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What Mounts Are up This Week in Oac?

Updated on November 25, 2018
TheDragonBringer profile image

Jade is a gaming enthusiast. She has played video games for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around an engaging in positive vision.

Mount Weeks in Oac

Rare Epic Ghost Mount in the Under Realm. I cast 7 bond stones on this one before it was caught, not by me :(.
Rare Epic Ghost Mount in the Under Realm. I cast 7 bond stones on this one before it was caught, not by me :(. | Source

Mount Hunting

My three most favorite activities in OAC are mount hunting, rainbows, and pretty dresses. More pretty dresses, please? While Gameloft has not increased my wardrobe selection, they have perfected the platform for the sport of mount hunting.

It used to be really difficult to figure out what mount was up. You could ask in Global at the risk of being trolled or given incorrect information. Luckily, Gameloft pays more attention to their online database. On the homepage of OAC HEAD, they list all of the mounts spawning this week.

Some people are not able to see this section on the homepage because their device allows an advertisement to appear over the area where the mounts for the week are shown.

In this section, Gameloft also tells you what is on the black market. This information is on the right-hand side of the screen on the homepage. Want to know more about mount hunting as a sport? Keep reading and comment below!

Buffing Mounts

The Epic Dust Storm Detecting Dog times two!
The Epic Dust Storm Detecting Dog times two! | Source

About Mount Hunters

Believe it or not, mount hunting is a popular sport in Order and Chaos. In fact, I am and avid mount hunter myself.

Some people wish to collect all of the mounts, and some people just want to collect epic mounts. Either way, most mount hunters buy permits in the Nick Shop.

Mount hunters get to know each other. They often run across each other, and even help each other find the mounts missing from their collections.

If you are not a mount hunter, figuring out who the mount hunters are can help you find the one mount you are looking for.

Mount hunting is a sport, and a lot of fun as well. Just because you think mounts are just to travel faster, does not mean everyone shares that same opinion.

Remember, mount hunters are your friends! If you are looking for one mount, you can save yourself a ton of time and trouble by asking a mount hunter for a heads up on a certain mount.

Epic Mount Hunting

Even if you are an epic-mount hunter, you learn pretty quick that it is important to know all of the mount locations.

Some mount hunters camp epic mount locations, others force spawn. This means that when the broadcast is sent for an EPIC mount, it might already be caught by the time you get there.

Not all mount hunters always use traps either. I have seen situations where 20 stones were cast on a ghost mount or 25 on the epic Avalanche Maker Lion.

I have seen heated, bond stone only caps of the Buskin and other mounts. It is possible to get epic mounts, but only if you can get there as quickly possible.

If you don't want to learn all the mount locations, then learning the epic spots is the next best thing.

Of course, you might not be able to even get an epic to spawn on your server unless someone out there is force spawning it, and this means knowing all mount locations and capping all of the mounts.

Mount Hunters and Force Spawning Mounts

When others force spawn mounts this can benefit you! Most of the time, a mount hunter already has a lot of mounts.

This means that they are forced to cap mounts they do not want, or need, just to get the EPIC mount to spawn.

This benefit other players. If you make nice with the mount hunters, they might tip you off to where the mount you have been looking for is located.

If you are really nice to them, they might even help you catch it. In the end, it benefits them to tell you the location or to help you spend stones because its less stones they have to cast.

Though some people say that buying permits for mounts in the Nick Shop is useless, mount hunters desire these permits.

You see, mount hunters often figure out who the other mount hunters are. They love to show off their mounts to each other, and even can become invested in helping other mount hunters beef up their collections.

Hello Beautiful Oac Pet

Hey look who it is! Unpredictable Magic Stan! He buffs the whole party with 14 spell crit power! No, he does not grow to a mount!
Hey look who it is! Unpredictable Magic Stan! He buffs the whole party with 14 spell crit power! No, he does not grow to a mount! | Source

How Mount Hunting Helps PvP and PvE

Order and Chaos is not all about the PvP and PvE. Those parts of the game dominate, but there are other games going on inside the game itself.

This means that there is not just PvP and PvE culture inside the game. There is mount hunting culture, as well.

Oh, and hey, do not forget that there are catchable pets in the game. No, they don't grow into mounts. They do something even better. These spacial pets buff you and your whole party!

Check out the Stan up at Mato. That guy. Unpredictable Magic Stan, increases spell crit by 14 for the whole party. Mount hunting can make your PvE and PvP game better.

Plus, from my experience, known mount hunters are attacked less often in PvP areas over a mount. Mount hunters often respect their fellow mount hunters and allow a fair chance to catch them.

However, they could also be in full epics and kill all non mount hunters. I have had characters in greens catch epic mounts just because the epic, epic mount hunters (the epic hunters wearing epics) know me as a member of the mount hunting community.

Plus, sometimes when mount hunters get bored they ask their fellow mount hunters to group with them.

So, you might be one of those people who think buying permits is lame and useless, but you might not know all of the benefits that come from mount hunting. You might not realize that owning those permits opens up a whole new part of the game for you.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am interested in finding a guild that focuses on mount hunting. Is there a food way to find one on my server? All your guides are very helpful! Thanks!

    • TheDragonBringer profile imageAUTHOR

      Jade Griffin 

      4 years ago from Ohio

      Thank you for the comment! I am so pleased that you have been able to become a mount hunter! I love it myself. With the new mount achievements (update), you will be rewarded even more!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just wanted to say that I really love your guides to mounts. Ever since I started Order & Chaos Online (like 2-3 weeks ago lol I'm somewhat of a lvl 67 noob), I was searching for the right mount guide and I found yours. It's very helpful. Now I'm an avid "mount-hunter" on my server! I spend most of my time trying to find mounts for people who need it and finding specific t2 mounts. It's my sport. I finally found my armored t2 lion today which was my main mount goal. I was so happy. So thank you! :)


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