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Mushabelly Plush And Game

Updated on February 24, 2013

Mushabelly AR And Plush

While the Mushabelly characters have been around for a while, Jay at Play, their creators, have reinvented them recently by combining the Plush toys with their very own Augmented Reality video game.

The Mushabelly characters themselves are very soft plush stuffed animals. These animals make chatter sounds when you squeeze there belly, a common trait of many of the companies stuffed animals. The combination of the unique looking critters with the silly sounds make them extremely popular with kids (and some adults).

What makes these Mushabellies different from the originals is the AR or Augmented Reality game that comes with them. The game uses your Mushabelly character and works with iPod touch 4 up, iPad 2 up, iPhone 4 up and Android 2.3 or higher. It's a simple yet addicting game that helps kind of bring your Mushabellies to life.

These have become extremely popular lately and are one of the items already set for her Christmas list. With that said this Hub will be all about the newest version of Mushabellies and the accompanying game.

Mushabellies Commercial

Mushabelly AR Game

One of the big reasons why Mushabellies are becoming so popular is the Mushabelly AR game. The AR stands for augmented reality which is where you play the game using the devices mentioned above but, you are playing in your actual environment. What this means is if your at the kitchen table and have the device pointed at the table and the AR cards on the table, your game plays out on the kitchen table.

This makes the game a little more interesting and helps bring it to life a little more. It also make everywhere you go a playground for your virtual Mushabelly as well.

The game itself is very simple yet addicting. Almost like Angry Birds with a twist. You launch your Mushabelly towards a target using your launcher. When you hit the target you have to get as much food as you can. Like I said, pretty simple but you can change a lot up with the different AR cards from launchers to targets and placement of the cards as well.

The makers of Mushabellies have also said that they will be adding more gameplay in the future taking full advantage of the new AR technology.

Another thing that's great about this game is the simplicity. Kids of any age can play this game and have fun with it (as well as adults).

It will be interesting to see where they take the augmented reality concept as there is a lot of potential for this type of game. In the mean time it's just fun playing the game that is already available and bringing your Mushabelly to life. You can only get these Mushabellies online, but I have seen some great deals on them. You can get the them for under $10 at the Mushabelly Sale Here.

Mushabelly App at The London Toy Fair 2012

Mushabellies For The Holidays

While it is almost ridiculous how stores are getting ready for the Holiday season while still selling Halloween stuff, the truth is it does come quick. Between kids and school, the change of seasons and general life, suddenly it's Thanksgiving and the season has begun.

This year one of the toys that has been predicted to be very popular are Mushabellies. They have been getting a lot of air time on TV and kids love the idea of the soft Mushabelly character having it's own personal video game.

The thing to remember about Mushabellies is that right now, they are only available online at the official site. You will not be able to find them in stores and because they are a fairly new item the character you want could sell out. This has happened with many similar web only toys when they first came out such as Pillow Pets, Happy Nappers and others.

There are 6 Mushabelly characters to choose from and right now you can get 2 for the price of one. This is a great deal if you have more then one child or you just want to start collecting them.

The Mushabelly AR app has been getting some great reviews and the actual plush toys are very soft and make chatter sounds when you squeeze the belly. Kids of all ages will be adding these to their Holiday lists and We have already ordered ours to make sure we get the one we want and it is here on time.

Shipping time is pretty quick but, with the Holiday rush this can be effected as well. I have ordered many Jay at Play items and had them within days and expect to have my Mushabellies quickly too but as we get closer to the Holidays this can change.

Every year there are a few things that are nearly impossible to get for the Holidays and this year could easily wind up having the Mushabellies on that list. If this is something you are interested in for someone as a gift you should make sure to get your orders in early to insure you get what you want. You can get the best deal on Mushabellies by Going Here!

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