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Top 5 Rare, Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Updated on January 20, 2013

What is the most expensive baseball cards in world? There are many candidates for this title and listed here are the top 5. Baseball has been the most popular pastime of the United State for decades and as its popularity increases, certain baseball cards became expensive. Baseball cards were worth about 5 cent in the old days but who could have guessed that some of most expensive baseball cards can be worth millions today. Here are the top 5 most expensive cards ever sold or is currently selling.

The back Of The Super Rare Wagner Card
The back Of The Super Rare Wagner Card | Source

1.) 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner:

This card is considered the “Holy Grail” among baseball card. Recently sold for 2.8 million dollars, it is the highest trading card ever sold. If you did not know, Honus Wagner was one of the greatest baseball players ever. Beginning his professional career in 1897, Wagner had a dominating career, setting records and winning title. He was also one of the first people inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame when it open in 1936.

Now why this card is worth so much? Not all 1909 Honus Wagner cards are worth this much, actually most are only worth about 300,000 dollars. The reason why this particular card is worth so much is that it has a Piedmont cigarette ad. About 50-60 of these cards were ever made but only 3 ever had a Piedmont cigarette ad, making this particular card even rarer.


1914 Babe Ruth
1914 Babe Ruth | Source

2.) 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth:

This card is one of the two rarest cards in the world, second only to the Honus Wagner card. It is estimated to be worth 500,000 thousand dollars in good conditions. If this card was ever found to be near mint condition, it could be sold for 2-3 millions dollars, just as much as the Honus Wagner card.


Joe Doyle Error Card
Joe Doyle Error Card | Source

3.) Joe Doyle T206:

This card was a misprint. Joe Doyle was neither a Hall of Famer nor was he even a “significant” player. No one have the exact answers to why there was such a mishap but the story goes like this. So when they printed the T206 series, they confused the image of Joe Doyle with Larry Doyle. That is why on the card it says “"Doyle NY Nat'l"”. When the tobacco company found out, instead of changing the images, they just worth NY instead of “Nat’1” since Joe Doyle belong to New York American. This card is estimated to be worth 329 thousand dollars.


1909 Honus Wagner
1909 Honus Wagner | Source

4.) 1909 Honus Wagner rookie:

Okay this is not a mistake that I have this twice. The first time was for the 2.8 millions dollars card that had the Piedmont cigarette ad but only 3 of those were ever made. The rest is still worth 300,000 dollars so it definitely deserver to places up here again. There was only 50-60 of this cards ever made, the reason being that Honus Wagner told the tobacco company to cancel it. Not sure what the exact reason are but it was believe that Honus Wagner was not paid enough or it was because he did not want his picture on Tobacco ad. Not sure what the whole story is.


5.) Jackson's 1910 Old Mill Card:

"Shoeless” Joe Jackson was an infamous player in the Black Sox Team. Jackson was involved in a conspiracy to “fix” the World Series which led to his ban after the 1920 season. This card is estimated to be worth 200,000 dollars.


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    • Seth Bauer profile image

      Seth Bauer 3 years ago

      Oh, to own just one...even in terrible condition.

    • profile image

      Hope 4 years ago

      I got a rookie and he is a baseball player and his name is Josh hamilton and i got a supernatural hockey player and his name is petr klima and I got another hockey player and he has silver writing on it and his name is Sergei fedorov and are all of them very rare please tell me