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Mount and Blade Warband - Factions

Updated on June 21, 2012


From now on, i'll make some reviews and try to explain the history and inspiration for the factions found at Mount and Blade - Warband, a computer game based on the feudal age, With a suberb gameplay, and a great in game immersion.

For those who play, i hope i am being useful, for those who don't, try it.

Kingdom of Swadia
Kingdom of Swadia

Kingdom of Swadia

The Kingdom of Swadia is a mix of the european kingdoms at middle age, specially the germanic countries, Altough the knights have a british influence. Ruled by King Harlaus, Lady Isola of Suno claims the throne. They train infantry and ranged units(crossbowman), both with regular strengh. But their main force on the battlefield is the cavalry, with the swadian knights.

A very strong Kingdom, is balanced by the game by its dangerous position, in the middle of the map, fighting in more than one front at once, usually.

Nord Huscarl - One of the strongest Infantry units in game.
Nord Huscarl - One of the strongest Infantry units in game.

Kingdom of Nords

Kingdom of Nords is Based mostly on the viking culture (in the game lore, they come from land far north called nordlands), and in terms of war, focused on infantry. Their infantry is dangerous with melee weapons, and with trowing weapons. They are led by King Ragnar and the claimant is Lethwin Far-Seeker. Thanks to their strong infantry, and strong archers, they excell at castle storming and castle defending, altough open field may be a problem.

Kingdom of Vaegirs

The Kingdom of Vaegirs is ruled by King Yaroglek. They represent the middle age nations from the east of europe, mostly russia. Their greatest strengh are the archers, the best in the game, and the infantry and horseman are average. Prince Valdym the Bastard is the claimant to the throne. They are very similar to the swadian in terms of troops, and as the nords, they live in the snowy areas of the map, in the north. Their infantry prefers two handed weapons, a clear disadvatage when facing archers.

The khergits are highly inspirated on the mongol empire.
The khergits are highly inspirated on the mongol empire.

Khergit Khanate

the Khergits live in the steppes to the south, and are based on the mongol tribes. All their troops are mounted, and are very weak in terms of armour. Their strengh rely in their horses and archers, the best mounted archers in the game. Another clear advantage is the speed on the world map, as the Khergit parties are the fastest.

Their ruler is Sanjar Khan, and the claimant to the throne is Dustum Khan. They are, maybe, the best faction at plain, open field in the game, but in mountains, and mostly on siege, they face a lot of difficulties.

Kingdom of Rhodoks

The Kingdom of Rhodoks are a mix of nations from the Alpes and Kingdoms and free cities from the south of Europe, mostly from Iberian penisule and italy. They were a part of Kingdom of Swadia, altough rebelled and formed a new Kingdom. Their troops have an advantage over the cavalry focused Swadian ones, as they territory is on the mountains, and their infantry wear pikes and lances, mostly. They have, also, the finest crossbowman in the game.

Lord Kastor of Veluca is the claimant, and King Graveth is their ruler.

Sarranid Sultanate

The Sarranid Sultanate are based on the middle east civilizations, and influenced by the arabians that occupied the iberian penisule, the "mouros".

Their "mamlukes", one of the best cavalry units in the game, are fairly based on turkish warriors, and their archers on arabs. Their cities take inspiration from real life cities, as the persian Shiraz (in game shariz) and the iberic Cordoba (Durquba).

Their leader is Sultan Hakim. And the claimant is Arwa the Pearled One


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