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Muscle Man Balloon

Updated on August 25, 2016

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Page 1

Muscle Man (one balloon)



The muscle man is a very popular balloon sculpture because people do not expect to see it. This is one of my own designs. It is one that grown men and women like, even those people that think they are way too cool for balloons.



Blow up according to picture. Remember to let a little air out before tying. Remember to roll out your knot. This will allow you to have maximum balloon length.



In photo 1, make an apple twist for the head. Push the knot down into the balloon with one finger. With the other hand, grab the knot and hold. Then pull out your finger while holding the knot, like in 2.

After extracting your finger, twist the bubble where you are holding the knot. This will hold the knot down, like in 3. After you twist knot, you can make the twist more stable by pushing up the knot back into the head. If you really want to lock the head so that it will not come apart, you can tie a scrap balloon around the twist.



As in 3, make a neck bubble.

Next is the arms, photo 4. To do this, make a nine bubble formation. This is upper arm A, elbow B, forearm C, hand D , pop-bubble E, hand F, forearm G, elbow H, and upper arm I. Then twist the arms back together at the arrows in photo 4.



Bubbles B, D, F, and H will all be twisted against themselves. This is called an ear twist. Make sure that they are soft. In 5, see how to twist the elbow. To do an ear twist, you must isolate the little bubbles away from the other two. This reduces friction and breakage. Pull the little bubble away and twist against itself.



You do the same thing for bubbles B, D, F, and H. Then the will look like photo 6.

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Use this Balloon Sculpture for Jesus

Page 2

As in 7, make a medium size belly.



Then make a small soft bubble for the first hip.



This will be ear twisted just like the elbows and hands.



Then make a second soft bubble for the second hip bubble.



Then ear twist this, as in 9 so that both hips are ear twisted, as shown in 10.



For the legs, you can do just two legs or as shown in 11, you can add the feet.



It looks better with the feet, but is simpler without them.



So, make bubbles A (leg), B (foot), C (foot), and D (leg).



Then twist the legs together as shown by the arrow.



The next thing you need to do is to get rid of the long tail that is left. Break off the end and let air out until there is nothing left.



Then tie that balloon off, trim excess, and hide the knot.

Page 3

Finally, go back to the arms. The middle bubble of the arms is meant to be broken. This will release the hands to be separated.

When you do this, hold the hands as you pop the pop-bubble. This will help prevent the hands unraveling. If the hands do unravel, you can blow them back up and twist them off as they were, if you are careful.

You can reduce the chances of the hands unraveling if you divide them again and split twist them into two bubbles. This makes it more durable, but it is harder to do. It takes more practice and a bit more time.

After freeing the hands. All that is left is to arrange the arm bubbles so that the man looks like he is standing up straight as shown in 13. This is a crowd pleaser and you can get people that normally would not take a balloon to take this one because it is unusual. You can make it with 160's and with 350's.



Written by Andrew Grosjean


All rights reserved.

No duplication without express written permission.

My green muscle man parody

Key to Heaven

DVD Announcement!

Our Balloon Heroes DVD's is done!

It covers four hero models. The DVD covers:

  • Simple Muscle man (the easiest)

the pop twist

the heroic stance

the action stance

  • The two color model (intermediate)
  • The four balloon model (advanced)

the basic 4 balloon

the variations

the cape

the wings

  • The fairy model



If you are interested in buying a copy for only $20 just send me a message and let me know.

Muscle Man on a Harley

Balloon Information

Andrew the Balloon Man has been making balloons for only about 28 years. So, he's still working at it. It takes a lot of patience. And that's why they call him Doctor of Balloonology (because he has patients).

Dr. Andrew made balloons as his main source of income for many years with almost a decade of restaurant entertaining experience.

Now as the Pastor of Cannaan Baptist Church (, he has moved more of his attention into training and teaching.

He has made several DVD's, showing how to make all kinds of figures from simple and elegant to complex and extreme. Because he has worked crowds and restaurants most often, he emphasizes sculptures that can be made on the fly even when there are lines of people waiting.

Check out his pictures and his DVD's. There is something for twisters of all levels to learn.

You can reach Dr. Andrew at

Muscle Man Spidey Parody

My muscle man of steel parody


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    • PastorAndrew profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Grosjean 

      10 years ago from Detroit

      She can always get the DVD. Or if she lives anywhere near Metro Detroit, we have classes.

    • menomania profile image


      10 years ago from Elmira, New York

      Now that's quite interesting. I wish my granddaughter were here, she loves making things with balloons.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Awesome...what a ministry this is with children and all uis kids love it as well...


    • PastorAndrew profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Grosjean 

      10 years ago from Detroit

      Ran out of breath reading! Oh, That's a good one!

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      10 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Interesting but I ran out of breath reading.

      Brother Dave.


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