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Gigantic: A New F2P MOBA Shooter

Updated on August 22, 2015


Okay so I came across this game randomly when I was doing some build research on Rift. It looked amazing and I couldn't help take a closer look into the game. As a designer and illustrator I was initially drawn to the beautiful art style of the game, but was only the beginning for this game.

It's a brand new F2P MOBA Third-person Shooter that is currently in beta. I signed up but have been unsuccessful so far. Luckily other users have uploaded content and gameplay onto youtube for us all to see.

It has a really cool and interesting concept on an existing model. A 5 vs 5 game where heroes go into unique maps to assist their choosen guardian to victory. By killing, supporting and resurrecting the guardians while taken on other strategic moves, such as capturing points and resources.

Gigantic E3 2015 Gameplay Trailer


With sixteen unique heroes with their own individual gameplay style you can imagine everyone will have one or two heroes that they will connect with and enjoy playing. I recall overhearing that additional heroes will be added as the game development progresses and evolves.

Of course, you won't have as many options as games such as Dota or League. However, I think the heroes and giants have enough personality in them that you won't mind the fewer options.

Level Up & Customize

The awesome part is that you'll have the full gamified experience. You can level up and choose how to spend your points to suit your own play style. I'm not sure how that will work though, as I imagine the process being different to games like dota where you produce your build within the game. I think in this case it would happen prior to the actual game in a battleroom or something.

The Company Behind The Game

The company behind the game is Motiga, which is an independent online PC game studio. These guys seem to be a new company. However, they have an experienced team behind the project. Their lead game designer is the guy that worked on Guildwars and Starcraft. So you can imagine this game to be a solid product, once in full release.

User Gameplay Video

System Requirements

Based on the graphics that I have observed in the gameplay. It seems like the kind that is designed to work well on a range of different graphically powered machines, somewhat like League. This is great, since the focus is more on content and gameplay experience, while having a greater potential reach. I think with the whole independent game movement, such games will increase overtime and system requirements of new games won't be as high as we had previously experienced in the earlier years. For example, I recall not being able to play Warcraft 3 on my old Pentium 2 computer, which was a huge hassle at the time. Today you are less likely to encounter such issues with games that you really want to play. If your machine is unable to run it in maxed settings at least it will manage it on the lower specs, saving you a great deal of well, just about everything.

Competitive Nature

Even though the game is quite niche, it has huge potential. And if it can attract and audience I can really see this game going somewhere. It's enough to engage a range of demographics and competitive enough to make it a serious game to play and take on. Whether it will have pro players and paid tournaments like Dota 2 and League will be unknown, but I do feel that it has a really good chance. Smite has had it's second season of it's main tournament. I can't see why a well built game such as Gigantic, will not have the same if not better potential.

To End..

Unfortunately I don't know much else about the game at this point and there is very little information since it is still under development and has not been released. I just wanted to share this with you and get you excited about the game as much as I am. Who knows, maybe we will end up playing together one day. I will update this hub if I get anything new or be offered the beta.

Gigantic Website
Motiga Website


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    • TheZinc profile image

      Faraz Jafari 2 years ago from Earth


      There is so much happening, steam is jam packed with titles that I will never come across.

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      Looks interesting! It's hard to keep track of all the MOBA releases these days.