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Will King Ever Stop Making New Candy Crush Levels?

Updated on December 30, 2016

How I entered the world of Candy Crush

For many months, I had heard friends and others talk about this game. However being an individual that never really cared for games, even as a child, I never looked into it futher. Now my children, on the other hand both love all types of games dearly. My older son, 14 is more into the fighting type XBOX and Playstation games. While my younger son, 4 wants to attempt any type of game he can get his hands on. After seeing the adorable Candy Crush commercials several times, I decided to download the game onto my phone to let him play. That was all it took. Through the couse of helping him pass the first couple of levels, I was hooked. This had now become my game. I hopped onto facebook and linked my phone up, so could track my level completion and advancements and afford me the opportunity to see other friends as I passed level after level.

My Favorite Pastime

Candy Crush quickly became my favorite past time. Any time I had a spare moment I was playing. Unfortunately, the game is set up so that after 5 attempts you run out of "lives" and forced to wait. However the wonderful folks at King set up the game such that you can ask other Facebook friends to send you additional lives and continue playing. In addition, they allow you to purchase additional lives for money, along with wonderful little items they call boosters, to help you pass levels. In the beginning I was more then content with playing the game for free. But somewhere along the way, on some of the more difficult levels, I gave in and bought additional aid. Those folks made it so easy. Just the click of a button and my money left my account and went to theirs! I have been able to keep this to a minimum and pride myself on playing without additional assistance. But every once in awhile I give in, anxious to move on to the next level. When I began playing there was 356 levels. I was determined to complete them all. I am now on level 353 and hundreds of more levels have been added.

Positive Feedback

I am not alone

As my family and children became more irritated with more playing time, as dinner might be delayed, or cleaning put off, until passing that particular level, I realized will have to get my game playing in check. Not to mention, money spent that could be better used elsewhere. I began to look around at others playing the game and discovered a poll of 1000 players that found that 32% of them ignored friends or family to play the game, 28% played during work, 10% got into arguments with significant others over how long they played, and 30% said they were “addicted.” I found myself relating to these other players.

As one who had never before really gotten into games, I was perturbed by my incessant wanting to play this particular game. I think for me and many others it is somewhat of an escape. I use this game as a distraction and the action of lining up candies to upbeat music is very relaxing. Not to mention the positive feedback from the game when matching up more then three candies. I also love the social aspect of the game, as I am able to connect with other friends playing through Facebook and other social-media.

Love / Hate Relationship

Odds are that someone you know has a love or hate relationship with Candy Crush Saga. Mine is clearly a love relationship. However I know others that find the game boring and choose not to play. Still others hate the game and the amount of time it takes their loved ones away from them. But nevertheless this game is the undisputed leader in the casual-gaming sector, witnessing more than 600 million active game sessions each day from mobile devices alone. And typically, those who play are hooked.


Are you addicted; take this simple test to find out

1. Do you think about Candy Crush when you're not playing it?

2. Have you ever deleted Candy Crush from your phone or deliberately stopped playing it in an effort to cut back?

3. Do you feel restless between games or when you're forced to wait for a new game because of the time limit?

4. Have you ever paid to start a new game rather than wait?

5. Have you ever manually changed the time on your phone or cheated in some other way in order to skip the wait time between games?

6. When you sit down to play, do you play longer than you originally intended?

7. Have you ever ignored friends, family or work to play Candy Crush? Does it interfere with your relationships and/or work?

8. Have you ever argued with friends or family about playing Candy Crush?

9. Have you ever lied to a friend or to family about playing Candy Crush?

10. Do you use Candy Crush as a way to escape a problem or relieve a dysphonic mood (anxiety, depression, etc.)?

Candy Crush Addition Scale

If you answered yes to 1 - 3 questions: You are a casual gamer
Candy Crush is a way to pass the time on the subway or in the waiting room at a doctor's office. No need to worry…yet.

If you answered yes to 4 to 6: To much crush
So maybe you ignore a call from your mom to finish a level or you play under your desk at work. Who hasn't done that, really?

If you answered yes to 7 to 8 :Yep, You're addicted
If Candy Crush is interfering with your life, it's time to hit the brakes. Maybe limit yourself to a half hour at lunchtime.

If you answered yes to 9 or 10 of the questions: Put down the phone and run!
Seriously, delete Candy Crush from your phone. Right now. You can thank me later.

My future with Candy Crush

I found myself answering yes to 6 of the questions. I have since decided to begin to limit myself and only play at night before I go to sleep. This is my quiet time to truly enjoy the game. At night I have a build up of lives that have received from others and truly enjoy this time. I have attempted other games, such as Pet Crush Saga, also by King, but don't seem to enjoy other games as much. So I will continue to reserve a portion of my day to day life to this wonderful game, but will ensure that I keep my priorities straight and not let it consume too much of my time.

I must say thank you King for developing such a wonderful game and continuing to enhance the game with updates!!!

Update: A year later and still playing.

They keep creating levels and I keep playing. I have tried several other games, but always go back to this one. I am a true addict to Candy Crush. Every time I get to the end, they make more. I am the epitome of "if they build it I will come" Level 1032 and counting!!!!

Next Stop on the Candy Crush Train


Level 2182 and Counting

How high can this game possibly go? I would like to give major Kudos to King for continuing to add new levels and challenges. They have done wonders to keep the game interesting.


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    • profile image

      Dr J 3 years ago

      I completely agree with you. I've dedicated a great deal of time playing this game. I've played in meetings, movie theaters and even at stoplights. Lucky for me i'm at the end level 530. FML

    • Leslie Ramos profile image

      Leslie Ramos 3 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      I am on level 456, how about you? I don't care for the new owl version though, tried it once.

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 3 years ago from Australia

      I know I'm addicted, there is no doubt about it!

    • Ted Gardner profile image

      Ted Gardner 3 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      This is very true, I have witnessed first hand.......