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Munchkin Custom Cards

Updated on January 14, 2016


If you've played Munchkin and bought any of the expansions, you probably encountered some blank cards in the mix. Maybe you're not sure what to do with them or maybe you're just looking for something new and exciting to include into your game. That's where I come in.

I've played, bought, and created enough Munchkin material in my spare time to be a little embarrassed but the results show. I'm in it, enjoy playing and creating new material for the game and above all enjoy sharing my opinions with others. Below I've compiled quite a list of custom card ideas that I'm excited to share with you, the reader. May you enjoy reading and possibly incorporating them into your own Munchkin games. If you do, I'd love to hear about it and how it worked for you!

Soul Card Series

Enjoy the Munchkinomicron or the Fairy Dust side deck expansions? I'm working on my own called Soul Cards. Soul Cards are designed to change the experience of your gameplay (cutting out things like Curses or giving you more levels when you kill monsters). If you feel the regular game gets a little stale with the same approach each time, you should definitely give these cards a look.

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Artist: Amir S. Hamer
Artist: Amir S. Hamer

Chinese Fire Drill

The Chinese Fire Drill card is meant to really throw the game through a loop. When it's played everyone loses all of their cards and everything gets switched around. It's a very non-discriminating card and hits the game hard, making a very lasting impression.

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Executioner's Axe

One of the main staples of a Munchkin gameplay is equipped items. Those with variable bonuses are always interesting. However, most variable bonuses focus on a monster's level and not its appearance. This works based on the monster's anatomy.

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Artist: Amir S. Hamer
Artist: Amir S. Hamer

Hex Direx Gloves

The ebb and flow of Curses can be pivotal in any Munchkin game. After all, it's always better to Curse someone else than it is to be Cursed. Utilize this card in order to afflict others while protecting yourself, all for a minimal cost.

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Artist: Amir S. Hamer
Artist: Amir S. Hamer

Necrophillic Amulet

There's not enough Death in Munchkin. It's a terrible thing but even while you can kill another player with only one or two cards, you never do. Why? You get little reward and the player's ire, a dangerous thing in such a 'political' game. This gives you more incentive (and a weird name).

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Ritual Knife

Kill yourself so your enemies don't have to! Only kidding. While a simple if counterproductive card, there are quite a few strategies one can enable and surprise other players. Creating Death in Munchkin is pretty impressive, but controlling Death and its timing is more impressive than you think.

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Kill in a big way. While not necessarily an aide to primary death, it makes sure whoever dies will have company, throwing the game into chaos as only Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies can. To avoid making it too cheap, we've made sure to make it unavailable for the player of this card to use it when they die exclusively.

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Ever want to make a card that literally does nothing? Believe it or not a card just like this is capable of doing a lot more than you'd anticipate, especially if you make the card have the effect to be unable to be discarded. I'd like to introduce you the Rubbish card.

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Ritual Sacrifice

Want to kill your friends? Do so when they agree to be your helper in combat! Not only that, but get bonuses for it! Especially good for those who hate happy helpers like Elves or Bounty Hunters.

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Nimble Shank

Another novelty equippable card, the Nimble Shank is worth +1, but has a very high variable potential. It's not blatantly powerful, but it can become a sleeper hit and win out in some tight confrontations.

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Curse! Today is Not Your Day

In Munchkin, no one wants to roll a 1 on the die. There are many faces of the die that can be beneficial but generally, the higher the number the better. So, that's why this Curse card can be so deadly.

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Need that your Munchkin game needs more chaos? How about a card that uses the dice more often? If you're familiar with some of my other Munchkin custom card ideas, then you know I'm a fan of causing Death to players in a game. You can do it even more often with this card.

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Will no one accept your offer for help? Maybe two players who dislike each other finally pair up for a combat? Or maybe you just like making some innuendos in your game. Try out the Handcuffs for your personal gaming pleasure.

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I've Got One Too!

