has not been seen in other flash games that are much less known.

Most Overrated Games; Angry Birds
Most Overrated Games; Angry Birds

3. Halo

Perhaps we can agree that Halo has offered a good storyline and has added some interesting aspects to the shooter genre. Anyway, it's a franchise that has been overused through the years, and not even Master Chief has been able to lift the series in its last stages. How long they can continue squeezing this title? We'll see ...

Most Overrated Games; Halo
Most Overrated Games; Halo

2. Call Of Duty

Undoubtedly, one of the most overrated games is the Call of Duty franchise, which has also been trying to make up the constant repetition of the same formula with it's improved graphics.

A game in which while the multiplayer mode is interesting, the campaign seems just like a simple decoration full of clich├ęs and made sentences, and cosidering all the fame that revolves around the game, the campaing mode simply does not meet the expectations

Most Overrated Games; call of Duty
Most Overrated Games; call of Duty

1. Destiny

One of the latest sensations in the millionaire video game industry, Destiny kept us in suspense for several months until it's release. Much to our regret, the game still does not achieve to meet the expectations and even worse, it is becoming less original over the time.

What was presented as the great sensation of the decade and despite of being a bestseller (thanks to the famous "hype"), today seems to be diluted to end up being one of the bunch.

Most Overrated Games; Destiny
Most Overrated Games; Destiny

What do you think about my List? Do you know any other Overrated game?

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    • betozg lm profile image

      betozg lm 2 years ago

      I actually was very tempted to add Skyrim to the list, but I should agree with @sharp Points on this one

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 2 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      Nice hub I agree for the most part, voted up.

      @iviskei I know it's all subjective but Skyrim had such a huge amount of detail, an interesting story, & universal acclaim. That doesn't mean that everyone's going to like it but it was a good game. It did get repetitive as far as the monsters/mobs but it is still a fun game and I can't wait for the next chapter in the series.

    • iviskei profile image

      Kyou Capps 2 years ago from In your computer, stealing your internet.

      I was really excited for Destiny when it was coming out, but didn't have the funds to get it. But after my friends played it and all they could say was, "it's alright", I knew it wasn't worth the time. I'm surprised you didn't mention Skyrim in your list.

      Great article! Thank you for explaining each of your choices.