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Board Games: A Look at Munchkin

Updated on April 4, 2015
Pictures Taken be Me
Pictures Taken be Me | Source

A Look at Munchkin

Since the first introduction to munchkin, and its very unique and simple game mechanics. It has been able to foster many different and wonderful variations. I am not aware of anyone who would call themselves a serious board gamer, who has not yet heard of the munchkin game in any one form or another. Those of you not yet familiar with this game, then please read on as we explore some of the components that make up the munchkin game. This is by no means a tutorial or a review, but simply a look at some of it more prominent components that make up the munchkin game.

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A Look At Munchkin Page Summary:

  • What is Munchkin?
  • The Decks
  • The Characters levels
  • The Classes and Races
  • The Monsters
  • The Treasures
  • The Curses
  • The Many Variations of Munchkin

"Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on Role-Playing games,"

Source of Quote:Wikipedia

The Box Contains:

168 illustrated cards

One six sided die

One rule book

What is Munchkin?

Munchkin is a very unique type of board game it is very hard to describe or put in any one category. Munchkin is best described has a dungeon experience with none of the stupid role playing stuff. Basically your going around kicking in doors, or looting the room all the while battling monsters with the help or hindrance or your team mates. Much like other dungeon adventure games your characters have a chance to play different classes, or races, don on equipment, become cursed or cast spells or rather in this instance they are called monster enhancers. To goal of the game is to be the first to reach level 10. This is where your team mates either help or Back stab you to prevent you in reaching your goal.

How to Play Munchkin

The Treasure Deck contains:




Level Ups

The Decks

This game contains two well illustrated and humorous decks, one deck contains the treasures, which are gained only after you win a battle against a monster. Fighting monster can be difficult all monsters have different starting levels. You must have a combined total plus one higher than the level of the monster your are currently fighting. You or your friends can increased or lower this level to help you win, or lose the fight. This can be done by joining together to defeat the monster, or adding enhancers to lower or raise the level of the Monster. You may also try to bribe your fellow teammate for help with treasure or help in a future skirmish. This is where your friends help or sabotage really comes into play. Sabotaging your friends or being sabotage by your friends at a crucial moment is what makes this game a fun and sometimes nerve racking challenged.

You have the chance to encounter a monster.

You have the chance of gaining a class

You have the chance of gaining a race.

You may have gain a monster enhancement card

or a curse card

The other deck of course is the door deck. You usually enter a room by kicking in a door ( flipping over the top card of the door deck). Performing this action has various results: When kicking in a door there is always a chance of encountering a monster, you might also get the chance to gain a class or race for your character, or you might fall victim to a curse and have bad stuff happen to you. It is always a necessary gamble, and one you must face if you wish to win the game.

Super munchkin

Who among us would not like to be a super hero? Well in Super Munchkin you get to take on that role. As a super hero you will need to battle super villains, and backstab your super friends.

Super Munchkin

Win a fight against a monster to gain levels.

Sell equipment in order to gain a level

Gain or lose a level from the treasure cards deck.

The Characters levels

In order the win and succeed at munchkin you must be able to gain levels. Character levels are gain through the game in one of three ways: fighting and defeating monster is the most common way to reach your intend goal of level ten. Your friend will have a great impact in making this easier or hard for you. As you progress thought the game you will find that you have accumulated a lot of treasure. The unwanted stockpile of loot can be traded in for a level or two. If luck is with you! You may be also be able to find a level up in the treasure pile. Gaining levels is the key to winning so take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.

Every player starts out as a level 1 human with no class. During game play you may gain from the door deck a character class, or a race. You can then if you wish to become that race or class. You are not required to becoming a race or class . There are advantages and disadvantages in any class or race you choose to be.


The Classes and Races

During game play each player may have the opportunity to can gain one of the four classes or one of the three races: the four classes being , of course the warrior, the wizard, the thief, or the cleric. The three races are dwarf, elf, and Halfling. It should be worth to note that each class or race comes with its own specific ability or attribute. Some consideration will have to be made if you wish to chance your class or race. Not all equipment, and armor will benefit the particular class or race you wish to be. Keep in mind that you start out as a human. One fun factor about this game is that it allows players to experience different combinations of classes or races. To my knowledge there aren't any one type of combination that will allow you an unfair advantage over the other players or game.


Munchkin bites

Vampires are very popular trend these days, so why not explore the role has a creature of the night. Kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and bite your buddy

The Monsters

What game would be complete without it monsters to battle? Each monsters is unique in that it starts out at it own based level. The games monsters levels varies from level 1 to level 20.This can be further raised or lowered using monster enhancer. When encountering a monster you are given the option to fight the monster by yourself, or with the help of your team mates. Defeating monsters gains you at the very least one level and possibly some treasure. If you find the monster to powerful you might also try to run away. Running away, may have bad stuff happen if your not successful.

The Treasures

No dungeon adventure would be worth it without gaining some treasure. The whole point of having to crawl into a dingy dungeon, and fight monsters is for the glory and the loot. Since we will not be gaining much glory we will have to settle for some loot. Gaining weapons, armor , and equipment are what can make or break you in battle, and send you to the road to victory, or failure. Gaining treasure from winning battles can have a tremendous outcome on the game. Don't be to hasty in keeping or selling any thing you find the moment you get it.

Munchkin Cthulhu

Cthulhu is also a very popular version of the munchkin game. Many of you that have played Arkham Horror will be familiar with this creature.

The Curses

The dungeon monster are not the only peril you will have to face during your quest. Much like the ancient Egyptian tombs, some of these halls have been cursed as well. Sometimes during the game you will be able to curse an opponent, or be curse yourself. Although the curses are a one time instance, there lasting effects they are still not very pleasant. The effects can sometimes play a distinct role in the outcome of the game. Losing a level or two, or any type of equipment at a crucial moment can be devastating and can sometimes cost you the game.

Many Variations of Munchkin
Many Variations of Munchkin | Source

The Many Variations of Munchkin.

Although Munchkin has only been introduced to us a short time ago, its popularity has exploded and caused many variation of its base game. There are now many variations and version of the original game in existence, and more, and more coming out almost every day . Each of these variations have also spawned many expansion to cover the need of the hungry fans. You can almost find a version of munchkin to suit anyone's liking. Some of the more popular variations of the munchkin game included: Super Munchkin, Munchkin Bites, and Munchkin Cthulhu to name a few. If you can't find a particular themed munchkin game, then fear not I'm sure there is one in the making just around the corner.

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