The card of ultimate versatility, perfect for every situation, capable of matching the effect of any other card. It's one of the best cards to have, so long as there's a card worth copying.

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Crown of the Victor

Returning a little bit to some of the more simplistic cards, this card helps to drive ambition by giving the leader of the game (undisputed leader in levels, that is) a bonus statistically and drive to be more aggressive in-game.

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Birth Control Glasses

This is more created for the laughs than creating a more original idea. Combining the powers of an Investigator with selective teammate help, I reference a real world item humorously into a card that definitely has some merit.

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Garbage Monster

This card was created to be a bit more of a climatic monster in the game, but also turns out to be highly variable. Bring back monsters immediately in the middle of a fight while protecting them from cards that would quickly remove them. Really screw over another player as they're going for the level, and with the right set-up, creating the most terrifying monster of Munchkin.

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The Penatrator's Sword

Yeah, I know I spelled that wrong. Regardless, do you hate it when you play that Curse card and that player has been holding onto a Wishing Ring the entire game? Well, you can still screw them over with this card! Turn your moments of almost victory and the defeat around and make your opponent's Wishing Ring card go to waste.

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Curse! Blue Turtle Shell

Do you really, really, really hate the person who has the highest level in the game? You could screw up everything they've built up with just one single curse. The Blue Turtle Shell frowns upon those who believe themselves to be in the lead, and they will dispense swift justice.

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Photo of Dorian Gray

Do you hate Death? Or maybe you enjoy it? Not every card is usable only in the way it was originally designed. Sometimes an item made to stop Death can be used to spread it everywhere! Check out the Photo of Dorian Gray!

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Hand of Glory

Steal from anyone, any game, any theme! It's basically a Thief card on steroids, better rewards, a combat bonus that builds, and the potential to lose levels or die. Make everyone feel unsafe when you equip this card and prepare your Loaded Dice just in case in the occasion that you die.

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Tiny Nuke

Can't overpower your opponents? Maybe you want to see everything blow up in their face? Do it with the Tiny Nuke! Their strength is their weakness with just a well-placed Monster. Granted, like all explosives, this card requires planning to execute well.

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Prime Evil

As I've said before, I'm always happy to encourage more player death in Munchkin and this may definitely help. Use a little math and a little planning and you can screw up many a person's game and walk away, so long as you've counted your own level value safely. Also, this is one of those few Death cards that can't be stopped through normal means, meaning it takes place as soon as this card is played.

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The Spikey Armor

Valued more for its psychological effect than its hard facts, The Spikey Armor gives a moderate bonus for armor and a passive effect. Keep your foes afraid of you just by equipping this. Also, this pairs up extremely well with Curse! Today is Not your Day.

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Ever want to just measure your strength up against another player? I'm not saying playing cards to beat the other one down indirectly, but to literally put yourself into a fight with that player? Check out the Poser, a card that masks you as a Wandering Monster and incorporating all of your gear and special effects. Let the chaos begin!

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Flag Ship

More Ships and more powerful ones to boot! The Flag Ship will always be the strongest Ship on the field, but it may not be so good without any other ships on the playing field. Of course, this all feeds into my enjoyment of using Ship cards in a game.

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Ah, You Shouldn't Have!

Star Munchkin needs more ships, and I help to provide that with this card. Give yourself a free ship while also not mitigating the amount of ships that you or your fellow players might employ.

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Supermassive Black Hole

Are your Level 20 Monsters no longer as scary as they once were? I try to correct that with the Supermassive Black Hole Monster. It's more than just 5 Levels higher than your Plutonium Dragon to boot.

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These Cards and You

Have you used any of these cards yet? Let us know in the comments.

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More Munchkin

I not only make a list of custom cards for the game, but I also review a variety of Munchkin decks as well! I've played a good number of them and I can tell you, in my opinion, what's worth investing it and what adds to and detracts from the gameplay experience. You can see my list here.


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